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Enrique Andreal
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Danica Andreal
Father Cristian Andreal (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Erica Andreal (Deceased)
Children None
Born Year -3 Day 100 (Age 22)
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Army Legionnaire
Prior Service None
Awards 9053_andreal.png

Enrique Andreal is an enthusiastic young officer in the Imperial Army.



From an early age Enrique was raised to place a high value on his honor and his word. Trust is essential to his interactions with others: often skeptical of new people initially, he gradually warms to those he interacts with and places a high value on his relationships once developed. Enrique is known to be a reserved and very polite person upon first impression, but very friendly and conversing person with those he is more familiar with. Professionally, Enrique places a high value on organization and on frequent communication with his team. Once motivated, Enrique will not stop until he has accomplished his goals.

Early Life

Growing Up

Enrique was born and raised in the Hapan capitol city Ta'a Chume'Dan, Hapes. Born to a family with a tradition of serving in the Hapan military, Enrique grew up with a regimen of strict discipline and the constant expectation for excellence. Due to the sternness of Enrique's father, an officer in the Royal Navy, Enrique was far closer with his mother and his sister Erica, the family prodigy, than his father. Due to his mother's Coruscanti roots, Enrique had the opportunity to frequently travel with his family to Coruscant to visit his extended family. Enrique's experiences in the Imperial City left a strong impression on his and began his deep admiration for the Empire's strength.

At an early age Enrique demonstrated an interest in exploration, taking every opportunity to explore his home city and the countryside of Hapes. Academically, Enrique was a very successful student and graduated near the top of his class. After graduating school in Hapes his father pressured him to take the Hapan Military aptitude test, a prerequisite to joining the Hapan military. In an act of defiance to his father, Enrique purposefully failed the exam and received a score that prevented him from being eligible for military service. Desperate to escape his father's influence, Enrique applied to and was accepted to the University of Coruscant. Forbidden by his father to enroll, Enrique enrolled with financial help from his mother's family.

Time at the University

Enrique left Hapes and began his studies at the University of Coruscant, where he made many friends and enjoyed life in the Imperial City. In his first year, he achieved high grades and became close with many of his Imperial classmates. He spent the next two years studying at the University and taking each chance to travel across Imperial space, seeing as many different worlds as he could. A month before his final year at the University, his family reached out and offered to visit. Reluctantly, Enrique accepted their offer.

His mother traveled to Coruscant first to see her family and spend time to convince Enrique to reconcile with his father, his father and sister were scheduled to arrive two weeks later. Three weeks after his mother's arrival, Enrique and his mother received word that the ship his sister and father were traveling aboard was bombed by Rebel terrorists with no survivors. Desperate to avenge his family's deaths, Enrique chose to withdraw from the University and enlisted in the Imperial military the day after receiving the news.

Imperial Life

Imperial Academy

After enlisting in Imperial service, Enrique took and passed the entrance exams for the Imperial Academy on Prakith. After being accepted into the Academy, Enrique was assigned to Training Officer (then) Commodore Faraday Euler. At the Academy Enrique studied leadership and Imperial politics, marksmanship, and piloting of both space and land craft. Under Euler's tutelage, Enrique excelled in his studies and graduated from the Academy with honors. Influenced greatly by his family and by his Training Officer Enrique initially sought to join the Imperial Navy, but was instead commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army.

Imperial Army

Though initially disappointed at being assigned to the Army, Enrique came to fall in love with his assigned Branch. Enrique was taken aback by the friendliness and the professionalism of the Army's Officer Corps and felt challenged to live up to their standard and be worthy to uphold the honorable name of the Imperial Army. Assigned to his Legion, Enrique stands ready to serve the Empire as a loyal junior officer in the Fist of Imperial Strength.