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Transmission from Bastion

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GNS accessed by Ma'karr Quaxo for the Dark Empire.

Year 3 Day 46

~The succession of images show several Bastion impressive facilities, huge Warships and miriads of soldiers in perfect formation hailing the Core leaders. The Imperial Core anthem plays in the background perfectly syncronized with the images.

At the end of this collage of images and sound, the Imperial Core Logo covers the screen.

The image fades and Director Quaxo, sat at his wooden desk, starts his speech.~

Greetings citizens of the Galaxy and lesser species.

Today I wanted to make a pause on my normal duties to address all of you. We are living glorious moments for True Imperials, for those who wish a better Galaxy: a Galaxy where Peace and Order regin. A Galaxy free of scum.

~Quaxo makes a pause and continues~

The Imperial Core has proven to be the higly efficient group we claim to be. Our organization, experience and power have been more than demonstrated.

The Imperial Core is indeed far ahead the rest of the groups in the Ashes race. Now, in Part III, again the Imperial Core was the most effective group in the scenario:

1st Translated message: Core 2nd Translated message: Hapes 3rd Translated Message: RA

1st solved riddles: Core 2nd solved riddles: RA 3rd solved riddles: none

This demonstrate two things: The excellence of The Imperial Core and, most amazing, the complete dissappointing non-appereance of the so-called Galactic Empire.

Their rotten nature, their incapability of organization and, finnaly, their lack of Imperial Spirit is clearly shown again. A Master on the Dark Side and famous ex-Grand Admiral of the once migthy Imperial Navy makes a call, and do they make a move?


They keep looking at theirselves, trying to look as a stable government and playing around with their warships, yet, they fade out. How sad.

The Imperial Core, along with The Sith, kept their pride for themselves and acted like true imperials contacting Coruscant Regime in an offer of collaboration.

But they refused.

~Quaxo shakes his head and makes another pause~

As a result of this, the rebel terrorists along with some of their _friends_, also appear in the reward list and so their morale is high. Well, soon they'll see things completely different...

~Quaxo grins~

Loyal citizens. You are intelligent enough to see the truth behind what they want you to see from Coruscant. Look inside yourselves and, if you notice anger for this situation, if you wonder why, if you want to DO something, you are one of us.

Glory the Imperial Core !

~Director Quaxo remains silent while the image fades back to the Imperial Logo and the transmission ends~