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Bisk Marlowe

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Bisk Marlowe
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Rodia
Mother Faro Marlowe
Father Dern Marlowe
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -19 Day 20
Galactic Involvement
Faction Eidola Pirates
Positions Vagrant, Traitor
Prior positions Imperial Intelligence - Agent

Order of the Sith - Sith Knight COMPNOR - Deep Core Sector Liaison, Imperial Security Bureau
Ministry of Industry - Corellian Engineering Corporation
Imperial Navy - Fifth Imperial Fleet

Affiliation Hostile

Bisk Marlowe is a thirty five year old human male, formerly of the Rodian species until infected with the ‘Derra Virus’ during a transitory stay on the planet Corellia. In the past he has spent time within the Ministry of Industry and Imperial Navy. A former Group Commanding Officer and ISB agent, Bisk served in the Imperial Intelligence and was a sworn knight of the Order of the Sith before revealing himself a traitor to the Galactic Empire. An untrustworthy and unsavoury individual, it is recommended that all contact with him is limited to his capture or termination.


Background and Childhood

Bisk Marlowe was born on Day 20 of Year -19 within the standard galactic calendar. He was the only child of a relatively affluent pair of Rodians who were able to trace their clan history back to a past of hierarchal domination on the Rodian homeworld. However, the nature of Rodian society being as it is, the clan’s dominance waned over the generations so that by the time of Bisk’s birth little of their former glory remained. Though wealth had remained at their fingertips, social prestige and recognition had not.

Nevertheless, life on Rodia was comfortable and easy. Bisk’s early years were sheltered, perhaps obscenely so. His parents showered him with gifts and made it perfectly clear that he would never want for material goods. As a child this love and attention was naturally lapped up. As a growing adolescent however, Bisk began to tire of his ‘easy ride’ and sensed more and more that his protected life was one without purpose. Or, more to the point, fun.

By his eighteenth birthday Bisk had completed the educational courses prescribed for him by his parents. Ever the wealthy dilettantes, they had organised a private education for their son- utilizing a small corps of scholars imported from the cultured core worlds. Accordingly when all was said and done Bisk finished his formal schooling with a wide educational background. During his tutelage he became fluent in several galactic languages, particularly enjoying the linguistic study of Galactic Basic. In addition he became well versed in a variety of topics- from galactic history to literary study. Never one for the natural sciences, his experience faltered somewhat in topics outside of the broad field of social study.

Striking Out

Early on in his life Bisk discovered a love of piloting. Exploiting the virtually limitless financial resources made available to him via his parents he had them finance a long-running series of flight lessons to coincide with his more formal education. Begrudgingly, they drafted in a freelancer who claimed to have had experience with several prominent naval organisations over the years. The pilot, a human named Quincy, quickly honed what natural talent Bisk had into skilled flightmanship.

So it was that after his formal education was complete, the still young Bisk had come to the conclusion that he could make a lucrative living for himself as a pilot for hire. Despite the protests of his parents he left Rodia the week after his nineteenth birthday to, in his words, ‘find something exciting to do’.

After a rocky start in which several jobs nearly ended in either arrest or betrayal by his employers the tenderly young Bisk managed to carve something of a niche for himself within the freelance market. He made the decision early on to stick to strictly legal work, preferring the work of escorting cargo over smuggling it. He reasoned that while the pay was slimmer, the risks were marginally less as well.

From time to time when his funds were stretched tight and he couldn’t bare the embarrassment of begging his parents to wire him some of the familial wealth he found himself grounded on backwater planets. In such instances Bisk would take to caravan guarding on foot, and as such slowly built up a familiarity with the skills any self-respecting mercenary wouldn’t be seen without; those of basic marksmanship, hand to hand combat and, his particular favourite, the use of melee weaponry. By far though, Bisk preferred to stick to the stars for work whenever he could.

Enlistment with the Galactic Empire

Eventually Marlowe found himself in Imperial space. Running low on credits and saddled with a keen sense of wanderlust he enlisted with the Galactic Empire. Shortly thereafter he was entered into the Imperial Academy, from which he graduated soon after with honours. As a Rodian and therefore Class C citizen Bisk was restricted to joining the Ministry of Industry. Specifically, he entered employment with the Corellian Engineering Corporation where he became versed in both the fields of public sales and production.

Transformation and Transfer

After several successful operations with CEC the by then Senior Workman found himself stranded on Corellia during a production run as per quarantine protocol designed to contain the infamous Derra Virus that had reached epidemic proportions at the time. At some point during this detention Bisk became infected by the virus and became hospitalized due to a coma for several weeks. During which time his genetic composition was completely rewritten.

Volatile and unpredictable, the effects of the virus were not readily apparent until his transformation was fully complete. Several weeks after falling into his coma Bisk awoke in pain, his mind left to adapt to the new changes that had wracked his body. The virus had altered him in such a way so as to make him human, though it left his ability with the force untouched.

Following intensive medical care and psychiatric counselling by Imperial doctors Bisk was able to return to work and continued to serve with CEC. Eventually he made the decision to capitalize on his new condition, ‘making the best of a bad situation’ by requesting a transfer to the branch he had initially wanted to serve in; the Imperial Navy. This request was approved by RADIN on Year 14, Day 55. With haste Bisk bid his former Ministry colleagues farewell and was reassigned to one of the many Naval fleets as a Flight Corporal.

Imperial Security Bureau Service

Having risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the Imperial Navy and attained the position of Group Commanding Officer of the 11th Group, Marlowe applied to join the Imperial Security Bureau once the organisation began a recruitment drive. Successful in his efforts, he officially transferred to COMPNOR and the Bureau on Day 213 of Year 15. His own apprenticeship within the Order of the Sith also culminated in his ascension to the rank of Sith Knight during this time frame.

On Day 260, Year 15 Marlowe earned his certification as an official ISB agent- marking his promotion to full powers within the role.


Bisk Marlowe is known to have sold intelligence to the numerous hostile parties while working within the Galactic Empire. In addition, he kidnapped his friend Sal Takla while the two were on leave together, and subsequently sold him to Eidola Pirates, fully abandoning all the ideals of the New Order in contempt. These heinous crimes have landed a bounty on his head by Imperial Intelligence, which can be accessed through the Imperial holosite. It is uncertain what caused Marlowe to commit such treasonous acts; scientists speculate massive head trauma or complications from the Derra virus, while some psychologists theorise that he never truly overcame his sub-human Rodian nature, and was given to entropy and lawlessness.

Service Record

Ranks Held

Ministry of Industry

  • Recruit [E-1] (Year 14)
  • Workman [E-3] (Year 14)
  • Senior Workman [E-4] (Year 14)

Imperial Navy

  • Flight Corporal [E-3] (Year 14, Day 55)
  • Flight Sergeant [E-4] (Year 14, Day 117)
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-5] (Year 14, Day 194)
  • Command Flight Sergeant [E-6] (Year 14, Day 290)
  • Lieutenant [O-3] (Year 14, Day 336)
  • Lieutenant Commander [O-4] (Year 15, Day 72)

Imperial Security Bureau

  • ISB-Captain [O-3] (Year 15, Day 213)
  • ISB-Major [O-4] (Year 15, Day 322)

Imperial Intelligence

  • Agent (Year 16, Day 129)



  • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate-Honours [IABG-H]


  • Imperial Literacy Contest [ILC]


  • Letter of Commendation x3 [LOCx3]


  • Mentioned in Dispatches [MID]


  • Imperial Service Medal- Two Years [ISM-2]


  • Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM]


  • Order of the Sith Member [OSM]


  • Certified Imperial Security Agent [CISA]


  • COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM]


  • Sith Service Award [SSA]


Deep Core Sector Liaison, Imperial Security Bureau
Preceded By:
Draelor Nah`utal
Bisk Marlowe
Year 15, Day 266 - Year 16, 129
Succeeded By:

Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Lahna Khar
Bisk Marlowe
Year 16 Day 275 - Year 16 Day 308
Succeeded By:
Angelus Devaron