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Agrien Vandroy

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Agrien Vandroy
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Astaria Vandroy
Father Guillard Vandroy †
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year 4 Day 12
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot
Prior Service N/A
Awards 9228_vandroy.png

Agrien Vandroy is a young Corellian pilot serving in the Imperial Navy, known for her general fiery enthusiasm and attitude as well as for her corellian high society style of etiquette and mannerisms, a unique combination that earned her the nickname of "Red Rogue Princess" among certain groups.

Personal Life

Family Background

The Vandroy family is a relatively, locally well known corporate group and surname in the region of Alyrid City, Corellia, for it's economic and political influence both among the high society and the less desirable groups in the city alike. Officially the owner of a successful network of gambling rings, the group is mostly well known for it's betting center built on the snowy shores of the southern hemisphere, an extravagant and luxurious casino that serves as the entry point and main connection between the group's clientelle.

Astaria Vandroy is the sole leadership behind the organization, as well as being the official CEO and owner of the gambling network that sprawl across the city. A cold and calculated woman, Astaria is known for her cunning and manipulative personality, where no word or gesture is ever made without a purpose. That attitude and behaviour was what led to her early marriage to the already elderly Guillard Vandroy during her younger years, and the innevitable inheritance of the then small and less prestigious betting ring he owned.

After Guillard's passing, Astaria became the owner of group, and while major corporations and individuals were already prepared to absorb it, likely due to it's privileged location at the frozen shores of Alyrid, Astaria not only never allowed it to happen but also turned the events around. Through a series of political and financial maneuvers, the woman transformed a lesser known betting ring into a fully developed casino, doubling as a hotel due to it's location and view. Not satisfied with just that, Astaria also managed deals and contracts with local brookers and influential individuals across the city, asserting herself as the major name to be known on the gambling and contract brooking fields on the region.

Today the group is responsible for brooking and mediating several important meetings between smaller companies and traders of influence, as well as being the leadership in the regional gambling circuit, varying from legalized bouts, races, dice games and many others. Although many may suspect of Astaria and the group's connections with the local organized crime, it is unlikely of those to be true, given her close affiliation with the Imperial rule. It is assumed and presumed however, that anything that happens on the deeper parts of the betting circuits commanded by Astaria is overseen by herself and the proper authorities, ensuring the complete secrecy of such deals but also the legality of those.

Early Life

Agrien Vandroy is the sole daughter of Guillard and Astaria Vandroy, owners of a regionally famous betting circuit on the Alyrid City, in the southern hemisphere of Corellia. During her early years, Agrien lived a relatively comfortable life, enjoying her family wealth and having a rather common childhood for a corellian. Since the loss of her father happened at a very young age, Agrien doesn't have many meaningful memories or connections with the man, being her mother, Astaria, the responsible for most of her education and growth.

Around the age of 6, Agrien was already witnessing her mother's mind for dealings and contracts, for it was around this time when she asserted herself and the family group as an influential and prosperous casino and meeting place at the city. If the sudden change had any impact on the young girl's childhood is highly unknown, considering the meticulous attitude and movements from her mother. The family's increase of wealth and influence however did play a major part in her education, as the now incredibly rich family could afford the best southern corellia could offer.

Growing among the high society of shady dealers, smooth talkers and suspiciously wealthy gamblers, Agrien eventually developed herself a knack for words, mannerisms and the general behaviour one should have in those situations, greatly being influenced by her mother and the overall company that frequented the luxurious and prestigious casino. Such environment would play a bigger role in her more mature years and the development of her own adult personality, which unsurprisingly had a rather bigger touch of Astaria's own teachings, intentionally, or not.

Teenage Years

Around the age of 15, Agrien already sounded and looked much like a grown woman, despite her obvious youth. She knew how to speak and talk to merchants and gamblers, how to present herself at a table, both a dinner or a cantina table. Mostly due to Astaria's teaching and great influence, the strange combination of regal authority with the streetwise savvy earned the young woman the very same nickname of her mother, "The Red Rogue Princess", whilist Astaria would be "Queen", both due to their fire copper ginger hair, and their general attitude.

Agrien however was starting to grow to her own interests, and seeing that life was not only about ensuring profitable and honorable contracts or making sure the odds are favorable enough for a bet. As almost every single young corellian of her age, her eyes started aiming at the skies, and further towards space. Perhaps due to the stories heard from pilots and merchant lords about their fantastical adventures in the outer rim and back, or dashing combats through a pirate blockades across the Corellian Run, Agrien was already fancying herself not only hearing of those, but seeing them as well. As fantastical as those could be, she was smart enough to know not even half of them were true, and given the individuals telling them, half of that half was still filled with exaggerations, but the young mind of the girl's simply decided she wanted to believe those.

By that time, all with Astaria's approval, Agrien started paying some more attention to small ships, learning how to fly them and the commands. The talent for piloting was quick to show, as in less than a year the young girl was already capable of piloting most transports and speeders, and low attitude fighters. All of that, perhaps, under the radars of the law, considering the relative young age of the learning pilot. Those situations however were so common in Corellia's back alleys and slums that local authority would be satisfied with turning a blind eye, for as long nothing got too out of hand.


The combination of talent and desire is never a very peaceful and easy aspect to deal with, and such was no different for Agrien. The young woman's early years activities, education and newfound talent for piloting led her to the typical question most if not all young people around that age would have: What would she do with all of that from that point on. The career options for Agrien were plenty. She was the sole heir of a relatively wealthy gambling ring, she had the connections with pilots, merchants and foreign lords from all over the Corellian Spine, as well as she could have easily gone towards the less honorable ways with associations with the Corellian underworld.

Dangerously enough, her mother voiced to not pose an influence or impose a decision on her, whatever choice she'd make. Being the daring and bold gambler she was, it was likely that Astaria would have invested in the best outcome for whatever Agrien's choice would come to be, within reason. She was a woman that would win even when losing, after all.

Dashing adventures, piloting skill and her past experiences with high and low society members of several ways of life boiled down to one, obvious choice that was right in front of her this whole time. For someone born in Corellia, the breathing heart of the galaxy's economy and the constant presence and protection from the Galactic Empire, the Imperial presence and influence in someone's daily life could become so deeply rooted that one wouldn't even have a conscious notion of such. That was also the case for Agrien, who personally a fait amount of Imperial dignataries, officers and retired pilots and soldiers, as well as people with connections of such.

It was the realization she needed for her career of choice. Filled with dreams of adventure and duty, fed by the many stories she had, the young woman had then decided to join the Galactic Empire's military ranks, to put the most of her abilities to a proper use while serving a good cause. Her mother, seeing the opportunity for her daughter to enter the most prestigious government known in the galaxy, gave her the full support she'd need, using that as well as a gambling card, to have increase and strengthen her own connections and influences with the Imperial authorities. Though it is unsure her true motives for such support, it is believed that she did so as genuine support for Agrien while also asserting herself a winning hand by doing so.

In the following year, at age 18 Agrien Vandroy enlisted herself in the Imperial Academy, kickstaring her career in the Galactic Empire and shaping herself as the Imperial she is known for today.

Imperial Service

Imperial Academy

Agrien enlisted in the Imperial Academy at age of 18, graduating herself with honors later that same year. Her short but bright academy courses were marked by the flashing out of her unusual personality that never failed to catch the attention of the fellow recruits and training officers alike, keeping her own old nickname rather alive during the academic courses. Her active and fiery personality also proved to be instrumental for her graduation and grade, as it contributed greatly for her proactiveness with most of the studies and the quick thinking maneuvering while on practical exercises.

Although her dedication for the studies and lessons were almost unmached by most of her class, the young woman's most obvious talents for piloting were soon to be noticed by her training officers, and thus encouraged to be developed upon. Her early experiences with unorthodox piloting patterns and her daring personality paved the grounds for her own flight style, that upon notice was quick to be shaped to adapt the Imperial standards and protocols, capitalizing upon her natural abilities to take shape of what would eventually turn into her own personal skills.

That, along with her increasingly sense of duty and charming personality led to the final weeks of the training courses, highlighted by her piloting exercises and culminating in the leading of a training operation of an unsupervised patrol within Imperial territory. Scoring both with astonoshing grades, Agrien graduated with honors in the Imperial Academy by the early days of Year 22, therefore officially starting her Imperial career upon her first asignment to the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy

Agrien's first deployment upon graduation was among the pilot ranks of the Imperial Navy, branch and service she soon shown herself to be both devoted and passionate about. Though still a very young career, the young corellian seems to show no desire or interest in serving the Empire anywhere other than among the Imperial fleets, a newfound love that bloomed from her childish dreams of dashing and daring adventures she had only heard about, and now shaped into a more mature reality of duty and passion among the Imperial ranks.

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 22 Day 59 - Year 22 Day 84
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 22 Day 84 - Present


Ribbon Name Citation Awarded by Date Awarded
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H] Graduating in the Imperial Academy with honours Academy Commandant Thaelos Kolarr Year 22 Day 84