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Mccarthur's retirement

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Holo-terminals all over the galaxy are interrupted by an Imperial Broadcast. All transmissions are severed as a shot of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant is displayed on the screen. The screen then fades to the Imperial Throne room where Emperor Mccarthur sits. He looks into the camera and begins to speak...

Greetings fellow Imperials, I have come before you today with a heavy heart. I have known for quite some time that this day would come. I am a soldier at heart and as a soldier and loyal citizen of the Empire I have come to the realization that it is time for me to retire. I am, with the exception of a few, the oldest surviving member in the galaxy. There comes a time when the older generation has to make way for the new. For me, that time is now.

I leave you in Emperor Charons hands, perhaps the most capable the Empire has ever known. I have been grooming the Executor for quite some time to take over the throne and he has proven himself time and again. I could not be more confident with my choice in successors or the future of the Empire.

Executor Charon steps out from the shadows with two Imperial Guardsman standing behind him. Mccarthur turns to him and speaks

Executor Charon, it is my great honor to proclaim you sovereign ruler of the Empire and all provinces thereof. I know you will rule with an iron fist, enemies of the Empire will be destroyed.

Mccarthur removes his cloak and places it over the shoulders of Emperor Charon, then Mccarthur steps back and bows courteously to the new Emperor.

Congratulations old friend, lead them well.

Emperor Charon nodded solemnly as Mccarthur spoke his last orders to him, and then returned the former Emperor's bow. As darkness swallowed the departing figure and his red-robed escort, Charon turned himself back to face the monitor, to face the Empire. Across the thousand thousand worlds and over countless holonet transmissions, breath caught as the regime changed.