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Kensey Trenken

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Early Life

Kensey's was born in a small city on Corellia, it was a simple life in those early years filled with play and schooling. Her family moved to the outskirts of Coronet City when she was 8. It was a drastic change from the more subdued lifestyle away from the major urban center. By age 12 she was already racing speeder bikes and having some minor brushes with the law.


But her heart was always up in the stars, so at age 15 she apprenticed part time on a transport ship that hauled cargo around within the various planets of the system. It was here that she got her first real taste of space travel, and was awestruck by the sheer size of the ships of the Corellian navy that patrolled the system for smugglers and other troublemaker. She was even more amazed by the speed and nimbleness of the early TIE Fighters that screamed about the skies and space around Corellia and her sister worlds.

Imperial Academy

After completing her schooling and spending another few years honing her skills full time aboard the transport, she applied to and was admitted to the Imperial Academy. It utterly thrilled her the first time she boarded the shuttle and flew through hyperspace to her new life away from her home planet. She was met at the academy by her trainer Kal Eysar. It was a grueling schedule as he put her through the paces for the next several weeks, as she was educated on the protocols and ways of the Empire. Fortunately she'd taken the time to get some hands on work back at home, but she was still grossly unprepared for the sheer speed of these much faster and agile craft than the old slow transport she'd apprenticed on. Finally, after much hard work she graduated with academy on day 203 of year 17

Imperial Service

She weighed her options upon graduating. Piling on ground side with the stormtroopers, or driving one of the lumbering AT-AT walkers did intrigue her, but her heart was truly set on flying. Without pause or hesitation she elected to join the Imperial Navy as an INSC pilot. She was swiftly assigned to a group within a fleet and embarked on her present day adventures.

Service Record



  • Year 17 Day 358: Jevan Katherion has given you the Imperial Activity Medal award IC with the following reason: For an exceptional level of activity during Operation Barricade and Operation Swift struggle.

Imperial Gaming Commission (winnings)

  • Kensey placed first in the June 2016 "New Members Raffle". Claiming the top prize of 750,000 credits.
  • Kensey received an ETA-5 Interceptor on Year 17 Day 313 as *Classified* Group officer of the month.