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Avedia Lacroix

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Imperial Profile
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes Cluster
Mother Ishana Lacroix
Father Unknown
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year 18 Day 204
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions government.png

Regional Government

  • Junior Superintendent
Prior Service Imperial Academy
  • Recruit
Awards None

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."
— Helen Keller, Imperial Citizen

Avedia Lacroix grew up in a world that was so used to war and destruction it was like no one blinked at the idea of it. She was raised to be loyal, dedicated to fighting for the cause - whatever that happened to be. Although truth be told she had longed to be part of the Empire, at least this is what she had always thought. When she came of age she studied for the entrance exams to an Imperial Academy. She landed on Prakith which wasn't so bad, but it was certainly a change from Uscru District. When her parents, learned that their daughter would become a TIE Fighter, they were elated.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Medical Evaluation


Having worked hard to get the body she has, she enjoys flaunting it. Avedia is often seen in shorts and little to nothing on top. With that being said, you'll often spot her working somewhere with dull lights to hide some of the scars she's gained from her TIE Fighter days. When out in public she wears long sweaters to cover up. Her hair's typically down unless she's working or flirting and then it might be pulled up.

Full name:
Avedia Wehr Lacroix
5'10" / 1.78m
128lbs / 58.0kg
Martial Status:
Sexual Orientation:
Basic, Old Cardian, Rodese, Ithorese and Quarren

Psychological traits

Observant: Avedia has developed an exceptional sense of situational awareness, allowing her to discover patterns and things that are out of place with ease. Based on her observational skills, she is able to catch subtle inconsistencies in both camouflage and disguises. She knows what to look for and can with relative ease pick out things that don't belong. Using her skills of observation, she is also able to plan and adapt accordingly, allowing her to see the bigger picture rather than getting tunnel vision.

Peak Physical Condition: Through both her line of work and her constant drive to improve herself, Avedia has maintained a peak physical condition and when not on assignment constantly looks for new mountains to climb and routes to run in all sorts of altitudes and climates. A regular marathon runner when given the chance, she continues to strive for excellence. In addition to her standard physical conditioning, she practices Zavat and Echani regularly. As a field operative she holds her ability to protect herself and be a living weapon seriously.

Crack Shot: Not only has she developed her skills, honing her mind and body as a weapon but numerous hours spent both at the range and in the field training has allowed her to become an expert at utilizing small arms from a hand blaster to a heavy slug rifles. She is well versed in many types of firearms whether blasters or slug throwers in both defensive and long range shooting. She has performed numerous times in various shooting competitions around the Galactic Empire.

Actress: Avedia has spent her entire life acting, even as a child she loved drama. It served her well. Using her skills as an actress, she has become very good at persuading people to see things her way, implanting ideas in other's heads and then getting them to think of them as their own idea. This has especially helped her in her current occupation. She is able to mask her emotions well, queuing up tears or a grin on command.

Competitive: Avedia has always been competitive from playing games as a young child to her performance as an adult. While this can be a strength, pushing her to limits she herself didn't even know she could surpass, it can also be a weakness. Her competitive nature doesn't usually ever let up and can cause rifts between her and others.

Emotionally Distant: A defense mechanism, Avedia has developed a natural neutrality towards her emotions. That isn't to say she doesn't feel them but she has grown distant from them, typically denying them rather than expressing them outwardly. It is part of what enhances her acting, by remaining at arm's length from the true emotion and yet feeling them all the same, she stores those feelings for later, calling upon them when it is either time to cry or time to laugh. While this helps her, it can also be difficult for her to open up to anyone or express her feelings.

Manipulative: Years of acting and not truly expressing her emotions have led Avedia to become very self-centered. Though she is dedicated to the Galactic Empire, in her personal life she has become manipulative, commonly only interacting with those who serve her a purpose or provide enjoyment. The moment someone becomes useless in her eyes is the moment she starts cutting the rigging. It can be great when she uses this in line with her work, but it can cause problems when in social situations.

Loss of Identity: Outside of her work, Avedia struggles with who she really is. Over time, many assumed identities, she has lost touch with herself, commonly finding herself wondering who she is and who she has become. When she enlisted in the Galactic Empire, it was under the assumption that her family would assume she had been killed. As family had been a significant factor of her identity she has conceded much, instead forming her identity around her work. As such, social expeditions of her own outside of work, can be somewhat difficult for her.

Distrust: In her line of work, true trust is a luxury she can't afford. When your life could depend on the trust you have with someone, Avedia finds it's much more reliable to trust yourself and yourself alone. She finds it excessively difficult to trust anyone and approaches most with a genuine distrust. If 0 were a neutral on the trust scale, she'd approach others at a negative rating.

Paranoia: In part to her distrust, she is paranoid. This isn't just your run of the mill, "I don't like to sit with my back to a window", this is "I locked my house when I left, and I make sure the piece of hair I wedged in the crack is still where I left it before I locked up" paranoid. She is constantly looking for any indication of tampering, bugs, any sort of indication that someone has discovered her true identity or her cover has been compromised. As this is her 'normal' she is typically running at high stress levels.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Biography

Pre-Galactic Empire Years

Avedia was born in the Uscru District of Coruscant to a Hapan Dancer and an unknown Mandolarian Bounty Hunter. Her mother never spoke of her father, preferring to focus on her job and her ever growing Spice addiction. Her mother turned to Spice as an easy way to get back into shape after having a child, but soon became so addicted that young Avedia and her mother were kicked out of the Uscru District for failure to pay rent.

Increasingly unable to keep working due to her never-ending habit, Avedia’s mother began sending her out to scavenge for items to sell, begging, and eventually even stealing. Avedia learned early on that if she didn’t find enough to pay for food and Spice, the young child would go to bed hungry. Desperate for more money and drugs, her mother turned to prostitution, often turning the young teenager out onto the streets for days at a time as she entertained clients.

Throughout years of cold, hungry nights, broken promises, fights, screaming, and drug addiction, Avedia longed for a scrap of love and protection. Rationalizing her mother’s behavior as drug addiction, she continued doing everything she could to earn her mother’s approval and love. Avedia realized it would never be the night that her mother attempted to sell her 15 year-old’s virginity for a bag of drugs. The young girl ran away from home, never looking back.

Joining a gang of like-minded street rats, Avedia grew into adulthood. Learning basic survival and combat skills out of necessity, she found a home on the streets for a few years. At 19, she met a man with an interesting proposition…credits in exchange for a night on his arm. He offered her clothing, a night’s stay in a hostel of her choosing, food, a bath, even a trip to the salon…all in exchange for her company at a business function that evening. Despite the years of grime nearly embedded in her skin, the rags she called clothes, and the rat’s nest of a braid, he saw the potential in her nonetheless.

She attended the function, a simple dinner with colleagues, took the money and ran with it. She learned how to use her looks to get anything she wanted, but NEVER lowered herself to the same level as her mother. Soon she amassed a small savings of money, wardrobe, eve an apartment on the edge of the entertainment district. It was here, at the age of 22, that she turned to the Galactic Empire. In it, she saw the potential to use her gifts, her power, for her own gain, but also a chance to be something more. To be a part of something more. In seven years, she never has returned to Coruscant to see what became of the drug-addled prostitute who raised her. She spent years convincing herself that she didn’t care…

Galactic Empire

Ever the black sheep of her family, Avedia graduated and began her ever-so illustrious career for the Empire. Which mostly meant patrol, training, and the occasional skirmish. Except when those skirmishes turned into full-scale battles. In all her time as a TIE Fighter, she'd ever only been shot down a total of three times. Which isn't bad considering her above average kill rate, if Avedia had heeded the words of caution of her commanders maybe she'd have only been shot down twice. One was at least because she decided to go full on into the enemy fighter. Thankfully they were over a mostly oceanic planet, and above said ocean. Her eject button worked that time, the one time it didn't she was fighting over, some backwater planet and ended up trapped beneath her fighter.

The Empire isn't really known for its swift rescues because maybe that's not the sort of image they want to portray. Still, Avedia was ever so grateful to have been rescued from that crash. Had they taken any longer she might've died, heck she should've died. Doctors attributed her life to just how she landed. On her ass, getting a broken tailbone out of it but she was alive.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Imperial Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y18 D204 - Y18 D211
[O-1] RGO-1.png Junior Superintendent Y18 D211 - Present


Code Ribbon Name Date Awarded (CGT) Awarded by Citation
[IABG-H] IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate - Honors Year 18 Day 211 Thaelos Kolarr Awarded for graduating Basic Training with a score above 95%