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User:Kate Black-Granger

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Contrary to popular belief, Kate was not named after KT-18.

Personal notes

Hapes Consortium: "Prime Minister" removed, now "Prince". Justice and Culture merged into Interior (Vorn Krace), Intelligence is no longer a Ministry, Finance (Alley Trepe), External Affairs (Bareck Justicar), and now only Navy.

Crog - Navy CO, ICP

Zerk -

Grand Vizier

  • Sean Patton
  • Naal Soven
  • Correll Aintab
  • Seele (NIO)
  • Guinar Ndengin (NIO) - Major General and Army CO, then GViz
  • Matrel Byden - ISB-Gen under Charon - arrested Dreighton, GE ISB-Director for some time, then went NIO - retired, then came out of retirement during reunification and became GViz of GE, then back into retirement.
  • Seele (GE)

Operation Tenax - http://web.archive.org/web/20021028014947/swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=845