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Skyron Cyneran

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Skyron Cyneran
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Rylla Cyneran
Father Irkaniel Cyneran
Spouse Valletta Petra
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -12 Day 24
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Imperial Security Bureau
  • Agent - Tapani Sector Liason

Order of the Sith

  • Sith Master
Prior Service Imperial Navy

Regional Government

COMPNOR - Imperial Academy

  • Junior Training Officer
  • Assistant Dean
  • Dean
Awards 7899_cyneran.png

Skyron Cyneran also known as Darth Atroxus is a Sith, ISB Agent and Tapani Sector Liason. He previously served in the Third Imperial Fleet before embarking on his political career. He also worked for the regional governments of the Fakir, Kuat, Corporate and Tapani before his appointment to Governor of Tapani Sector as Moff. He was also Dean of the Imperial Academy.


Skyron in a mission

He was born on Hapes in an Imperial colony where his father used to serve as an Imperial Officer in charge of the security of the sector. Since a kid he showed up as a great tactician and a brilliant speaker skills, his father was the main influence on his decision to join to the Galactic Empire and make a successful career. After his father death during an encounter with Rebel forces, he promised to finish the undone task to eradicate every single Rebel resistance and revenge his father death. Years later he enrolled in the Imperial Academy.

After approve every exam and graduate he joined to the Imperial Navy under the Third Imperial Fleet, under Sola Tao command. In this fleet his career started to raise fast, Commander Tao trusted on his skills and gave to Skyron better and harder tasks including the Logistics Management. He proved to be worthy and started to work in more complex tasks under Moff Sengir command, after his former CO decided to leave the Empire.

Skyron decided to try luck joining to the Imperial Academy as instructor, getting the job and completing part of his father wishes. Months later he decided to change his career and work full time under the Imperial Regional Government, leaving the military life for help and serve the Empire neutralising and conquering the Rebels resistance in a different way.


Imperial Academy

An Imperial Academy day

After Skyron enrolled in the Imperial Academy he got assigned as Training Officer to Ardath Lemeth, brave and smart Navy enlisted helped him out on his first steps until his graduation from the Academy. He did very good during his training and being able to graduate in a record time, from Ardath Lemeth own words: "He was her best recruit". She also is one of the most appreciated Skyron`s friend since then.

After his application to the Imperial Academy got approved, Skyron got assigned as Junior Training Officer and the privilege to teach to the new Recruits the basics on their training for serve the Empire.

Third Imperial Fleet

Skyron joined under the Cadet rank to the Third Imperial Fleet, being picked up days after in Coruscant. His first mission was over a TIE-Scout ship patrolling some enemy areas, during that time his Commanding Officer, Sola Tao noticed about his skills and assigned him a better ship, the Victory Star Destroyer Eliminator, was his flag ship for several months during his missions.

He got awarded with several ribbons during Commander Tao command, until she stepped down and assumed his Executive Officer, Marius Drake. Lieutenant Commander Drake command was considered by Skyron as a passive period, he tried to help to the fleet during that time for increase the effectiveness and morale. During this time Skyron was able to purchase several rifles by the CO command for the fleet.

After Lieutenant Commander Athrun Zala assumed as Commanding Officer, Skyron got assigned to more tough missions securing planets in enemy lands, also changed his flag ship for the VSD Vengeance. For his high activity and exceptional services he got awarded a [FSM] ribbon, after speak with his CO and the NHC, holding the Command Flight Sergeant rank Skyron requested be transferred to the Regional Government for work in the tasks he really liked to do, defeating Rebels in other areas.

Regional Government

Imperial Security Bureau

Order of the Sith

Darth Atroxus


Award Name
OIS.jpg Order of the Imperial Seal [OIS]
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS]
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM]
CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent [CISA]
OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member [OSM]
GAM.jpg Government Administration Medal [GAM]
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month [IOM]
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 [LOCx5]
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM]
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 5 Years [ISM-5]
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award [CSA]
SSA-2.jpg Sith Service Award - 2 Years [SSA-2]
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM]
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG]
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID]
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12]

Imperial Career

Imperial Navy

  • Recruit [E-1]
  • Year 11 Day 146
  • Cadet [E-2]
  • Year 11 Day 147
  • Flight Corporal [E-3]
  • Year 11 Day 168
  • Flight Sergeant [E-4]
  • Year 11 Day 190
  • Staff Flight Sergeant [E-5]
  • Year 11
  • Command Flight Sergeant [E-6]
  • Year 11

Regional Government

  • Planerary Superintendant [E-5]
  • Year 11
  • Superintendant [E-6]
  • Year 11
  • Provisional Prefect [O-2]
  • Year 12 Day 65
  • Prefect [O-4]
  • Year 12 Day 229
  • Senior Prefect [O-6]
  • Year 13
  • Lieutenant Governor [C-1]
  • Year 13
  • Moff [HC-1]
  • Year 13 Day 262


  • ISB-Major General [C-2]
  • Year 16 Day 89

Imperial Academy

  • Junior Training Officer
  • Year 11
  • Assistant Dean
  • Year 12
  • Dean
  • Year 13

Imperial Art Team

  • Graphics Assistant
  • Year 11
Moff of Tapani Sector
Preceded By:
Ben Camden
Skyron Cyneran
Year 13 Day 262 - Year 16 Day 89
Succeeded By:
Destra Kami