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MJ-12 or Majestic Twelve was an intelligence organization loyal to Vodo Bonias. Famously secretive, it was allegedly formed immediately after Vodo's abdication as Emperor, but first came to public attention as part of the Imperial Core and Dark Empire. During this time MJ-12 was led by Arkady Ourimov. After the reunification of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Charon, MJ-12 was to be merged with Imperial Intelligence, but instead went underground and remained under the control of Vodo. A secret conflict within the Empire followed, with MJ-12 presenting information collected by Imperial Intelligence as its own, abducting and torturing ISB-Lieutenant Colonel Banquo Knox and attempting to recruit Imperial personnel by claiming it was a leigitimate but secret part of the Empire. As a result, Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau were given authorization to kill members of MJ-12 on sight.

Although nothing is known for certain, MJ-12 was presumably involved in the coup that brought down Charon and saw him replaced by Emperor Uebles. During the reign of Uebles they remained largely in the background, although Ourimov was present at the Battle of Beta. Shortly afterwards Ourimov himself attempted to infiltrate the Black Sun, but was discovered and executed. Frank Bach took over leadership of MJ-12 and with the return of Vodo Bonias to the Imperial Throne he would take a more public role than his predecessor. Ironically his highest profile success would be the execution of Tala Stalak, his former deputy. A devoted servant of Vodo, Bach would be promoted to steadily higher posts, gaining control over Imperial Intelligence, becoming Chairman of COMPNOR and eventually serving as Pro-Consul.

Nevertheless around Year 7 MJ-12 would wither away, at least in part because with full control of the regular institutions of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Vodo Bonias had no need for a personal agency operating outside the chain of command. A unit of the same name was later formed within the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence by Alexander Fel, but it had no direct relationship with its more famous namesake. Aside from Ourimov, Bach and Stalak, no MJ-12 agents have been publicly named, something that contributed greatly to the mystique that grew up around it.