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User:Lars Raziel

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Lars Raziel
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Recruit Lars Raziel
Imperial Academy

Biographical Information
Born Year -18 Day 60
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Wife None
Siblings Paikea Raziel
Children None
Political Party Imperial Academy
Profession Recruit
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Lars Raziel is an imperial devoted Chiss, extremely versatile and reckoner, arrived at a logical conclusion that peace will be only achieved through superior firepower guided by superior minds

"Brute force can open one or two doors, but knowledge is the master key." - Lars speech to his Phalanx at Csilla

Chiss Expansionary Defense Force

Little is known about the Chiss, their origin and culture were the subject of debate in the best known anthropological departments of the universities scattered throughout the galaxy, but today they are left aside, more for the difficulty in collecting information than the lack of interest of the researchers.

What is known about Lars past is his training period in Csilla, before that is a real mystery, the instinct of preservation and security makes all the information of the home planet remain covered, this includes personal life of its inhabitants. In teenage years Lars blindly followed his older sister in the Chiss military campaigns, she was the head of the Phalanx and a Sith apprentice, and always directed her squads with iron hands. His sister's brutality and merciless victories were even better when her brother, Lars, began to think and assemble his brilliant war schemes, the battle machine was not just mounted, it was set up and it was on a Logical and irreversible course for success.

As his sister climbed the dark side of the force and became increasingly absent, Lars became frustrated at the command of the Phalanx, for he saw that the other houses repudiated a closer alliance with the empire, preferred the preservation of the their culture and their way of life instead of the security and genuine peace that only the galactic empire could bring.

Joining the Empire

"Our Phalanx has a genuine vision of peace and security for our people, and it is our hereditary duty to make this happen, even if some families blindly believe in the power of our expansionary defense force. Even though you can not use the force like me, you can still serve the empire with your brilliance " -Lars sister, Paikea.

Paikea teaches Lars the importance of the empire.

When his sister was merely a memory, a ghost of the past, and when his dissatisfaction with Csilla's inertia reached its peak, Lars decided to enlist in the imperial academy, and bring power to change his people from the outside in.

As soon as he was accepted into the Imperial Academy, Lars was appointed to travel to Prakith, where he would meet his training officer and initiate training.

unfortunately, Officer Elaine von Veritrax was absent from the planet solving other imperial subjects, but began to teach Lars by holo-transmitions and to observe his progress with enthusiasm, as Lars advanced in the studies of the volumes of the academy

Personality and Beliefs

Lars lives under an infallible logic: If a person has managed to use his power to reach the top, then he deserves to be at the top, it is abominable that other weaker beings come together to take power from that Who by virtue of his own arrived there, so his devotion to the emperor and all imperial chain of command it's sacred.

The sense of morality and respect is a greatly reinforced aspect in the Chiss, when you join that to a brilliant, cordial and strategist individual, you have done the alchemy of the perfect empire officer

Physical Traits

Height: 1.85m
Weight: 75kg
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Jet Black
Skin Complexion: Blue