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Malius Thaxton

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Malius Thaxton
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender {{{gender}}}
Homeworld Selonia
Mother Bethanee Thaxton
Father Rand Thaxton
Spouse Britta Thaxton
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-20, Day 214
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Chief of Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Prior Service New Imperial Order
Awards [WFi] [CMM] [LOC2] [ISM-1]

Malius Thaxton is a human male, standing at 6' 4". He is always sharply dressed in either his uniform or modern galactic wear. Several distinct scars can be seen on his neck and face from his past service in the Imperial Navy.


Son of a librarian and a freighter pilot, Malius Thaxton was amazed at the technological marvels and might of the Galactic Empire. After joining his home planet defense force as a shuttle engineer, He aimed his goals to one day commanding an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, after seeing one in action in his orbit intercepting a small fleet of pirates bound for his shuttle formation.

Transferring to the Imperial Navy, Mal served diligently as a crew pit officer in charge of shipboard TIE maintenance, flight crew work schedules and expeditionary spacecraft configurations on an Imperial Special Operations Victory II class Star Destroyer. Malius partook in countless skirmishes in the Outer Rim territories against pirates and Rebel outposts, occasionally accompanying the stormtroopers and scan crews on ship boarding and inspection operations, and even personally performing helmsman duties during conflicts when needed. He was temporarily promoted after his supervisor was killed during a skirmish in a hostile space station, taking responsibility over all non-combat ship operations, including security, navigation and medical operations for several months.

Regardless of his achievements however, he was replaced by a less capable officer who had connections to the Captain of his ship. He was never offered a command position due to his lack of family ties and minimal formal Imperial education.

After the steady departure of personnel from the Empire after Vodo came to power, He became privately upset with the constant bickering and infighting of his superiors. Mal remained loyal to his command until an argument between the bridge officers resulted in allowing a damaged enemy shuttle to plow into the port side of the command structure of his ship.

Narrowly escaping with his life, although seriously injured, he contacted the New Imperial Order, hoping to rediscover the values of the once mighty Galactic Empire.

Service Record

New Imperial Order
Recruit (E-1) - Imperial Academy - Drev'starn
Crewman (E-3) - First Fleet: First Naval Group- Nemesis (Bothan Sector) - Imperial Navy
Flight Corporal (E-4) - First Fleet: First Naval Group- Nemesis (Bothan Sector) - Imperial Navy
Flight Sergeant (E-5) - First Fleet: First Naval Group- Nemesis (Expeditionary) - Imperial Navy
Assigned to COMPNOR Recruitment Division, NIO Art Department and NIO News Bulletin

Flight Officer (E-6) - First Fleet: First Naval Group- Nemesis (Reconnaissance) - Imperial Navy
Assigned as a WarSim supervisor and Senior Graphic Artist for NIO News bulletin

Ensign (0-1) - First Fleet- First Naval Group- Nemesis (Flight Leader) - Imperial Navy
Assigned as Academy Instructor and Training Superintendent

Temporary Duty as Bothan Blasting Corporation Director

Galactic Empire
Senior Engineer (O-3)- Ministry of Industry- Bothan Sector Regional Government

Magnaguard Manufacturing
Junior Engineer (O-1)- Chief of Staff
Deputy Director (C-5)- Chief Executive Officer