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Bael Serath

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Bael Serath
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Outer Rim territories
Mother Unknown
Father Ba’al Serath
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -2, Day 43
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Stormtrooper
Prior Service None
Awards 9145_serath.png

Early Life

Bael Serath was born in the Outer Rim. The descendant of a proud Mandalorian family, Bael's lineage can be traced back hundreds of years. His father, Ba’al, is a Mandalorian Warlord and commander of a mercenary army. He never knew his mother, and his father does not speak of her, nor much of his past. Growing up, Bael only knew that his father, for a time, had left their people. When he returned, he had gained considerable experience in warfare and used that knowledge to form of potent mercenary army. They always stayed away from larger, more populated systems, preferring to smaller, independent worlds. His father did not seem to care for any unnecessary attention.

At the age of four, Bael witnessed his first battle from his father’s forward observation camp, watching his father and his men fight. He watched men die, watched his father kill. From this point forward, Bael was taught to be a soldier, first one on one with his father and later, when he came of age, he was drilled alongside his father’s troops. His father was a hard taskmaster, but his troops had gained a reputation as among the best mercenaries in the sector, with an impression record of success.

When he was old enough and had received the proper training, Bael began to fight in his father’s company. During one excursion, Ba’al’s troops were relieved by a company of Imperial Stormtroopers. Their precision and discipline impressed Bael, rivaling that of his father’s troops, but it was their sense of purpose, a higher calling that captivated the young soldier, a calling that life as a mercenary could not compare to. While the Mandalorians were fractured and divided, the Imperials war machine was conquering, ruling, and bringing order to the galaxy.

Bael made the decision to join the Imperial Army. Most in his father’s camp resented the decision, and even his father told him it was a poor choice, that he would not find what he sought within the Imperial ranks. Bael countered, asking him what he, a mercenary who fought for profit could possibly know what it was that he sought. It was then that he learned something unexpected of his father.

His father took him to a bunker hidden under their home. There, his father should him various Imperial uniforms. He had been a general in the Imperial Army in another life, under a different name, but had grown disillusioned with the direction the Empire took and left, taking the training he had received and returned to the Mandalorians. He served as a mercenary for many years before he ultimately formed his own mercenary company, comprised not only of Mandalorians but others who had wanted to forge a new path. Ba’al told his son he understood the impulse to join the Imperials, that he, too, believed in the Imperial ideals. But those days were done.

Despite his father’s words, Bael still felt this was something he had to do. Ba’al would not stand in his son’s way, but he did not support his Bael’s decision. Further, he cautioned his son not draw attention to his parentage. Bael received enough credits to take him to an Imperial starport, where he could find an Army recruiter. Bael left.

Imperial Service


Bael made his way to Imperial space. As the Empire typically takes recruits from their own words, it was somewhat unusual for an outsider to join their ranks. Bael kept his Mandalorian heritage to himself, as well as any mention that his father had been an Imperial officer. He did not know the details of his father's service or the nature of his exit, but determined it may be prudent not to draw attention to that. Thus, Bael began hiring himself as a mercenary and auxiliary for the Imperial Army.

His time as a mercenary gained gained Bael a considerable reputation and the favor of several Imperial officers. When they learned of his desire to join the Imperial Army, he was able to gain sponsorship and was accepted into the Imperial Army as a Stormtrooper and, ultimately, an heavy weapons assault trooper. Bael excelled. The training he had received among his father’s company, coupled with his time as an Imperial mercenary and natural talents, made Bael a standout. After training, Bael found himself immediately thrust into some of the more intense fighting in Imperial space, where he continued to distinguish himself. He was quickly promoted, first to Specialist and swiftly after to Corporal.

It was not long before Bael’s skill was noticed by his superiors, who felt his skills could be of use elsewhere in the Empire. Bael was screened and ultimately selected to attend the Imperial Academy.

The Imperial Academy

Bael was transported to Prakith to start his training to become an Imperial Officer. He found much of the material tedious, though the later, more practical application based scenarios, more to his like. Under the guidance of General Elarain Belleraux, Bael successfully completed his studies, though not as well as he would have liked. Nevertheless, he graduated with honours, based on the recommendation of General Belleraux. Upon completion of the Academy, Bael received a commission in the Imperial Army.

Bael's first posting would be as an Imperial Officer in His Majesty's Imperial Army.

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y21 D12 - Y21 D20
[O-1] MO-1.png 2LT Y21 D20 - Y21 D118
[O-2] MO-2.png 1LT Y21 D118 - Present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H] Y21 D20 General Elarain Belleraux Graduating from the Imperial Academy with honours.