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Leanne Ashara

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Leanne Ashara
Biographical Information
Born Year 10 BCGT
Race Human
Homeworld Kuat
Father Arthur Ashara †
Mother Leesha Dareth Ashara †
Signature 0a251c6f003226646a37621b039d3d7e.png
Imperial Service
Branch RegGov-Med.png
Regional Government
Positions N/A
Prior Service N/A
Awards unknown.png

Leanne Ashara is a human whose culture has been mixed between travelling to a lot of planets within Imperial Territory throughout her life, currently serving in the Regional Government and assigned to the Ruby Region.

Personal Life

Early Life

Arthur Ashara, just like his father and his father before him, were hard workers that didn't know much money throughout their lives. Despite working as a mechanic to fix ships and vehicles, he scrounged as much money as he could, taking various loans and paying them back monthly to be able to send his daughter, Leanne, to the best available schools, wanting his daughter to have opportunities within Imperial Space that he was never able to.

Though her childhood and teenage years were difficult, staying up late to study while working part-time with her father to help with the bills, her bright mind flourished and her efficiency was soon known even in her part-time jobs, allowing her to climb up to internship in managing positions, soon rising above her own father despite her young age. Though she didn't yet make as much as her father, given her young age, the experience gained would set up her career through the private sector for the years to come.

Professional Career

Reaching adulthood, Leanne set out to work in managing positions full-time across a diversity of corporations through Kuat. Her salary skyrocketed, but most of this was sent to her family rather than keeping it to herself, the woman herself finding it best to simply enjoy the experience that came with the jobs. She enjoyed a comfortable life working for the private sector, but as most was sent to her family, she didn't accumulate a whole lot in terms of material wealth; rather, the Ashara family enjoyed more money than they could've seen in many generations, and with that, her father's ambitions were a success.

It wasn't until the death of her parents that she left the homeworld of Kuat. Though a sad event, it also gave her the opportunity to get away from her roots and, instead, work across multiple planets in her managing positions, most of which was done through holocommunications and working spreadsheets of profit analysis and taxes to be sent to the Empire, as she lived still in Imperial territory. While the corporations she worked for were small and had no true governmental ties or territorial claims, her multiple positions gave her a comfortable enough life.

Joining the Empire

Leanne hadn't known of the debt that her father had accumulated through the years to send her to the best schools, however, and this eventually caught up to her. She's always had some level of contempt for "the scum of the galaxy", pirates, loan sharks and the likes, but this had grown to disproportional levels once a group of aliens found themselves in her doorstep demanding money and displaying the large amount of debt that Arthur had acquired through the years. The price of her education, right in front of her.

As tempting as it was to tell them to shove it, they also had quite intimidating blasters.

Liquidating most of her assets, Leanne paid off the loan sharks. Her comfortable life was no more, and although she could've recovered it in perhaps an year working through private corporations, there was also a feeling of helplessness within that came from being so easily intimidated by a group of alien thugs. Having personal weaponry would change very little as her lifestyle wasn't one fitting for action, but the bitter taste of knowing how little it meant to be in managing positions for small corporations wasn't leaving anytime soon. Faced with the realization of how meaningless her wealth truly was, Leanne resigned from her positions and sold the remaining of her assets, using the credits accumulated from it all to get her a modest apartment in Coruscant, a simple shuttle and a ticket off to Prakith, where she'd enroll in the Imperial Academy.

Imperial Service

The Imperial Academy

Leanne enlisted in the Academy at the age of 32, fairly older than most other recruits. Though she had extensive experience in managing small, private corporations, this had very little to do with a life in the Galactic Empire and its service; much bigger than anything she'd ever seen before and with a structured hierarchy that made her feel at home, she set her mind to becoming the best imperial she could possibly be, seamlessly adapting to her new reality as, after all, joining the service of something bigger than herself was the entire point of this new chapter of her life. She strived for a life of meaning and that's exactly what the Empire could offer.

Graduating the academy with a perfect score, Leanne was assigned to the Regional Government, where she'd begin this new phase of her life.

Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 22 Day 88 - Year 22 Day 95
[O-1] RGO-1.png Junior Superintendent Regional Government Year 22 Day 95 - Present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours Y22 D94 AGOV Faraday Euler Graduated from the Imperial Academy with a final grade of 100%