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Archive of past Imperial Archives News displayed in the Main page. For the current Archive news, click here.

Year 12 Day 86

Year 12 Day 86 - posted by Director Lasidious von Feldure | Archive

Year 12 Day 65

  • Please note; all "previous" Fleet and Legion pages have been moved to the sub-category Military Archives under the COMPNOR central category on the front page. More details will follow on this soon.

Year 12 Day 65 - posted by Interim Deputy Director Lasidious von Feldure | Archive

25th January 2011

For those of you whom wish to offer additional help in documenting the Galaxy at large and past, yet don't necessarily wish to take up an official part-time job within the Galactic Archives department, please join #cmg-empire-wiki, where we can unite information and discuss what articles need editing and writing. Those of you whom meet a veteran status or are of simply a high rank may also wish to sit in to offer and answer any technical or historical queries.

Positions within the department are not yet open, pending review, but if you are hoping for a job in the future then now would be a good time to prove your skills.

I will attempt to assign you documents based on your interest, experience and time in the Combine, whilst also offering some guidelines to maintain and push the standard of articles within the Archives. Please contact me directly about this.

Also for everybody else, as always, if you need any assistance or advice with using the Archives, Wiki Admins are available in the channel for that.

25th January 2011 - posted by Interim Deputy Director Lasidious von Feldure | Archive

26 September 2010

Please welcome to the team Han Knox and Wyatt Trippett!

Both will work to ensure the archives are a useful source of information for all the Galaxy as well as documenting the history of the Empire.

Positions will remain open for any candidates still interested in applying. 26 September 2010 - posted by Tec Vaan

Jan 6th, 2010 - Featured Article Contest - February 2010

The Galactic Archives is hosting a contest during the month of January 2010 to choose the featured article for next month. The contest will run from 7 January – 1 February. Prizes (listed below) will be awarded for the top three entries.

1st Place: 750,000 credits

2nd Place: 500,000 credits

3rd Place: 250,000 credits

Contest entries may be anything from character pages to ship descriptions to historical events but they must be related to the Star Wars Combine universe. To be eligible, articles must have been new pages or existing "stubs". Each Imperial may only submit five articles to be considered, but may only have one winning article (i.e., if an Imperial wins the first place prize, his other articles may not be chosen as the second and third place winners). Entries must also comply with the Galactic Archives' Editing Protocol and Guidelines.

To enter, you must be an Imperial (members of nationalized factions included) that has registered on the Galactic Archives. You must be logged into the Archives when you create and as you edit the page.

Additional rules:

  • The page must include a template box (if applicable) and Category placements.
  • On the Talk Page of your contest entry write: [[Name]]: Galactic Archives Contest 02/10 ~~~~.
  • Do not edit someone’s contest page for the duration of the event until judging is concluded.
  • All entries are subject to the Galactic Archives staff who will remove a page if it violates any rules.
  • Do not use the "Save" button excessively. Hit "Preview" to see and make changes as needed.

•To register, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the Galactic Archives staff in #cmg-empire-galaxyarchives. If you have any questions please ask one of the Galaxy Archives staff members in #cmg-empire-galaxyarchives.

6 January 2010 - posted by Kate Black-Granger | Archive

Oct 14, 2008 - Applications Closed

Applications for Department Managers are temporarily closed. You will be able to apply again in the future. Thanks to all those who applied. Please welcome to our staff, Inwe Ventidius, the new Quote of the Week Manager. When you see her, congratulate her for the new position. For any questions or concerns, contact Ryan Roche by e-mail.

Oct 14, 2008 - posted by Ryan Roche | Archive

Sept 20, 2008 - Looking for Department Managers

The Imperial Wiki is looking for responsible personnel to be in charge of various departments within the Wiki. For example, be in charge of the Weekly quotes, or featured articles. In order to apply, you have to be at least E-3, with proper understanding of Wiki Coding. Also must be mature and able of taking serious decisions. The job may come with small salary. If interested, or have questions, please contact Ryan Roche through e-mail, or the Imperial Wiki IRC channel, #cmg-empire-wiki.
Sept 20, 2008 - posted by Ryan Roche

Sept 09, 2008 - Quotes

A quote template has been created. In order for you to write personal quotes or single quotes, write "{{quote|" and then your sentence. When you are done, type "|(your name)" and the quote should look something like this:

"I got absolutely nothing done."
Hiyo Rogo

The name can be linked using "[[]]". For questions please contact the ImpWiki Staff.
Sept 09, 2008 - posted by Ryan Roche