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Dorian Tecto

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Dorian Tecto, "The Shamed One"
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch HChPHNA.png
Order of the Sith
Positions Exiled
Prior Service Dark Lord of the Sith, Order of the Sith
Awards Unknown

"Let this be a lesson to everyone within the Empire: nobody, no matter how powerful, or whether you have the force, no one is above the expectations of His Majesty."
Guinar Ndengin

Dorian Tecto was a Noghri Sith Master, former Dark Lord of the Sith, and the former head of the Order of the Dark Hand, later known as the Order of the Sith. He was previously known as Darth Volentus, before he was removed from his position in the Order and the Imperial Inner Circle by order of Emperor Cherokee on Year 12, Day 241. He is now referred to by the Sith as "The Shamed One".

Personal History

Shrouded Past

There aren't a lot of records available about Dorian Tecto's past, but it is known that he rose to prominence in the Order of the Sith during the reign of Emperor Vodo Bonias. The reign of Bonias was one dominated by the Sith and much of Dorian's future would be affected by this fact. The Sith were considered to be superior to all non-Force Sensitive Imperials, even those of the highest ranks. This clearly had an impact on the behavior of many members of the Order of the Dark Hand, Tecto in particular. He would prove himself to be ambitious and talented at deceiving others, but many also considered him to be arrogant and egotistical.

The Order was being restored from its state of decay by Sith Lord Azrakh Raleep and newfound convert Kiger Wulf, Emperor Bonias attempted to aid them by summoning a former Sith Master to return to active duty and assist with the Order of the Sith. The master that answered Bonias' summons was Lord Gunther von Esling, upon his return to prominence, he brought with him a young Noghri apprentice, Tecto.

It was this time as von Esling's apprentice that made Tecto into the arrogant and egotistical Sith he would become known as. Many Imperials lamented the fact that Tecto was placed into a position of authority and power without ever feeling any time at the bottom of the Chain of Command; he never served in the military or the civilian branches of the Empire. This fact led to Tecto being power-hungry, egotistical, and all-around un-liked by many Imperials.

The Dark Lord

Eventually, Dorian Tecto stopped using his birthname and instead took on the name of Darth Volentus, a name given to him by his master, Lord von Esling. He was granted an important position amongst the Sith as reward for his loyalty to Bonias. During this time, the Order of the Dark Hand was marred by its leadership's conservative and selfish goals. All Sith were indoctrinated by Darth Volentus to believe that they really were superior to every other being in the Galaxy and they only had to answer to Emperor Bonias and himself. As time progressed, the Sith Lords began to see the Order as their personal asset, using it to expand their own power and influence rather than that of the Empire. The Order no longer served the Empire, only its Lords, scheming and plotting against anyone that stood in their way. Imperials tolerated many of their actions out of fear for their own lives, and the Emperor himself only contributed to this regime of fear mongering.

There finally was hope for change when Vodo Bonias was overthrown by Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium and Vodo's Executor, Thomas Cherokee on Year 11 Day 291. Darth Volentus took up the mantle of Dark Lord after being appointed by Emperor Cherokee, replacing the former Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Knyte. The new Emperor and his Executor, Guinar Ndengin, would attempt to bring the Sith back in line and encourage the new Dark Lord to reform the Order of the Dark Hand to suit the Empire's needs.

Fall of the Shamed One

Unfortunately, Dorian Tecto clung to the old ways vehemently. Unwilling and unable to adapt the Order beyond a handful of cosmetic changes to bring it into the fold of the new Empire, the results of his behaviour were catastrophic. Under his rule, the Sith serving in the Trade Federation abandoned the Order due to disagreements between their leaders and Darth Volentus. He also came into conflict with Imperial High Command more than once, but managed to retain his position as Dark Lord with false promises of change. Around this time, the Order of the Dark Hand was renamed to the Order of the Sith, to break with the past under Vodo Bonias, a time of fear and suppression. This would prove to only be a cosmetic change, however, since the Dark Lord still refused to follow Imperial Policies and instead chose to follow his own goals, even resulting in the deaths of Imperials such as Cyrus Minx, an Imperial officer who had abandoned the Sith. The final straw for the Emperor was Darth Volentus' order to all Sith to not bow or kneel to anyone who was not Force Sensitive, which included the Emperor himself. He was foolish enough to believe that all Sith would side with him and that the Throne would tolerate this out of fear of losing the Order's support. Executor Ndengin, a Sith Lord himself, would choose the side of Emperor Cherokee however and made arrangements to remove Volentus from power and replace him with the leader of the Sith branch of the Order, Lord Mikel von Bianchi. The Dark Lord was driven insane when he discovered this plot, banishing Lord von Bianchi and trying to make the Sith rally behind him and oppose the Emperor. His attempt would fail though, since too many Sith proved to be loyal to the Empire instead of the Order of the Sith, and Volentus was banished on Year 12, Day 241, his Darth-title stripped from him. Instead, he would be remembered as "The Shamed One" and would serve as an example to all others, reminding them that nobody is above the Emperor and the Empire itself.


Dark Lord of the Sith
Preceded By:
Dorian Tecto
Year 11 Day 305 - Year 12 Day 241
Succeeded By:
Mikel von Bianchi