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Iron Will

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"We set out to expose key figures from all over the Empire to all our readers, to preserve and exalt their accomplishments. But most importantly, we set out to celebrate the ethos that makes us Imperials, and the successes each of us achieve as a matter of course"
— Iron Will editorial

Iron Will is the flagship publication of the Imperial Information Service, a journal bringing top class reporting and news about the galaxy from an Imperial perspective. Available for purchase to officers, citizens and allies throughout Imperial Union space, Iron Will has long sought to spread knowledge of the great achievements and innovations brought by pioneering personnel in all branches of the Empire.

In Year 20 the magazine was rebooted under Editor Phaedra Thester, and in a new first became available outside Imperial and allied territory. Widespread distribution and popularity has been reported on neutral and hostile worlds, as sentients of all species were exposed to the glories of the New Order for the first time in their lives.

Iron Will has received repeated acclaim for the unrivalled quality of its exclusive interviews, often held with important and influential individuals who would otherwise avoid the spotlight in their dedication to duty.


Iron Will's full catalogue is available for convenient download to your datapad or workstation. Orders can also be placed for collectible hard copies of every issue.

Cover Issue Blurb
sAX9Uz8.png Iron Will, Q1 Y20 - Published Y20 D104 "In this latest edition of Iron Will we feature a variety of stories, from looking to the future of the Empire to an interview with the shadowy Director of Imperial Intelligence Jett Blackheart. Dive in and learn more about the Sith Lord filling a pair of the galaxies biggest shoes as he works with a team of capable officers to expand the Empire's sphere of influence."
wwM12ga.jpg Iron Will, Issue 04 - Published Y17 D70 "In this latest edition of Iron Will we feature the Imperial Navy. We tour the fleet and meet the Fleet Commanders, go on a ride along with an Imperial Navy Fighter Squadron, and we have a Navy themed quiz. We also catch up with the Imperial Boloball League and much more. Enjoy!"
fCtGscc.jpg Iron Will, Issue 03 - Published Y16 D203 "In the latest addition to the Iron Will we pay tribute to the outgoing Executor Lord Seele, after the recent annoucnment of his retirement. We also feature weapons testing with the Imperial Army and Kuat Systems Engineering, an insight into the Regional Governments housing expansion projects in the Coruscant Oversector, and take a look back in time to the launch of the last Super Star Destroyer constructed by the Galactic Empire. Grab your copy today!"
zKViNfi.jpg Iron Will, Issue 02 - Published Y16 D140 "In this edition of Iron Will we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Emperor Guinar's ascension to the Imperial Throne. We also send our reporters to experience Force testing with the Order of the Sith, and to learn about ship building with the Corellian Engineering Corporation. We review the progress at the Imperial Academy and gain an understanding of the evolution of Stormtrooper Armor. This is an edition not to be missed."
7UJvYWn.jpg Iron Will, Issue 01 - Published Y15 D297 "In the first edition of the rebooted Iron Will we feature news stories from the front line as the 1st Fleet and Legion prepare to return home from operations, and a report on the further developments on the linked demise of the false "Sith Order", and this month focusing on the Ministry of Industry, we have news on a recent theft, safe trading advice and a report from the MInd Ball that took place earlier in the year. There are also exclusive interviews from the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Virsunas, and Navy Signals Officer Vice Admiral Marshall Ridgeway. We also include several competitions in which readers can win credits and technology. Get your copy today!"

Prior Publications

"`Winning Hearts and Minds Through The Power of the Pen.´
Coming to You from the Dedicated Men and Women of the Imperial Armed Forces."
— The Soldier’s Journal

Iron Will was in its earliest form known as the "Soldier's Journal", and then later the "Imperial Gazette". These previous incarnations were publications of the Imperial News Service predating the Imperial News Grid.

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