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Eeshol Jaro

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Eeshol Jaro
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Susanna Jaro
Father Toral Jaro
Spouse Milagros Jaro
Siblings Jonas Jaro

Jana Jaro

Children None
Born Year -16, August 12
Imperial Service
Branch domi.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Agent
Prior Service navy_emblem-61x50_zpse8fbc884.png

Imperial Navy
Regional Government

Awards CIIA.jpg IABG.jpg ISM-5.jpg

MID.jpg IISA-3.jpg

"For the Empire, for the Throne!"
— Eeshol Jaro

Eeshol is 29 years old and was born on Corellia. His father was a CorSec Captain, his mother was a Doctor. In his early years, he always wanted to follow his father and join CorSec, to protect and defend his home Corellia from any threats... but when he first me some imperial Stormtroopers with the age of 16, he got interested in the Empire and spent more and more time researching it and gaining information. It has fascinated him ever since, how it got formed, built up and what it did for its people. As soon as he became 18, he volunteered for service and participated in basic training at the imperial academy, to become a pilot.

He settled in quickly and found some first friends. During the first years of service, his loyalty to the Empire kept growing more and more and pretty much became fanatic. When ever he got a chance, he crushed enemies of the throne, served to his best abilities and even did not stop before his family. When he one day on shore leave discovered his mother and his aunt sending information to the Rebels, he contacted ISB. Both, his mom and his aunt got arrested and later executed for high treason.

Since then, most family members broke up contact with him, except for his grandfather. Eeshol did not care much and took it as a chance to even dedicate more to the Empire. This should change a little, when he met his now wife, Tanja. For the first time after several years, Eeshol spent some time personally without the Empire, however the fear for treason abd being cheated on or just used remained and hence he kept his orders and most information about his job for himself. Whatever he mentioned, he considered clearly and he used several opportunities to spy on his wife, her personal records and any other information he could get, just to make sure she did not do anything to harm the Empire. So far he yet has to find something.

Eeshol has only a few friends, but those he has, he trusts. Also without any exceptions (other than his wife maybe), all of his friends are serving the Empire and are considered has trustworthy by him. But even that fact does not mean, that he does trust them. There is only one single Officer in the Navy he does trust and to whom he speaks about everything.

Imperial Service Record

Imperial Academy

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[T-1] mil-t1.gif Trainee Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown

Imperial Navy

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[E-1] mil-e1.gif Recruit Year 11 Day 248 - Year 11 Day 250 August 4th, 2010 - August 6th, 2010
[E-2] mil-e2.gif Crewman Year 11 Day 250 - Unknown August 6th, 2010 - Unknown
[E-3] mil-e3.gif Crewman First Class Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-4] mil-e4.gif Flight Corporal Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-5] mil-e5.gif Flight Sergeant Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-6] mil-e6.gif Staff Flight Sergeant Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-7] mil-e7.gif Master Flight Sergeant Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-8] mil-e8.gif Chief Flight Sergeant Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-9] mil-e9.gif Flight Officer Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-10] mil-e10.gif Command Flight Officer Unknown - Unknown Unknown - Unknown
[E-11] ME-6.gif Command Flight Sergeant Unknown - Year 13 Day 234 Unknown - July 21st 2012
[O-1] MO-1.gif Ensign Year 13 Day 234 - Year 13 Day 262 July 21st 2012 - Unknown

Regional Government

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[O-2] RGO-1.gif Chief Superintendent Year 13 Day 262 - Year 14 Day 112 Unknown - March 22th, 2013

Imperial Intelligence

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Time held (Real Time)
[Classfied] IIO-3.png Agent (Classified) Year 14 Day 163 - Year -- Day -- March 21th, 2013 - Current


Director Imperial Centre for Recruitment
Preceded By:
Leole Mahou
Eeshol Jaro
Year 16 Day 175 - Year 17 Day 19
Succeeded By:
Walter Watts