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Dain Vel Iblis

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Dain Vel Iblis
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (cultural), Half-Kiffar/Half-Alsakani (biological)
Homeworld Comra (former), Corellia (current)
Mother Catherine Wagner
Father  ???
Spouse None
Siblings Noel Vel Iblis
Children None
Born Year -9 Day ??? (27)
Imperial Service
Branch IA_mini.png
Imperial Army
Positions Legionnaire
Prior Service Mercenary, Ironvein
Awards 8977_wagner.png

Dain Vel Iblis, formally known as Spencer Wagner, is a devout loyalist of the New Order and currently serves as an officer of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army. He was born on Comra to Catherine Wagner but was later on adopted by the Vel Iblis family with his sister Noel on Corellia. He graduated from the Imperial Academy on Year 18 Day 156 and started service with the Imperial Army on Year 18 Day 157.

Early Years

Little is known of Dain Vel Iblis's early years of his life due to the massive civil war that was erupting on Comra when he was growing up. Nothing is known of his relatives, with exception to Dain's personal recollection of his mother, Catherine Wagner. His mother was a displaced refugee on Comra due to the ongoing civil wars occurring on the planet: rebel funded and supported insurgents fought against the current Imperial government, causing millions of non-combatant casualties and displacing exponentially more. Off-world travel was largely unavailable due to the Atomic technology level of the planet, making it impossible for the residents of Comra to flee the conflict. As Imperial evacuation efforts were targeted and halted by terrorist attacks, the only method of off-world evacuation was desperately begging or bribing off Rebel-brought mercenaries and smugglers. And the likelihood of lawless contractors bothering with any of the refugees, with the exception of exploiting them, was nill.

New Comra Proper, scarred and ruined by war

Catherine, however, was able to escape the brutalities of war with her son and continued to dogmatically look for someone to bring her and her son off-world. One such mercenary, named Victor, claimed that he would marry her and safely bring Catherine and her son off-planet, but only betrayed them and continued his mercenary service on Comra. Pregnant with the daughter of Victor, Catherine chased after the father of her daughter across dozens of battlefields with her son in hand. As Catherine traveled across the war-torn landscape of Comra, Catherine revealed to Dain that his father was a Kiffar and passed Dain an amulet of his clan, on the off-chance that he would encounter a member of his father's clan. In order to distract Dain from the violence of war, Catherine would regale Dain with stories of her father's great hunts and charming past. Speaking of her once noble backgrounds on Alsakan, Catherine meticulously taught Dain the matters of etiquette, politics and economics according to the cultural protocols of Alsakan. Eventually, however, Catherine was unable to endure the intensity of war and pregnancy, passing away after pre-maturely giving birth to Dain's younger sister on the backward battlefields in the Outer Rim. An unfortunate result of the ongoing galactic conflict, Dain was abandoned in the war-torn galaxy.

Adoption and Formative Years

As Dain begged on the streets of the capital city of Comra, New Comra Proper, the last stronghold of Imperial presence on the planet, he and his sister were fortuitously discovered by an Imperial Regional Government Clerk, Vince Vel Iblis, and his wife, Emily, who were visiting the planet for a government-issued survey on the local planetary government. Although both children were adopted in the Vel Iblis family, his sister was doted heavily by Vince and Emily while Dain was treated indifferently, more or less left to his own devices. In order to have Imperial citizenship on Corellia, Dain's original name Spencer Wagner was changed to his current legal name, Dain Vel Iblis. While Dain attended and graduated the local Imperial Academy on Corellia, his sister was privately tutored and sent to the premier Imperial Academy on Coruscant. He was never jealous of his sister, as he was fully aware of the terrible conditions they were saved from and enjoyed seeing her happiness within her blissful ignorance of the crueler truths of reality. Wanting to nurture Noel in the best possible environment and wanting to keep Dain from negatively influencing her, Vince transferred to the Regional Government of Coruscant and they moved all of the family's assets to Coruscant. Dain was given 40,000 credits for housing and tuition at the local Imperial Academy on Corellia; he continued to live in the on-campus housing of the Imperial Academy since his early teenage years until his graduation at sixteen.

Dain in his young adulthood

Experiencing hardship first-hand, Dain was a humble, down-to-earth character who was well-liked by both his lower-class and upper-class peers at the Imperial Academy. Highly sociable and relaxing to be around, Dain was able to experience both spectrums of life on Corellia. During the night, he was Luthor, the fastest speederbike racer of the Corellian underworld, hanging out with his scoundrel friends and fellow racers in the ramshackled abandoned warehouses of the old Industrial District. And during the day, Dain was at the top of his class and enjoyed the extravagance and opulence of high society in the wealthy districts Corellia. Despite immersing himself within the pleasures and vices of both world, his loyalty to the Empire and strong passion for helping enforce order served as the root of his character: after facing the tragic effects of chaos and rebellion, Dain dreamed of the day where the galaxy was safe and order was restored, and the day he could proudly be apart of the Vel Iblis family.

Qualifying to be a seed student for the Imperial Academy on Coruscant, Dain quickly accepted the offer and began his journey to Coruscant with his close friends. Yet Dain would not be able to make it to his destination and spend eleven years wandering from his true dream.

Blood Syndicate and Ironvein

While he and his fellow classmates were on route to the Imperial Academy on Coruscant for Imperial Basic Training, the StarSpeeder 3000 was seized by the Blood Syndicate and all of the students were captured to be apart of the Rebellion. While the lower-class students all agreed to join the cause after verification of the kidnappers' identities as rebel agents, the Imperial-loyal and upper-class students refused to submit and become rebels. After being separated by the "converted" students who joined the cause, Dain and his fellow non-compliant peers were enslaved by the Blood Syndicate and forced to be cannon fodder. Coincidentally or perhaps by fate, Dain was sent back to his birthplace, Comra, and forced to serve the insurgents. During his years of impressment, Dain was assigned the dangerous duty of ferrying ammunition across the battlefield to rebel soldiers, constantly being at risk of being unjustly killed in midst of the civil war by either side. Dain was also forced to scout out areas for hidden explosives and traps without being trained or given any equipment; Dain had to watch as he and his fellow slaves were brutally blown up by mines and booby-traps as the mercenaries and insurgents of the Blood Syndicate walked over the remains of their destroyed bodies.

Dain knew that he would eventually be killed during the conflict or silently executed at the end of the civil war to prevent the idealist and pure reputation of the Rebellion to be untarnished. Over the course of multiple battles, Dain gathered the parts necessary to construct a working E-11 and hid them across New Comra Proper. And after seven years, Dain finally was able to reconstruct a working E-11 and slaughtered the dozens of rebel soldiers who enslaved him. Finally freeing himself from his slave collar, Dain quickly left New Comra Proper and roamed the nearby cities of Comra for transportation. Stumbling across one of the few remaining loyalist strongholds, Dain entered the stronghold and signed up to be among the ranks of the mercenaries posted there. These mercenaries were apart of the Empire-contracted mercenary group, the Ironvein.

Slightly deranged Dain working as a mercenary for Ironvein

The Ironvein's position on Comra would eventually collapse, and with the retreat order from the Galactic Empire, the Ironvein and Dain left Comra, returning back to their headquarters on Kiffex. However, his ordeals on Comra left Dain heavily scarred, both physically and mentally, leaving him an empty shell of his former self. Dain became much more strict with his personal discipline and reserved when interacting with others; he only truly opened up with his close family and friends. As the Ironvein regathered their fighting force on Kiffex, Dain would continue to serve with the Ironvein on Kiffex, eradicating small groups of bandits and criminals. Dain, along with other Ironvein recruits, participated in brutal basic combat training with veteran and war-hardened mercenaries as their instructors. Dain managed to significantly bulk up his physique and gain proficient combat skills, rivaling those of a trained rifleman. However, Dain's strengths in driving made him the primary driver for the Ironvein, spending most of his time escaping from or ramming into enemy lines in the group's Heavy Transport Barge. In addition, Dain was involved with the various criminal groups and mercenaries of the underworld during his professional work: these contacts would later on prove to be valuable in eradicating the Blood Syndicate.

Eventually, the Ironvein returned to Comra after recovering their strength and assisted the newly-landed Imperial forces re-establish order and Imperial governance on Comra. The last pockets of resistance was wiped out with the help of Dain's memory of the Blood Syndicate's hideouts and activities as well as connections and contacts with the underworld. After all the insurgents were either captured or killed in action, Comra was finally able to flourish and return to its normal livelihood. The civil war, however, left visible scars within the peoples and the landscape, leaving much work for rehabilitation and restoration. The end of the Comra campaign with the Ironvein marked Dain's fourth year with the group. Over the past four years, Dain rose up the ranks within the Ironvein and was eventually its de-facto leader. However, with Comra finally at peace, Dain said goodbye to the blood brothers and sisters of the Ironvein and moved onto his true aspirations to enlisted with the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Academy

A now stoic Dain at the Imperial Academy

At the Imperial Academy on Prakith, Dain was able to quickly excel past his peers and become top of his class. After acing the courses of Imperial Basic Training and scoring over 95%, Dain perfectly executed the training exercises and practice drills assigned to him by his instructor and mentor, Captain Terak Falcor. Captain Falcor was the first Imperial Dain interacted with during his time at the Galactic Empire and left a deep impression on Imperial conduct and professionalism, which Dain remembers to this day.

During his time at the Imperial Academy, Atlas, an old aquantice from his days with Ironvein, informed Dain of murmurs of the Blood Syndicate, specifically tied to the kidnapping and extortion of one of the staff members at the Imperial Academy, janitor Paul Waters. After privately calling in a few brothers from the Ironvein to investigate and to ensure the safety of Paul's wife and daughter, Caterina and Iris Waters, Dain reported the matter to the Imperial Security Bureau with the intelligence necessary to rescue Caterina and Iris safely. However, the sudden re-appearance of the presumedly destroyed Blood Syndicate surprised and made Dain nervous of the upcoming chaos and mayhem that would follow. Although Dain was preoccupied with worries about the reemergence of the Bloody Syndicate, Dain was able to successfully complete Imperial Basic Training and was awarded with the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate with Honours [IABG-H] Ribbon. After graduation, RADE permanently decided Dain's fate as an Imperial by assigning him to the Imperial Army...

Imperial Army

'The Chaplain' always wore his helmet.

Newly promoted Second Lieutenant Dain Vel Iblis began serving under Captain 'Chaplain' Armand Cross. Armand Cross, or better known in the unit as "The Chaplain" was an enigmatic figure who rarely revealed his identity or showed his face. Maintaining rigid professionalism and etiquette during his interactions with subordinates, but having highly unconventional and almost scoundrel-like tactics, Captain Cross's true identity was largely unknown by all in the unit. Most of the enlisted in the unit wildly speculated that Captain Cross was the bastard child of Serenno nobility, coming from an extremely wealthy background yet experiencing the chaotic underworld as well. However, Captain Cross's story was much less dramatic and much more tragic. During a short service stint in Derra, Captain Cross was nearly incinerated alive by a thermal detonator and spent almost an entire year in extensive recovery and physical training. Although Captain Cross has recovered to full health and passed rigorous physical testing, Captain Cross remains traumatized by the event and prefers to remain protected by his combat armour than exposed to possible danger.

Despite this oddity, Captain Cross was one of the most innovative tactics officer ever encountered by Dain, and under his tutelage, Dain honed his commanding abilities, tactical knowledge and strategies, and critical analytic skills. As Dain had no formal Army experience, Dain was temporarily assigned as the squad leader of twelve Stormtroopers and was personally trained by Captain Cross in the protocol, regulations, and drills of the Imperial Army. Upon his first live training exercise in the wilderness, Dain came across a pack of four howlrunners. Fascinated by the natural beauty of their brutality and cunning, Dain requested to extend his training exercise so that he could continue to study and hunt these creatures. He was able to hunt and dissect hordes of howlrunner packs as well as other miscellaneous creatures such as gentle Draigons, Wampas, and the occasional Tauntauns.

Absurd Army Plushie

During his time at the Imperial Army, Dain officially petitioned and published his given name as his legal name. He took on the name, Dain Vel Iblis, that given to him by his adoptive parents Vince and Emily Vel Iblis. It is alleged that Generals Fede Vonrico and Vladamiur Veselov wished for more V-named Imperials and strongly suggested to Dain to take up his adopted name. Discarding his birth name, Spencer Wagner, and all the terrible history associated with it, Dain felt liberated from his past sins and fully embraced life as an Imperial.

Although Dain became addicted to the rationing of ice cream and bacon (produced from the eclectic animals hunted by fellow legionnaires) provided by RAD-IA, Dain's weirdest fixation and fascination was with plushies. Dain started his plushie collection with the Absurd Army Plushie that he received as a gift from Fede Vonrico and obtained his next plushie, the Tauntaun Plushy, as a prize from the Tresarian Dawn. He gave away his personal plushie, the Handle Dog Plushie, to Shiraishi Tadayoshi as a get-well present after being mildly sick during the line of duty. It was only until much later that he found out that the Handle Dog Plushie was made by Fede Vonrico, cementing Dain's high opinion of General Vonrico.

Clan Skelgard

During his service with the Imperial Army, Dain encountered Ylvia Skelgard and learned of the rich culture of Clan Skelgard.


Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Positions
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 18, Day 150 - Year 18, Day 156 Cadet
Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade (CGT) Positions
[O-1] MO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Year 18, Day 157 - Present Legionnaire


Abbreviation Ribbon Name Date Awarded By
[IABG] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honors Year 18 Day 156 The Imperial Academy