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Alistar Reaper

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Alistar Reaper
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Esmira Csapla (Unknown to him)
Father Draydon Csapla (Unknown to him)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Employee
Prior Service Recruit in the Imperial Academy
Awards IAHG.jpg

Alistar Reaper was member of the Galactic Empire, serving as a Chief Planetary Assistant in the Ranks of the Regional Government. His fate remains unknown.

Early Life

The Chiss homeworld of Csilla

Alistar Reaper was born Alistar Csapla on the Chiss home world of Csilla, in the Capital City of Csaplar. Alistar Csapla was the son of Draydon and Esmira Csapla. His father Draydon Csapla was a ruthless Senator within the Chiss Ascendancy, known for isolationist policies and xenophobia. Draydon Csapla was the leader of the “Xenophobic” movement in the Chiss Ascendancy. It was a known fact that those who opposed Draydon Csapla had short lived political careers or would become quickly entwined with scandals which quickly pushed those involved out of public office. Draydon’s relationship with his son was distant, seeing that his son lacked the calm demeanor needed to make it in high Chiss society Draydon began to slowly resent ever having conceived Alistar. Alistar was unlike most Chiss males; full of emotion and extremely brash, never afraid to speak his mind openly. Most young Chiss were raised to keep emotions suppressed and to refrain from out bursts, especially towards elders.

Alistar grew up in a life of affluence; his family spared no expense for his education and sent him to the most exclusive academies Csilla had to offer. Alistar found his niche in the fields of Intergalactic Relations, Military Studies, and Galactic History. While studying Intergalactic Studies, Alistar grew fond of the Human species success story and began to show signs of interest by asking to travel outside of Chiss Space so that he may interact with the Humans species. He admired the attributes of Humans, their emotion and their ability to be unpredictable. His education in the academies shaped his young impressionable mind; Draydon began to worry about his son’s education and chosen fields of study. As Alistar grew into a young man he began to attend political rallies throughout Csaplar and was easily recognized for being the son of Draydon Csapla. However as his interest in local politics grew so did his political views began to align more with “Non-Isolationists” or those opposed to the “Xenophobic” movement.

Draydon grew concerned with his son’s interest in other species, especially humans, and his alignment with the “Non-Isolationist” movement. Being known as a leader in the “Xenophobic” movement on Csilla, Draydon feared his political rivals would use this to exploit him. Draydon Csapla met in secret with a small group of trusted advisors to discuss the path Alistar was beginning to take. It was determined by the group that actions must be taken to reeducate Alistar or he might one day become a political liability for Draydon and the “Xenophobic” movement. Draydon schemed to have his son reeducated by Quit’ar Csissla, a controversial doctor deep within the barren Ice Tundra’s of Csilla. Draydon concocted a serum using a small dose of the deadly poison Synox that would be used to incapacitate his son Alistar so that he could have him taken away in secret to be reeducated.

The Death of a Csapla and birth of a Reaper

Draydon had invited his son Alistar to a private dinner where they were to discuss the future plans in store for young Alistar. As they sat eating, Alistar began to feel exhausted and weak, slowly the room began to sway and grow black…

Over the next week, Alistar was secretly transported to an unknown location where his reeducation would begin. Alistar was drugged, beaten, and experimented on by Quit’ar Csissla, the doctor however was unable to make any solid progress towards reeducating the young Alistar, his will was unbreakable and even while drugged he withstood any and all attempts to break his spirit. Alistar remembers little during this time, blackness and sometimes the image of a strangely armor clad man is all he can recall, and the voice of a crazed maniac yelling, shouting, screaming to break his strong spirit.

Quit’ar Csissla

Pain, anguish and suffering were all Alistar knew during this dark period of what seemed to be eternity but in reality was several months. Draydon visited Quit’ar Csissla frequently to see what progress had been made, with each visit however, Draydon’s concern with Alistar began to grow to dislike, and then to hate as his son vehemently refused to succumb to reeducation and began to curse what his father had done and stood for. Weary of the troublesome burden Alistar had become Draydon accepted that he must dispose of this problem before anymore issue arose that could jeopardize his political career and standing. Draydon spoke with Quit’ar Csissla about what options he could utilize to be rid of Alistar. Quit’ar Csissla offered to lobotomize a small portion of Alistar’s brain that could possibly destroy all memories Alistar has of his past life, however his feelings and awareness that something occurred would still exist and over time his brain could possible mend itself allowing him to one day access those lost memories.

Draydon accepted this and established a plan to have Alistar lobotomized, loaded on a small shuttle and sent drifting off into space; Alistar would be left in the hands of fate. Alistar was ultimately lobotomized and put into a medically induced coma. A small Lambda Class shuttle was loaded with a few belongings and some forged identification materials, Quit’ar Csissla thought it ironic to bestow Alistar with the surname Reaper in his newly forged identification papers. Quit’ar Csissla knew the possibility of Alistar regaining his lost memories and feared that one day Alistar may return as a Reaper of vengeance for both himself and Draydon. As Alistar was loaded into his shuttle Quit’ar Csissla plotted a course towards the stronghold of the Galactic Empire, for what reason Quit’ar Csissla did this will remain a mystery. The coordinates were set and Alistar slowly drifted off into space towards Galactic Empire space.

Immediately Draydon and his political allies went into action, utilizing this as an opportunity for political propaganda. Draydon claimed his son was killed by the “Non-Isolationist” movement and rallied many people to his cause gaining more political might then ever before.

Alistar Csapla was dead and Alistar Reaper was born.

Imperial Life

As Alistar’s shuttle drifted towards to Imperial Space it was eventually intercepted by a patrolling Lancer-class Frigate. Alistar was brought aboard and revived in the sick bay. Unable to answer any questions, the Imperials aboard referenced his forged identification papers. Immediately the papers were sent to the Imperial Security Bureau and revealed to be forged documents. Although the documents were forged, an Imperial Crime whose sentence can be death, Alistar was spared as doctors and the Imperial Security Bureau could find no proof of manipulation or deceit with Alistar. The Imperial Security Bureau scanned Alistar for other identification markers and determined he was not a threat, however being that the documents were forgeries and were in his possession he was sentenced by the Commanding Officer of the Lancer-class Frigate to join the Galactic Empire and serve a minimum time to pay for the small crime he was convicted of.

Alistar Reaper upon graduating the Imperial Academy!

Alistar took the name Reaper and was sent off to the Imperial Academy where he eventually graduated top of his class with an average of 96.43% and received the Imperial Academy Honors Graduate Ribbon (IAHG). Alistar’s skills did not go unnoticed and he was assigned to the Regional Government and promoted to Chief Planetary Assistant. Alistar Reaper now stands a member of the Galactic Empire, full of questions about his past, and hopes that maybe somehow his current path will lead him to find out some answers as to who he is and where he came from…

Imperial Service Record


Year 12 Day 211: Accepted as a member of the Galactic Empire.

Year 12 Day 213: Promoted to E-1 Recruit. ME-1.gif and begins training at the Imperial Academy.

Year 12 Day 217: Graduates from the Imperial Academy with honors with an average score of 96.43%.

Year 12 Day 217: Awarded the Imperial Academy Honors Graduate Ribbon [IAHG] IAHG.jpg

Year 12 Day 218: Assigned to the Regional Government, Correllian Sector, under Governor Tyler Struan and Moff Niven Scherbankov.

Year 12 Day 218, 16:30 Promoted to E-3 Chief Planetary Assistant RGE-3.gif