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Lahna Khar

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Lahna Khar
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Gender Male
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Keyla Khar
Father <unknown, only rumours>
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born -Y10 D118
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Prior Service Hub Manager

3rd Fleet, 8th Group CO
Assistant Dean of the Imperial Basic Training
3rd Fleet, 4th Group XO
3rd Fleet, 8th Group XO

Awards 8025_khar.png

"Is this what you wanted to find out? Are these the answers to your questions that has ruined your mind?"

Lahna Khar has served the Galactic Empire in Ministry of Industry's company Magnaguard Manufacturing as a Hub Manager in Lansono system. Before that he has been the Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy and the Group Commanding Officer of the 8th Imperial Navy Group.


"Being a child is not easy. It's not any easier when you don't know your origin. Asking myself the question "Who am I?" is futile."

Lahna Khar was born on Coruscant to his coruscanti mother Keyla Khar. Khar's father remains unknown but some rumors have told that his father would be a Muun. Rumors also say that Keyla was traveling to Dantooine but her corrupted commercial pilot drove her to Muunilinst instead. Keyla remained in Muunilinst for months. No one knows what happened but almost a year later she was set free. Keyla traveled back to Coruscant but never spoke a word about her year away.

On Year -10 Day 118, Lahna was born at Coruscant. His mother kept care of him but there never was a father-figure for Khar. Lahna doesn’t look like a Muun when judged by the body shapes. He is more likely a coruscanti and all the records say the same. He and his mother lived in Coruscant's Fobosi District. There Khar went to the University of Coruscant and graduated. After the graduation, he moved from Fobosi District to Financial District. He had financial insight and he studied much finances and invested credits. But his investments failed. He lost money and it also affected his studies. He was forced to make big and risky decisions in his early days which, for sure, shaped him in some way.

The Hutt Cartel

"It's just a game. Make your move and prepare for a counter-attack."

Khar had financial problems after he turned 17. A marketing company discovered his skills and hired him. He gained pretty fast a stable position and a steady income. His goal was not to be a good salesman or financial person but to collect enough money for a ship so that he could adventure and experience the galaxy.

For Khar, it was hard to gather enough money in such a short time. At one night he was at a bar. At the same time a representative of the Hutt Cartel was having a speech. Inexperienced, young and adventure-minded Lahna found the speech very interesting and contacted the representative right after he had ended his recruitment speech. Khar was accepted to the Hutt Cartel. Few days later Khar left Coruscant with a few other Hutt Cartel's newest recruits. Their heading was Toydaria. Under the factions training, Khar went through a short training to become a merchant and a smuggler. Khar knew The Cartel's notoriety but kept this new lifestyle as a challenge. He dreamed of becoming a respected merchant and smuggler flying across the galaxy.

Khar introduced himself with many other fellows who he worked with. Chester Adras, Ethea Sekel, Maxcy Kahn, with who Lahna would work in the future, were all recruited from Coruscant. While flying to Toydaria, Khar started to know them better. Chester Adras was a man of kindness. He was sometimes selfish but mostly the best, at least for Khar. Ethea Sekel was a young woman same age as Khar. She had joined the Cartel because of fear of being killed in the underworld of Coruscant. Though they were friends, Khar failed to find out how she managed to live in Coruscant's Underworld. Maxcy Kahn, called Max, was a wealthy and rich boy but he was very proud too. Anyone to insult him would have trouble with him. They became very good friends and Lahna would train and work with all of them.

Two Shots, One Too Much

"Sometimes the pain comes from inside and there's no cure for that."

The Hutt Cartel decided to put the four guys in the same team. First missions for Khar and his team were just transporting items from place to another. The team earned money quick and soon they were well-equipped. Ship was upgraded to be faster. One of their usual stop-by-planets was Mandallia at Mandalore. Khar noticed that Chester looked like having more activities than he was supposed to have. Although it was suspicious, Khar didn’t want to interfere until he had real proof.

In the end of the year 9, the group had a transport mission to Alderaan. Some of the area’s criminal leagues had ordered weapons. Reason for their purchase was unclear but it wasn't their job to question it. Smuggling weapons and medical supplies was easy. The criminal leagues had provided them some IDs and passwords to get through the shields. While landing, they saw how some cloaked men stood on the platform. They were the buyers. Spaceport inspector checked their transport boxes but believed that there were just materials for decorations. The trade was made after inspector left and the criminals disappeared with the boxes of weapons.

Khar and his team had to wait for refueling. During that time they went to spaceport lounge. Chester had to go buy something from a store near by but Khar saw how a cloaked person joined Chester outside the spaceport. Khar, Max and Ethea had drinks and talked about everything that came to mind. When Chester returned he said that they should leave. He was probably followed and Khar was correct. The Alderaanian militia had entered the lounge rifles ready. Khar's team had their sidearms but gunfight wasn't expected. They left quietly but they were noticed and militia followed them outside to the city.

The team ran and militia ran after them. Khar had no idea why but he thought that Chester must have had something to do with it. They tried to hide but surveillance of the Alderaan was very well planned and where ever they went, militia ran after them. Finally they managed to hide to a little, abandoned house. They took a deep breath and waited for several hours. No words. Only thoughts. Scary thoughts.


As the sky and city turned darker, they left. During their training, they had learned to sneak. They used dark spots as their disguise when they saw surveillance cameras or militia guarding. They wanted to make their way to the ship. Without incidents they made it to the spaceport. They rounded the spaceport building and sneaked to terminal area where the ships were held. There were engineers and other spaceport workers but also a few guards. So far they weren't noticed. They hid behind some boxes but something shot Max. Khar looked where it came from. A guard tower stood pretty far but a sniper had seen them. Now he turned on a large light and lit their position. Max was too badly injured so he was carried and they ran to the ship. It wasn't far. The militia had arrived and the sniper made another shot from distance. After all, they made it and left Alderaan.

Maxcy Kahn was injured too badly. They had no chance to find help in time so he died while they were on hyperspace. Khar blamed Chester of his death. After that Khar found out Chester's dark secret: he was trading with the individuals who were on the Cartel’s blacklist. Khar didn't reveal this secret to the Cartel for years.

Dark Times

"Wealth blinds as much as a knife into the eyes."

After arriving back to Toydaria, Khar had a small funeral for Max. Khar left his resignation with a note sent to the leader of the Cartel. Leaving the Cartel and the Hutt Space was hard for Khar. He had started to have feelings for Ethea Sekel. But he couldn't take her with him since she wanted to carry on with the Cartel. Khar was still anxious to Chester and he left without saying farewells.

Khar had some property at Dantooine where he settled. With a big backyard and two story-high house, and a balcony, he enjoyed of his time. One night late in the year 11, Khar was standing on the balcony looking outside. Someone was there, Khar felt. He met Chester who had climbed to balcony. Khar had earlier sent a message to the Cartel that he had some details about Chester who was appointed to be in the little council of smuggling. Now Chester wanted to silence Khar. A fight followed the conversation. Khar managed to get Chester down from his balcony and since then he didn't hear a word about him. In the next day he sent anonymously a message to the Cartel about Chester and started to plan his future.


Joining The Empire

"What you're about to learn will remain with you until death claims you. Carry these skills with pride and use them as your weapon when you face your enemy on the field."

Khar joined the Imperial Academy at Coruscant on day 133 in year 12. Training grounds were various from buildings and classes to outdoors and different tracks. He was trained by Training Officer Rik Zoidic. Training lasted for a week. Khar was exhausted after the hard week, but he knew he had gained strength and he was physically in good shape. Khar was disappointed when he passed the Imperial Academy with score 88%. As he was awarded with the IABG ribbon, he promised to himself that he will not let that percentage to hold him from becoming one of the greatest individuals in the Galactic history.

Life in the Empire

"Everything has a purpose. Time... That's all I have."

Early Days of Service

Young Lahna Khar joined the Imperial Academy in the middle of Year 12. Although he put a lot effort and passion to his training and tests, he scored 88% overall. He passed the Academy but not with high merits. After graduation on Year 12 Day 137, Khar was assigned to the Imperial Navy as he requested. Lahna was assigned to the 3rd Imperial Fleet, 8th Assault Group. Later on, it was known simply as the 8th Group. The Commanding Officer of the Group was at the time Commander Jevan Katherion. Right from the start, Khar looked up to Katherion and he had high respect for him.

Almost a year later, on Year 13 Day 250, Commodore Katherion announced that he would leave the Fleet. Recently, he had been the 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer. It hit Lahna very hard. Although he knew that everyone will eventually move on with their lives and careers, Lahna couldn’t believe the Fleet without Katherion. The Navy was informed of this change by Lord Admiral Titan who didn’t spare his words with Katherion.

“I would like to thank Commodore Katherion for his service. He has led within the Navy as an example for all, a very capable commander, a true Imperial and someone I am honored to call a friend. His service was always outstanding and today the Navy loses a very experienced leader.”


The 3rd would never be the same, Khar said after Katherion’s departure. And he proved it right very quickly when Lieutenant Commander Ben Sereta became his new superior. Sereta was ruthless and strict, and Khar didn’t like him at all. Maybe Sereta was only an opposite for Katherion and during his year in the Fleet he had grown to Katherion's way of leading and managing. After a couple weeks, Sereta was dishonorably discharged but not because of his bad behavior as Khar had thought in the first place. In year 13, on day 319, for the first time in his Imperial career, Khar transferred away from his unit. This transfer happened inside the Fleet as he hopped from the 8th Group to the 4th Group. Due to a retirement in other unit, Lahna was asked to become the XO for the 4th Group which he gladly accepted.

Although a small command position gave Khar a chance to get his head a little bit higher, the circumstances never allowed him to grow as fast as he could have. The 4th GCOs changed very often and most of the missions were small and routine-based. He served under command of such COs like Felix Hawx, Ramos Rob and Wilhelmy Quel-Sara.

The 4th Group was involved in a serious ISB operation in the middle of the Year 14 when two junior enlisted plotted a treason and murdering two Imperial officers, the other being Captain Quel-Sara. The two plotters were caught and executed. In the last days of Year 14, the case was declassified and is currently available for every Imperial to read and see how the unfortunate event evolved. The main purpose for declassifying the files was to show other Imperials how the Imperial Security Bureau operates and attempts to keep the Empire secured.

Taking the Responsibility

In Year 15 Day 220, the Navy changed its Fleet structure. Instead of decentralizing pilots to various Groups, every Fleet would now have only one Group. Therefore, the Fleet would consist of one bigger team which would open a chance for larger intra-Fleet missions. Most of the Fleets, just like the 3rd, had had two Groups. After the decision, one Group was disbanded and its personnel added to the remaining Group. In the 3rd Fleet, Khar’s and Captain Varos’ 4th Group was disbanded and it resulted in big changes inside the Fleet. Varos became the 3rd Fleet CO and Khar remained as Group XO, now for the 8th Group. It was like coming back home, back to where he started long ago. At the time, Khar had risen through the ranks to Captain but he was still waiting for his chance to actually control and oversee his own unit which he had to wait for a little bit longer.

Until that moment, Khar had never worked outside his Fleet. Around the same time when the Navy Fleet structure was reworked, a job of Assistant Dean in the Imperial Academy became vacant. Lahna thought it would be his chance. Understanding the world better required knowledge outside the Navy. Therefore, he applied to the job. He didn’t land the job as the Academy hired Phoebe Doxa to assist the Dean. However, the Dean, Administrator Dantere, offered Lahna a Training Officer position which he accepted. After a couple weeks, Lieutenant Doxa was discovered having made a crime against the Empire. Instead of going through trials, she killed herself. This opened the Assistant Dean’s position once again and this time, instead of the usual application process, Lahna assumed the position immediately.

Lahna taught new students for over a year before he resigned from the post. After 13 months, he left the Academy so that he could focus on commanding his Navy Group. Working with students had taught him a lot and he knew better which things needed to be focused on with new pilots. Khar had ideas but in the end none of those thoughts came together. He started to feel pointless and felt like the endless space around him was choking him. After lengthy discussions with Varos he resigned. He spent a lot of time at Navy’s training facilities to gather his thoughts and strength. In the meantime, Dev Zirroc replaced him in the helm of the 8th Group and Lahna slowly turned his back to the Navy.


New Horizons

For months, Lahna Khar tried to find his calling. In his mind, he had failed the Navy and now had to redeem himself in some other way. One day at Corellia, he contacted the Ministry of Industry and expressed his interest to join the branch. He was placed to Magnaguard Manufacturing, a droid manufacturing company led by CEO Krakonico Petermind. The first months were hard but so were Khar’s efforts. He didn’t work too hard and had periods when he did nothing. Even in a completely new job he felt like he couldn’t do anything profitable.


Over the next 6 months or so, he kept gathering his motivation and energy. Trying to see clearer what he was supposed to do with his career. The CEO changed from Petermind to Walter Watts with new goals. Khar was able to gather his mind together and finally give his time for the Empire. On Year 18 Day 127, after a period of evaluation and learning, Khar assumed the role of a Hub Manager. This meant also a promotion to a command rank, Line Manager. Surprisingly, this was the first time in his 6 year long Imperial career when he was in a rank that high. As a Hub Manager for Lansono system, kept the Hub operational keeping the mines working and factories running supplies for the Imperial forces.

On Year 19, Day 310, Khar presented his retirement from Ministry of Industry.

Imperial Service Record


Imperial Navy

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] Recruit Year 12 Day 137 - Year 12 Day 143 Apr 15th, 2011 - Apr 21st, 2011
[E-2] Crewman Year 12 Day 143 - Year 12 Day 181 Apr 21st, 2011 – May 29th, 2011
[E-3] Flight Corporal Year 12 Day 181 - Year 12 Day 237 May 29th, 2011 - Jul 24th, 2011
[E-4] Flight Sergeant Year 12 Day 237 – Year 12 Day 331 Jul 24th, 2011 – Oct 26th, 2011
[E-5] Master Flight Sergeant Year 12 Day 331 – Year 13 Day 037 Oct 26th, 2011 – Jan 5th, 2012
[E-6] Command Flight Sergeant Year 13 Day 037 – Year 13 Day 256 Jan 5th, 2012 - Aug 12th, 2012
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 13 Day 256 – Year 14 Day 136 Aug 12th, 2012 - Apr 14th, 2013
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 14 Day 136 – Year 14 Day 337 Apr 14th, 2013 - Nov 1st, 2013
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Year 14 Day 337 – Year 15 Day 135 Nov 1st, 2013 - Apr 13th, 2014
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Year 15 Day 135 – Year 15 Day 254 Apr 13th, 2014 - Aug 10th, 2014
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Year 15 Day 254 – Year 16 Day 105 Aug 10th, 2014 - Mar 14th, 2015
[O-7] MO-7.png Senior Captain Year 16 Day 105 – Year 16 Day 350 Mar 14th, 2015 - Nov 15th, 2015

Ministry of Industry

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[O-6] MIO-6.png Master Engineer Year 17 Day 38 - Year 17 Day 143 Jan 7th, 2016 - Apr 19th, 2016
[O-7] MIO-7.png Deputy Manager Year 17 Day 143 - Year 18 Day 169 Apr 19th, 2016 - May 15th, 2017
[C-1] MIC-1.png Line Manager Year 18 Day 169 - Year 18 Day 316 May 15th, 2017 - October 9th, 2017
[C-2] MIC-2.png Group Manager Year 18 Day 316 - Year 19 Day 147 October 9th, 2017 - April 23rd, 2018
[C-3] MIC-3.png Operations Manager Year 19 Day 147 - April 23rd, 2018 -

"Deeds are rewarded. No one will ever ask if it was a good deed."


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Year 12 Day 142 (04-20-2011) Rik Zoidic
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Year 13 Day 101 (03-10-2012) ISB
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1] Year 13 Day 148 (04-26-2012) ISB
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12] Year 13 Day 292 (09-17-2012) ISB
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 13 Day 298 (09-24-2012) Stefan Skyreaper
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 15 Day 191 (06-08-2014) Jacen Varos
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 3 Years [ISM-3] Year 15 Day 214 (07-01-2014) ISB
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx2] Year 15 Day 241 (07-28-2014) Jacen Varos
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx3] Year 15 Day 288 (09-14-2014) Jake Addison
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx2] Year 15 Day 317 (10-12-2014) Jacen Varos
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx3] Year 15 Day 352 (11-16-2014) COMPNOR
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx4] Year 16 Day 78 (02-15-2015) Jacen Varos
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx5] Year 16 Day 84 (02-21-2015) Syrialus Dantere
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM] Year 16 Day 105 (03-14-2015) Jacen Varos
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Year 16 Day 161 (05-09-2015) Jacen Varos
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 4 Years [ISM-4] Year 16 Day 170 (05-18-2015) ISB
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx6] Year 16 Day 253 (08-09-2015) Jacen Varos
IAMx2.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx2] Year 17 Day 188 (06-03-2016) Jai Meridan
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCx7] Year 17 Day 195 (06-10-2016) MInd
CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM] Year 17 Day 287 (09-10-2016) ISB
GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Year 18 Day 121 (03-28-2017) Marcus Elensar
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx4] Year 18 Day 130 (04-06-2017) MInd
IAMx3.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx3] Year 18 Day 179 (05-25-2017) Walter Watts
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC] Year 18 Day 265 (08-19-2017) MInd
CSM-1.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM-1] Year 18 Day 273 (08-28-2017) ISB
PMM.jpg Project Management Medal [PMM] Year 19 Day 19 (12-16-2017) Walter Watts
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service [DDS] Year 19 Day 110 (03-24-2017) MInd
CSM-2.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM-2] Year 19 Day 142 (04-18-2018) ISB
IAMx4.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx4] Year 19 Day 221 (06-06-2018) MInd


4th Group Executive Officer, Third Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Felix Hawx
Lahna Khar
Year 13 Day 319 - Year 15 Day 220
Succeeded By:
8th Group Executive Officer, Third Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Kyumaru Shibashi
Lahna Khar
Year 15 Day 220 - Year 15 Day 288
Succeeded By:
Jake Addison
3rd Fleet Training Officer, Third Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Jake Addison
Lahna Khar
Year 15 Day 260 - Year 16 Day 19
Succeeded By:
Leeanna Mailhot
8th Group Commanding Officer, Third Imperial Fleet
Preceded By:
Jake Addison
Lahna Khar
Year 15 Day 288 - Year 16 Day 350
Succeeded By:
Dev Zirroc
Assistant Dean of the Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Phoebe Doxa
Lahna Khar
Year 15 Day 245 - Year 16 Day 275
Succeeded By:
Bisk Marlowe
Lansono Hub Manager
Preceded By:
Lahna Khar
Year 18 Day 127 - Year 19 Day 310
Succeeded By: