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Azazel Corundum

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Azazel Corundum
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Deceased (Kane Corundum)
Father Deceased (Illius Corundum)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -19 Day 345
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Member of Regional Government
Prior Service Fifth Imperial Fleet

Second Imperial Fleet

Awards IABG.jpg IABG

LOCx2.jpg LOCx2 FSM.jpg Fleet Service Medal


Early Life

Azazel was born year -19 day 345, to a Kane Corundum and Illius Corundum, both were pilots in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy.

At the age of three both parents were sent on a classified mission for the Imperial Navy, both died. Leaving Azazel in the care of his Auntie Vania Zatoq. There he spent the next ten years being a normal human boy, in year 4 he was told about his parents, and that they died serving the Empire.

To his aunties horror he decided that joining the Empire would be his goal in life. Having found a purpose he spent all the time he could piloting small speeders and barges, using his ever increasing skill in piloting he started doing any job he could get. By the age of 14 he had saved enough money to buy a used, out of service Gonzanti Cruiser off one of his regular employers.

From there he spend the next two years travelling around the outter rim, making his living off transporting anything and everything that could fit into his cruiser's holds.

When he was 16, while doing one of his many transport jobs to the planet Tatooine his ship was intercepted and later stolen by the pirate group known as Eidola Pirates, leaving him with nothing more then the clothing on his back. Not one to give up he decided to work his way back up, taking any paying job that he could. Eventually he saved up enough money for a ticket to the Imperial Academy.

Life as an Imperial

Imperial Adacemy

During his time at the Imperial Academy he had numerous instructors. He never excelled at the written components that made up most of the Academy's work load, but excelled at the physical and hands on activities. He showed an interest only in the Imperial Navy. Eventually passing the long and intense training he received his Imperial Academy Basic Graduate medal and was assigned as a pilot in the Second Imperial Fleet.

Life in the Second Imperial Fleet

After graduating the Academy he was placed into the Second Imperial Fleet, where he fought hard to fit in and become a first class pilot. Weeks after joining he received his first promotion, becoming a Crewman First Class. He received his second promotion no long after, becoming a Flight Corporal. He served under Admiral Savk.

Time Away from Active Duty

On Y9 D270, Flight Corporal Corundum want on LOA for more than one year. During this time period, many things has gone on. Some of these things include the merger of the GE and NIO, reform of many fleets and their command staff.

The Return of Azazel Corundum

On Y10 D309, Azazel returned from his LOA, returning immediately to the Imperial Navy, he spent the few weeks completing a battery of tests and examinations before being transferred from the Navy Reserves and back onto active duty.

Life in the Fifth Imperial Fleet

After returning from his LOA he was placed into the Fifth Imperial Fleet. Initially he felt betrayed that his old fleet did not take him back. But after spending some time talking to his new fleet-mates he began to feel at home. Constantly striving to be a better pilot he looked to many high ranking Imperials for guidance, at the same time he extended his hand downwards teaching all he could to the new members of the fleet in hopes that one-day they will surpass him and teach him new things. Eventually life in the Navy seemed to be going nowhere, his career had essentially run is course in the Navy and he felt any further progress in that branch would come at the expense of his morals or by stepping on others. He then put in a request for transfer to Regional Government.


On Y10 D337, Flight Corporal Corundum became an Intern in the Galactic Archives Staff. After many piles of paperwork and hours of rather inventive name calling, to the piles of paperwork, he became a Librarian.

On Y11 D19, he was promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant and received the Fleet Service Medal.

On Y11 D82, was promoted to the rank of Staff Flight Sergeant and received a Letter of Commendation.

On Y11 D128, was promoted to the rank of Master Flight Sergeant.

On Y11 D193, he was promoted to the rank of Chief Flight Sergeant.

On Y11 D254, he transferred out of the Imperial Navy and Entered service in the Regional Government and received the rank AIDE.

On Y11 D308, he was promoted to the rank of Provisional Prefect.

On Y12 D342, he was promoted to the rank of Prefect and awarded a Letter of Commendation.