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User:Gunscot Soulter

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Gunscot Soulter
Biographical Information
Race Human/ Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Eregin Soulter
Father Thyron Soulter
Spouse N/A
Siblings Rycevin Soulter (Brother), Ingla Soulter (Sister)
Children N/A
Born Y -3 D 5
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Recruit
Prior Service None
Awards IABG-H.jpg


The Empire is a glorious form of government. Imagine! A Meritocracy! A whole system founded on the belief that one deserving and extraordinary individual rises to the top, while the rest serve. I, for one, am honored to serve, until I rise! -Gunscot Soulter

Gunscot Soulter was born on Year -3 Day 5, to a prestigious family of Imperial citizens in Imperial City, on the city-world of Coruscant. As he grew up in Coruscanti High society, Gunscot learned the inner workings of social encounters, and became famous for his effortless charm and wit, as well as his perfect grooming. His father, an ISB agent, instilled a deep loyalty to the Empire in his eldest son, and as such, Gunscot turned in his application for the Imperial Academy, ready to follow his fathers footsteps through the ranks and into Imperial Intelligence.


My life of 24 years is one of loyalty, loss and betrayal. The Academy will change that. -Gunscot Soulter

Early Life

On day 5 of year -3, a son was born to Thyron and Eregin Soulter on Coruscant. Thyron, an up-and-coming Intelligence agent, was so overjoyed upon seeing his son, whom they named Gunscot, that he requested 2 weeks leave to be with his family. Two years later, the Soulters had another addition to the family, this time, twin siblings, a son and a daughter, whom they named Rycevin and Ingla respectively. All 5 of them resided in Imperial City on Coruscant, comfortably living in the Imperial Capital.
Growing up, Eregin Soulter took all three children to as many social gatherings and public functions she could. It was in this environment that Gunscot began to display his acute social skills, charming Governors, Moffs, and other important officials with his polite manners and charming wit. As he reached adolescence, his focus began to shift to living well, living in style, and being well-groomed at all times. He grew out his trademark mustache in this time, and his constant carousing and all the constant attention he received from the members of the fairer sex made him something of a subject for gossip in the area he lived in.

Imperial Interests

When Thyron, his father, caught wind of his son's rather carefree lifestyle, he decided to begin indoctrinating Gunscot in the philosophy of the Empire. Taking him on hunting trips to the outer rim when on leave so as to better train Gunscot's rifle handling, playing war games with his son to hone strategical thinking, and taking him to Pro-Imperial rallies and speeches made by politicians were all on the agenda. Thyron made no secret of his favoritism for Gunscot, and it seems that Rycevin and Ingla still harbor a grudge.

Loss and the Imperial Academy

As Gunscot reached the age of 24, his father planned a trophy hunt to Ord Mantell, to hunt the infamous Mantellian Savrips native to the planet. However, at the last minute Thyron was called by the ISB to respond to an emergency threat in the core worlds, but bade Gunscot to proceed to Ord Mantell, where they would reunite and hunt the largest Savrip they could find. Unfortunately, The incident Thyron was called to was a terrorist attack by the Jedi Order on the planet of [REDACTED]. Thyron Soulter died at the hands of a Jedi, ISB could say that much for sure, and Gunscot's world came crashing down. After a full month of complete seclusion, Gunscot emerged from his apartment, bags packed, and left after saying goodbye to his mother. He travelled immediately to the nearest Imperial Recruitment Center, signed all necessary forms, and hopped the shuttle to Prakith, where his journey now continues. He is currently a Cadet at the Academy, Specially trained by Faraday Euler , eagerly awaiting the completion of his training.