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Charonist is a historical term for a supporter of the former Emperor Charon. The term emerged after the merger between the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire in Year 3, during the reign of Emperor Charon.

Historical Context

Although some of these new officers easily integrated themselves after the merger, suspicion and in-fighting were rampant and two opposing camps were formed within the Empire. Supporters of the Emperor were referred to as Charonists while those who backed Bonias in his bid for the Throne were dubbed Vodoists. When the Rebel Alliance attacked the Imperial planet of Berchest, Bonias' Order of the Dark Hand seized the opportunity to claim control of the Imperial Palace and ousted the Emperor. After Charon was forced to relinquish the Throne to Count Uebles, most of his supporters tendered their resignations and left the Galactic Empire, many of them joining the Jedi Praxium. Those that remained in active Imperial service and held important positions were often replaced by Vodoists.

Unlike the equivalent term Vodoist, Charonist remained in common usage. The Charonist movement became increasingly relevant on a galactic scale with the formation of the New Imperial Order. Eventually, the Order would be merged back into the Empire and the Charonists would succeed in overthrowing Emperor Bonias and install Thomas Cherokee on the Throne, the leader of the New Imperial Order. Ironically, these events bear a great similarity to the manner in which Bonias and his allies claimed the Throne many years before his own downfall.

Important Charonists

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