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Cyrus Imperium

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Cyrus Imperium
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Colleen Minx (adoptive)- deceased
Father Rik Minx (adoptive)- deceased
Spouse None
Siblings Orphaea Imperium, Inara Imperium, Melkhior Imperium, Jaster Imperium
Children None
Born Y-16 D57
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
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The third known member of the Imperium family, Cyrus was born on Coruscant sometime around Year -16. Like the rest of his siblings, his original parents aren't known. It is believed that all the Imperiums are genetically altered clones of successful leaders of the time. His beginnings were like any other Imperium: he was conceived in a tank by Imperial scientists to become a future leader. It is speculated that there is one main thing that separates Cyrus from the rest of his brothers and sisters, and that he was "Project X." It cannot be proven, however, since all the official records of "Project Imperium" were apparently destroyed at a non-determined date. It appears, however, that "Project X" was a genetically altered specimen who was not raised in a controlled environment. The scientists behind Project Imperium wanted to see how a specimen would react to the stimuli of the outside world.

Straight out of the incubator, Cyrus was given to a Coruscanti adoption agency to be placed in a foster home. Due to his very young age, Cyrus was quickly adopted by the Minx family. Rik and Colleen Minx were a newly-wed couple that did not have any kids of their own. Colleen had had an accident when she was a child that prevented her from bearing children. Not being a particularly wealthy family, they did not have the resources to have a child created artificially by combining their DNAs, so the couple decided to adopt. Three months after completing the incubation period, Project X was in the real world, with a real family.

The years passed and Cyrus grew up like any other middle-class Coruscanti boy. He went to a lower level primary school, due to the fact that his parents couldn't afford much. Rik Minx kept jumping from job to job, forcing the family to move all around the city planet. Because of this, Cyrus did not have many close friends, if none at all, while growing up. The Minxs lived on Tatooine for a few years as Rik opened up a droid shop in Mos Eisley, when Cyrus was four. Due to the poverty of the planet's inhabitants, the workshop never took off and so the family was forced to move away, when Cyrus reached the age of seven.

After Tatooine, Rik got a job in Kuat, working on a hauler as a lower level crewman, transporting and unloading raw materials for the shipyards. This new job kept him away from home most of the year, thus causing Cyrus to be raised primarily by his adoptive mother, Colleen. The two cultivated a magnificent relationship in their time together. Cyrus was always very protective of his mother, and did not hesitate to get himself into trouble when it came down to defending his mother's honor. One day, when Cyrus returned home from school with a black eye and bloody nose, Colleen asked him what had happened and his answer was a simple shrug as he walked off to the refresher to get cleaned up. Worried, his mother contacted his school teacher, who told her that Cyrus had taken on a group of older children by himself just because they had accused his mother of sleeping around when his father wasn't home.

Unfortunately, Cyrus was introduced to death at the tender age of 9 years old, when his father's hauler was captured by pirates and Rik was killed in the firefight as the pirates boarded the ship. The Minx family was devastated when they received the news that the patriarch of the family had been murdered in cold blood. Not knowing what to do, or where to go, Colleen took young Cyrus away from Kuat and brought him back to their homeworld of Coruscant. There she found a job as bartender in one of the slummy, Hutt-owned pubs in the lower levels of the world. They moved into a small apartment where the only forms of entertainment was to count the rats crawling of the kitchen sink or counting the blaster shots that rang out into the night.

At the age of 12, Cyrus began working after school to help support the family, unbeknown of his mother. He began smuggling death sticks into the pub where his mother worked and handing them to the resident dealer of the area. Since he was just a child, he wasn't paid very much, but whatever credits he did make, they were casually left around the house so that his mother would find them and think they were hers.

This style of living accompanied Cyrus until the age of 16, when personal tragedy struck again. A new patron at the “Musky Bantha,” the pub his mother worked at, made an attempt at persuading Colleen to join him after work for dinner and a little “dessert” afterwards. After Colleen politely rejected him, the patron stormed out of the pub, infuriated. Thinking that was the end of that story, Colleen continued her shift. At 0230, when the pub closed down for the night, Colleen was walking towards her apartment when she was grabbed from behind and pulled her into a back alley. There, the patron that had stormed out earlier that evening, had his way with her and killed her in cold blood.

The next morning, Cyrus' life changed forever as he woke up finding his mother's bed empty. Just as he walked out of her room, two police officers knocked on his door. When he opened the door, the officers politely asked him to go with them to identify a body. Down at the morgue, Cyrus successfully identified his mother and a new chapter of his life began.

The investigations to find the killer took longer than Cyrus was willing to wait. Alone and lonely in the world, he felt the incredible urge to seek revenge. He began asking around the “Musky Bantha,” where he was well known to the usual clientèle. There he found a few witnesses that had witnessed the brief exchange between his mother and the angry Twi`lek male. No one knew who this person was, but Cyrus now knew his race. It took the young man countless months, doing favors for many shady individuals - most not skimming legality - to find out the man's name.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for vengeance, Cyrus tracked down the Twi`lek named Harun Knop while the latter was on vacation on the planet Naboo. There, in a dark alley, at 0230 hours, Cyrus caught up to the man and confronted him. Harun, not knowing who Cyrus was, offered all the credits he had with him and more if Cyrus would just let him go. Cyrus did not even consider the offer as he plunged a vibroblade into the man's abdomen, and as the life slowly exited the Twi`lek, Cyrus whispered that he had come to seek revenge for the woman that Knop had killed in an alleyway of Coruscant two years prior. The shock on the face of the dying man brought a smile to Cyrus as the life finally passed, leaving him holding a dead corpse in his arms. Getting off the planet was a piece of cake for a man - because, at the age of 18, Cyrus now truly was a man - of his skills. He had been smuggling and hiding drugs since he was 12. He had no problem whatsover finding transport off-planet and to Carida.

Having fulfilled his desire for vengeance, Cyrus felt that his life needed to take a new direction. He felt the need to do good in the galaxy to make up for the blood that was on his hands. As he arrived in Carida, Cyrus decided to join the Imperial Academy that was situated on the planet and serve the Emperor. That same day he enrolled in the new class of recruits at the academy, and began a new chapter in his life.

Shortly after this, he was killed by Lane Rendell pushing him down the stairs.

Executive Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Inara Imperium
Cyrus Minx
Y10D213 - Y10D243
Succeeded By:
Igneus Esh