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Cran Kilaeon

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Cran Kilaeon
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Jaseile Kilaeon
Father Ranzan Kilaeon
Spouse None.
Siblings None.
Children None
Born Year -4 Day 67 (Age 21)
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Imperial Army - 3th Brigade 2nd Lieutenant
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Cran Kilaeon is a young Human male with no certain background at all. Before his imperial service, Cran was a bounty hunter due to his parent's forcing him into the same type of work they were in. With experience as a combatant, Cran decided to join the Imperial Army. Although escaping the attention of the Galactic Empire, with his parents, for so long; he was forced into joining the Empire which would ultimately lead to a better life for him.

Character History


Cran was born in Tatooine, to a family of bounty hunters. They were assholes to him, for the whole course of his life. Since his birth, they saw him as a source of money not a son. That's what he hated about them. They also told him to hate the Empire, to always hate it. The only reason they raised him with that type of lifestyle was because they owed money to the Empire.

At the age of 18, Cran's parents had gotten too far into their debt and they decided to give him over to the Empire as a payment for their debt. The Empire accepted recruits, so they took him in. Yet, his parents still had money to pay. Cran was mad, but at least he had gotten away from his parents and Tatooine. That was good enough for him to not objectify and work for the Empire with all his might.

Imperial Service

Academy and Initial Duties

Under the help of both Administrator Devaron Angelus Devaron and Captain Tchakova Blaise Tchakova, Cran did well throughout Imperial Basic Training. His training period was brief, and he graduated with an overall of 91%. He requested to join the imperial army, and immediately did right after.

Cran's start with the imperial army was basic, led by his Brigadier Commander. Adjustment to Imperial protocol and way of life was hard compared to the simple life on Tatooine.

Service Record


Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Promoted By
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y15 D1 - Y15 D13 Not applicable.
[O-1] MIO-1.png 2nd Lieutenant Y17 D59 - Current Not applicable.



Branch Unit Position Service Dates
Imperial Army 3rd Brigade 2nd Lieutenant Y17 D59 - Current.


To become one of the most renowned militants in the w

Character Description


Cran is a deceptive young man, he is a man in his early 20s, however growing up in the harsh desert planet of Tatooine explains his darker skin tone. He stands at 172cm tall and weighs in at 68kg. Cran is very fit, due to his rigorous training back home. Being trained to be a bounty hunter, he is fast, lean, and consists of mostly muscle.

He mostly keeps a bit of stubble since he finds that it fits him and looks good on him. He enjoys keeping his hair fairly short, since it bothers him when it gets on the long side. Cran's eyes are a dark shade of brown, which isn't very rare for the people of Tatooine. He has dark skin, which is because of the many days he spent out in the hot and humid climate of Tatooine.


Cran is a very shady and quiet person overall. He enjoys being left alone, and to have fun on his own. He has trust issues, due to his early youth problems. When he opens up to someone, he can tend to be fun and a lovable guy. Most of the time, when he doesn't trust a person he can be deemed as an ignorant child. He also hates being insulted, or hurt in any way. He is very sentimental, but when it comes to war he hides his whole personality and becomes a strong and hard as a brick. This is what he thinks of as being a good soldier.