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Adam Linon

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Adam Linon
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Tralus
Mother Cera Linon
Father Damian Linon
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year -7, Day 120
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Recruitment Offier, Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Prior Service Student; Imperial Academy
Awards INSC-S-S.png


Adam Linon was a 26-year-old Corellian male serving as a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy. He was captured by Galactic Alliance forces during the War in Hosnian on Year 19, Day 232. His current whereabouts and fate are unknown to the public.

Before the Empire


Adam Linon was born to farmers on the temperate Corellian world of Tralus. The family estate was fairly large but barely profitable. Money was too scarce for anything beyond basic necessities during his early years. Rusted and quirky droids performed much of the legwork on the farm; however, Adam's father Damian insisted that physical labour would be character building and had Adam working the land from the age of 7. It should be conceded that there really wasn't much else to do - the Linons lived far from Tralus' major settlements and so there were no other children to play with. Even Holonet coverage was unreliable and basic. The droids living and working around him were, save for his parents, Adam's only company. Fortunately, Damian Linon was blessed with initiative and intelligence far above his station: by the time Adam was 9 his father had obtained a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Coronet University, provided for by now-Imperial Tralus' newly expanded Holonet infrastructure.

The following year Damian was hired by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as an entry-level worker and family life was upended by a move to Coronet City on neighbouring Corellia. The journey across the system was short and uneventful but for Adam it was the height of excitement. The viewing slots that ran down the transit shuttle gave him his first glimpse of space, and it seemed eerie to watch his homeworld shrink into the distance, replaced by Corellia's heavy space traffic including TIE Fighters and escort ships out on patrol. By the time they arrived at Coronet Spaceport he was crying, overwhelmed by the enormity of the world beyond his homestead.

Adam's mother Cera was unemployed for several months before finding work as an assistant at the Coronet City Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The family settled into a small, cramped apartment downtown, which they shared with maternal uncle Lou Porpel and his 2 daughters.

Tralus, Corellian system


Coronet City was clearly a far cry from Adam's childhood life. It was so much less spacious than his former home, so much dirtier; so much livelier. His father was rarely present in the home due to the demands of his new job; Lou Propel, a skyscape surveyor, quickly became a secondary father figure. When Adam was 11 he was sent to school for the first time, having been taught to read and write Basic by his parents years before. At first he found it hard to adjust to school life and even exhibited some behavioural problems but by the age of 13 Adam was excelling academically. His increasing interest in spacefaring vessels was gently encouraged by several teachers and he chose to specialise in this subject for the final two years of his education, even writing a short dissertation at his father's suggestion on the development of civilian ships in the Corellian system.

He developed a close relationship with his cousins and the three kindred spirits could often be seen roaming the streets of central Coronet, exploring its matte streets and mingling with the other local kids. When Adam was 16, he graduated from school with some distinction. He spent the following year working with his mother at the Botanical Gardens. But after this placement was over, Adam discovered that work on Corellia was scarce. From the age of 17 he started frequenting Coronet City's various taverns and bars with former schoolfriends and started using spice. He knew it was a dead end. After uncle Lou's death towards the end of Year 12, when Adam was almost 20 and still unemployed, he decided to leave Corellia to pursue his potential. He was also mindful of his family's financial situation, with Cera and Damian now having to support two nieces as well as their wayward son.

Career Beginnings

Armed with several thousand credits, Adam purchased tickets to Coruscant where he'd heard jobs and opportunities were in plentiful supply. Arriving in the Imperial capital reminded him of his first journey to Corellia a decade earlier, he found himself affected by the sight of its metropolis. The hum of life was loud in Coronet, but here it was deafening.

His roommate was Glees, a 21-year-old Coruscanti who'd once lived on the same apartment block as Adam back home. Glees, who was also searching for new lodgings after being cast out by his parents, was all too happy to share rented accomadation with Adam once he learned of the prospect. The two got along well and often went out to Coruscant's innumerous clubs and casinos, indulging in recreational drug use and general aimless hedonism. Glees, a recovering spice addict, soon resumed old habits at Adam's tacit encouragement. As Glees inevitably fell behind on rent payments, the two began to grow apart as Adam was blind to the impact his own indulgent lifestyle was having on his friend. During the day, Adam worked grim 10 hour shifts as an overflow worker at the Emperor Drayson Spaceport, documenting various cargo and confirming routine landing codes. The wage was meager but enough to live on. The situation clocked along for just over two standard years and he was even poised for a more senior role as a space traffic controller. Unfortunately, these plans were terminally derailed when one afternoon he returned home to find his apartment repossessed by Coruscant Security Forces, who'd arrested Glees for second offence spice possession. Dejected, homeless and furious, Adam decided to leave Coruscant, though he was at least happy to now have some serious work experience under his belt. He packed up his things, leaving the planet a singularly resolute 22-year-old. Having watched millions of ships come and go every day for the past couple of years, he was now determined to finally fly them.

Adam spent the following three years travelling the galaxy. The bulk of this was spent working as a pilot for the Aurodium Legion, which took him on as a trainee. Adam left the Legion a fully qualified pilot in Year 17 and returned to Coronet City, for his mother had fallen gravely ill. He was forced to sell off several newly-acquired assets to finance her extensive medical treatment. Fortunately she made a full recovery, albeit with lifelong medicinal needs, and after spending several months with his family Adam was hired by the Core Exchange (or CorEx) as a cargo hauler. He worked at CorEx under Geoff Jackson and later Mikel von Bianchi. Though he liked working independently initially, enjoyed flying greatly and respected the company, Adam grew weary of the long and lonely hyperspace journeys that went with the position. One particularly boring evening, he encountered an Imperial recruitment ad whilst browsing the Holonet. Its grandiose imagery and colourful prose brought the wealth, discipline and sheer scale of the Empire into sharp focus. Adam had lived in Imperial space for almost all his life, but the prospect of actually joining the Empire had until now never entered his mind. His interest piqued, he spent weeks reading and researching Imperial history and ideology; rediscovering subjects he'd regarded with indifference at school. Something had obviously clicked and he realised that his desires and talents might be best fulfilled in the service of a larger community and its shared ideals.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png The Galactic Empire

Student Life

Adam left CorEx amicably after several months with newfound drive; set on joining the ranks of the Galactic Empire. He enlisted at an Imperial Recruitment Centre back on Coruscant and after answering several questions about his personal and legal history, his application was accepted. What's more, Adam learned he was to be sent to the Empire's Officers Academy for gruelling fast-track training due to his class A humanity and extensive previous flying experience. Adam was soon dispatched to Prakith where he was assigned to Training Officer Elaine von Veritrax of Imperial Intelligence. He impressed with his zeal and knowledge and was able to score 97% in Volume I of Imperial Basic Training. Following weeks of further practical training on Prakith for Volume II, Adam graduated from the Imperial Academy with Honours and his desire to join the Imperial Navy was swiftly processed by the Empire's Resource Allocation Division. It was perhaps the proudest moment of his life up to that point, a sentiment shared by his parents who insisted he return to them soon to celebrate.

navy.png The Imperial Navy

Adam rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy.

Adam poses for a personnel portrait; Year 18

Extended Description


Adam at the Coronet City Museum of Fine Art circa Year 17 [home footage]

Adam Linon stands at 184cm, with blue eyes and light brown hair. His slim build belies surprising physical strength. A small yet noticeable scar marks his left forearm, sustained in an adolescent scuffle.


Adam Linon's personality is characterised by a superficial warmth that often conceals his intelligence and pragmatism - he isn't a cruel man, but he is a calculating one. Like most people he can be cold, but the mask fully slips only for those who treat him frostily in turn. Some describe Linon as sociopathic: friends attest that this is not that case, conceding he may simply lack empathy or at least the willingness to display it.

Personal Life

Adam Linon maintains regular correspondence with his parents and sometimes visits family and friends in Coronet City, as well as newer acquaintances elsewhere. He managed to kick alcohol and his spice habit in Year 17, while he was working for CorEx. Adam has always been intellectually curious and specific interests include galactic history, the Holonet and advanced spacecraft. An avid fan of music, particularly Corellian music, Adam Linon also supports the Corellian Dreadnoughts in Boloball. He characterises himself as a political centrist.

His stint at CorEx sparked something of a fascination with trade and finance. Linon's net worth has been estimated in the hundreds of millions.

Imperial Personnel Profile

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Galactic Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 18 Day 154 - Year 18 Day 164
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 18 Day 164 - Year 18 Day 259
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 18 Day 259 - Year 19 Day 85
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Year 19 Day 85 - Current


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IABG-H] Year 18 Day 164 Angelus Devaron
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 18 Day 222 Graeda L'Annan
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 [MIDx2] Year 19 Day 14 Graeda L'Annan
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Year 19 Day 20 Navarro De Molay
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 19 Day 76 Kef Drenall
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1] Year 19 Day 189 Yaln Baluu
INSC-S-S.png Advanced Starfighter Wings Year 19 Day 195 Graeda L'Annan
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 [MIDx3] Year 19 Day 195 Graeda L'Annan
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x4 [MIDx4] Year 19 Day 219 Graeda L'Annan