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Cade Orion

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Cade Orion
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Natalia Orion
Father Nikola Orion
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-6 D175
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Legionnaire
Prior Service
Awards 8638_orion.png



Cade came into the world like so many others, with a push, a scream and a smack from the doctor to make sure he was alive. Born to Natalia Orion (nee Bohs), the daughter of a minor politician and Nikola Orion, Owner and Operator of a small but very successful transporting company, Cade would not want for much as he grew up, so long as he was able to justify why he needed it, or work hard in order to attain it.

Being born to a Kiffar clan that had spent most of the past couple hundred years or so travelling the stars, the Orion clan did not have their 'qukuuf' on their face, as did most of their race, but rather on their left arms, in-between the elbow and the wrist, on the inside of the forearm. This was to allow his people to walk amongst other humans without the stares and prejudice that the facial qukuuf usually brought.

But He's Just A Little Boy

When Cade turned 16, his father invited him to become an employee of his transporting business. Cade had already gone with his father on several business trips, transporting documents, goods and even personnel from one end of the galaxy to another. He had proved himself more than competent to do these types of mundane tasks, and his youthful energy and exuberance were contagious to anyone who came in contact with him. The day was made even better when, accepting the position, his father presented him with Co-Ownership of Cade's favourite vessel, a used but functional JM-5000, which he quickly named "Orion's Belt"

The only hiccup to Cade's new life among the stars, was his mother. She felt that, at 16, he was too young to be going on these trips by himself, and that he was "just a little boy". Cade's father was adamant however, that this type of job would build character and work ethic, and with promises of buying two refurbished Battle Droids for security, an R3 Astromech droid to help with any repairs that may come up, and an RA-7 Protocol Droid to help keep boredom from setting in on any journey that lasted more than a couple of days, Cade's mother relented.

Thus Cade's career as an Intergalactic Shipper, Receiver and Transporter of Fine Goods and Commodities (At least that was what the business cards he purchased with his first paycheque stated) began.

Rebel Scum

During Cade's third year of transporting for his father, a very important event occurred that would change his life forever. In the final leg of a weeklong hyper flight, Cade dropped the JM-5000 out of light speed and set about calculating the next set of co-ordinates while he waited for the escort to arrive to bring them the short hyper hop away to the closest system. He was transporting a dignitary from one system to another for a diplomatic summit and was told of the flight plan by the head of the diplomat's security detail just before he left. He was advised that they would meet up with him just outside the system to come in together in a display of force and wealth on the diplomat's part. What Cade didn't know was that the dignitary was meeting with members of the Empire in an effort to rid his home system of rebels and pirates and to help bring his people into the mighty fold of the Empire. What he also didn't know was that the Head of Security was secretly a rebel and had sold out the flight plan to stop the diplomat from ever reaching his target.

Hearing the proximity alarm go off, Cade opened up the comm and was about to hail the newcomers when a voice came through, authoritative and arrogant "JM-5000 Orion's Belt. Power down your shields and take your weapons offline. Prepare to be boarded and hand over your passenger to us, by the jurisdiction granted us by the legitimate Galactic Government, the New Republic." Looking over at the diplomat, he saw the fear in his eyes and shaking of his head to let him know that he did not want to be handed over.

Throwing the small ship into a steep dive, Cade did his best to shake the pursuers off but was unable to avoid the constant barrage of laser fire and torpedoes that were sent his way. After what seemed like hours of evasive manoeuvres, Cade's small ship was rocked by a well placed proton torpedo. The last thing he remembered was the control board quickly rising to met his face.

A week later, Cade awoke in the medical bay of a large ship, if the size of the room was any indicator. A voice beside him spoke and asked him if he knew his name. The answer satisfied the speaker, who identified himself as the Captain of an Imperial picket ship who had tracked his attackers from system to system. Asking Cade a few more questions to get an understanding of what exactly Cade new about his passenger and his attackers, he was allowed to rest again.

The next day, Cade was told the whole story behind the attack, and was relieved to find that the diplomat was still alive, if bruised, and that his ship had been repaired and that he was allowed to leave. Thanking the Captain for all his help in saving his and his passengers life, Cade boarded his ship and undocked from the large vessel. Making the long trip home, Cade had plenty of time to think about what he wanted to do with his life and if he wanted to just stand by while injustice masked by righteousness was allowed to run rampant throughout the galaxy.

A Boy No Longer

Just before Cade's 21st birthday, he advised his parents that he was applying to join the Imperial Academy in the hopes of being accepted and graduating as a member of the Imperial Army. His parents, lifelong supporters of the Rebel Alliance/New Republic, were of course, against this. Nothing however could change Cade's mind. He had seen first hand the good that the Empire was capable of, and the moral depravity of those that call themselves the "Voice of Justice and the Oppressed," the New Republic.

For weeks, every time he would step foot in the house, his parents bombarded him pleas to change his mind. Offering him anything that he wanted, attempting to bribe him to change his mind and when that failed, tried to bully and threaten him. His father even went so far as to remove his name from the registry of the old JM-5000 "Orion's Belt' and threaten to call the local authorities and press charges of Assault and Theft against him if he used it to leave, just to keep him from leaving the planet until the investigation was completed. Refusing to sway from what he felt was the right path for him, and with a heavy heart at the fact that, even on his final day on Kiffex, his birthday, his parents refused to speak to him, Cade boarded shuttle that would take him to the Imperial Academy and to his new life.

Imperial Academy

Cade arrived at the Imperial Academy in Year 15 and was immediately mesmerized by the grandeur of the complex and adjoining facilities. After meeting his Training Officer, Commander Chris Star, Cade went to work studying for his exams and assignments and training to meet the physical requirements that the Army demands of it's new recruits.

After what seemed like only a couple of days (but it had to have been longer, right?) Cade handed in his final assignment and awaited his results. While waiting, he said goodbye to the friends that he had made in his time at the Academy, most of them going on to their assignments, some heading home for one last family visit before shipping off to parts unknown. Cade had no inclination to do this, however. His parents had made their decision and he had made his. He only hoped that one day, they would come to realize that he was right all along and would apologize for their behaviour on what should have been one of the happiest days of his life.

After a couple of days wait, Cade was called into the Commander's Office and told his test results, 92.98%. This was not quite enough for the IABG-H, being only 2.2% away, but respectable nonetheless. He was also advised that he was now officially a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army. The grin that split Cade's face as he exited the room would have normally been more than enough to illicit smart alec remarks about his mental stability from most of the other recruits and recent graduates, however the pride in his eyes and the puffed up chest that silently announced that he had graduated were more than enough to silence any kind of comment.

It was two days after this that he had been told of his appointment to the Imperial Army. Packing the few possessions that he had, Cade made his way to the shuttle that would take him to the next stage of his life. Noting that it was the same shuttle that brought him to the Academy, Cade have her an affectionate pat as he boarded and took its presence as a good sign of things to come.


Cade stands at about 5'10 and weighs at around 170 lbs. He has brown eyes and short brown hair. He can be shy at first, but once you get to know him, he livens up. His sense of humour is self deprecating as he usually makes fun of himself before anyone else gets the chance to. When not dressed in fatigues or the Brigade armour assigned to him, Cade can be found wearing comfortable clothes, and only dresses fancy if needed.

Uncanny Luck

Cade appears to have a streak of luck that is not usually found in those who are not Force Sensitive. For three months in a row, Y15 D214 - D244, D245 - D275 and D276 - D305, Cade won the New Member Lottery. Wanting to give the other New Members a chance, Cade quietly retired from any and all New Member draws from Y15 D308 onwards.


Despite being a member of the Imperial Army, Cade has grown fond of space worthy vessels. Freighters in particular. Below is a list of ships that Cade counts among his prized possessions:

Class 720 Freighter - Dusty Bantha - This was the first ship that Cade acquired. Date unknown.

G-1A Transport - Kif`farking Good Time - Date unknown.

Sprint-class Rescue Craft - Rusty Scalpel - Date Unknown.

JM5000 - Orion's Belt - Y16 D201

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle - Trinity - Y16 D212.

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time In Grade Promoted By
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 15 Day 176 - Year 15 Day 183 Imperial Academy
[O-1] MO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Year 15 Day 183 - Year 15 Day 280 Chris Star
[O-2] MO-2.png 1st Lieutenant Year 15 Day 280 - Present Jehrico Serir


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Graduate Year 15 Day 183 Chris Star
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 16 Day 147 Navarro De Molay
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x 2 Year 16 Day 148 BCO
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 16 Day 210 BCO
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year Year 16 Day 226 Imperial Security Bureau