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Seresha Williams

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Seresha Williams
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Selena Williams (deceased)
Father Rickard Williams
Spouse None
Siblings Michael Williams, Cyrus Williams, Richard Williams, Kyle Williams
Children None
Born D215 Y -3 (age 21)
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions System Governor
Prior Service 5th brigade executive officer, 2nd brigad commanding officer
Awards 8595_williams.png

Seresha Williams Is a Lieutenant governor in the Galactic empire.

Character History

Early Life

Saresha Williams was born on the streets of Coruscant. Her mother Selena died from a disease when Seresha was only four, her family was poor so they could not afford to treat her.

Her father was harsh to her, she started teaching Saresha how to fight from an early age, they lived in a rough area and her father thought she had to know how to defend herself. She had 4 brothers but no sisters making her the only girl in the family. Her brothers thought she'd be an easy target because of her gender, this proved to be a mistake when one of them got badly beaten up when they tried to steal her lunch one day, none of them dare tried to antagonize her again after that.

When Saresha was 17 a man attacked her when she was taking a walk, she initially pretended to give been but waited until his guard was down and then immediately grabbed him and proceeded to bash his face in, the man tried to fight back but she soon had him on the floor and continued bashing his skull, an imperial soldier who was on patrol down her had to forcefully pull her off to stop her from killing the man. She explained what had happened to him and he said that the guy deserved it but to try to keep her temper in check next time, he also said that he was impressed with her fighting skills and that she should consider joining the army. Saresha liked the idea, it was a dump down here and the imperial army would be a good opportunity to make something more of herself, she would get nowhere in life if she stayed down here. Her family wasn't happy about her leaving but she didn't care, she had always been her father's least favourite child but she was going to prove she was better than any of them.

Imperial Service Life

Once Saresha had passed basic training she became a soldier in the imperial army where she dealt with hostile threats that were threatening the empire, the details of which are confidential and will not be stated here. After some time in service her Commanding Officer was pleased with her progress and decided to promote her to first lieutenant. Her good work then continued, she gave and impressive performance on a training exercise that was performed and for that she was given a letter of commendation for her efforts. She was a harsh Taskmistress to her troops, always determined to push them to their limits, this made capable soldiers out of most of them though sadly one or two weren't able to cut and and were killed. Mostly though her squad was very effective and was able to take down most bandit troops with little trouble. Her efforts did not go unnoticed by army command, she was promoted to captain and a few days later it was decided she was to be the new executive officer of the 5th brigade. She was later made commanding officer of the 2nd brigade and held this position for a time but eventually decided to transfer to regional government, where she held the rank of senior prefect for a time before being promoted for sector governor for her impressive work.


Saresha is an ambitious young woman Who is determined to rise up the ranks of the Galactic empire and will do whatever she has to achieve that goal.

Service record

  • Recruit-year 15 day 62:
  • Second Lieutenant-Year 15 day 72
  • First Lieutenant-Year 15 day 242
  • Captain- Year 16 day 42
  • Made executive officer of 5th brigade - year 16 day 50
  • Major - year 16 day 231
  • Made Commanding officer of the 2nd brigade- year 16 day 252
  • Lieutenant Colonel- year 17 day 21
  • Brigadier Gneral- Year 17 day 122
  • Major General- Year 17 day 296
  • Senior Prefect- Year 18 day 16
  • Lieutenant governor- Year 18 day 112

Positions and duties

2nd Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Julian Valendrift
Saresha Williams
year 16 day 252 - Year 18 day 8
Succeeded By:
Kaiden Halcyon

5th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Sorn Davolt
Saresha Williams
year 16 day 50 - year 16 day 252
Succeeded By:
Aves Selanno