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Conflict on Iqobal

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Conflict on Iqobal
Date Y10 D214 – Y11 D2
Location Iqobal, Polith, Tapani
Result Eidolan control of Iqobal
Galactic Empire Eidola Pirates
Commanders and leaders
VADM Ramos Rob
COL Graeda L'Annan
LTCOL Tec Vaan
Teniel Djo
2nd Imperial Legion
10th Imperial Fleet
Casualties and losses

The Conflict on Iqobal, also known as Operation Pirate Cleansing, was an Imperial mission in the Tapani Sector intended to seize the gas giant Iqobal from the control of the Eidola Pirates. The operation did not succeed, largely due to haulers and materials being slow to arrive to the planet. Teniel Djo was able to round up the resources and manpower to solidify Eidola's control of the planet.[1]

Some months after the operation, Army High Command announced the development of a new subdivision of the Imperial Army dubbed the Siege Engineering Corps, the brainchild of Second Lieutenant Euna Miriel. She proposed to have engineers "present with the legion at all times. By keeping the engineers with the unit, the base construction materials would arrive right when the legion does, and therefore the enemy would have no advance warning in regard to the impending war; it would have already started by the time they catch wind of the legion's presence." The engineers would be responsible for the rapid deployment of prefabricated bases, crucial to establishing control of a planet like Iqobal.[1] In Year 13, the Empire successfully gained control of Iqobal.


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