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Dionysius Elwood

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In Year 10, Regent Goth appointed Orphaea Imperium to the position of Chairman of COMPNOR, replacing the former Vizier Darth Malius. When Malius was later disgraced and executed, the appointment was changed so that Orphaea officially replaced the non-existent Moff Dionysius Elwood, who had ostensibly long expressed a desire to return to retirement, in accordance with the damnatio memoriae declared by the Empire.

Three years later, Imperial High Command reversed this decision and restored Darth Malius to his place in Imperial history. The following biography of the fictional Elwood, said to have been written by Imperium himself, has been preserved for posterity.

Dionysius Elwood
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Caamas
Mother Bethan Cyprian
Father Matthias Elwood
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Charlan
Children Unknown
Born Year -57, Day 3
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions None
Prior Service COMPNOR

Sector Government
Imperial Navy

Awards Numerous


Early Years and Pre-Imperial Service

Dionysius Isaeh Elwood was born on Caamas to Coruscanti immigrants Matthias and Bethan. Owners and proprietors of a small bakery and greengrocers', Elwood led a carefree childhood amongst the human expatriate community and native Caamasi. Graduating from the University of Aaly'ka with honours, Elwood initially entered the private sector until the outbreak of the Clone Wars sent he and the rest of his family away from Camaas. Seeking a new home less at risk than Camass (neighbour to the Republican military and industrial base of Kuat), he made his home on the planet Amara in the strongly loyalist Airon Sector. Not long afterwards, however, he was conscripted into the construction of military guns and orbital platforms for the war effort.

Early Imperial and Civilian Service

Ensign Elwood of the Navy Engineering Corps.

In the earlier years of the Empire, Elwood enlisted in the Imperial Military to fulfil his mandatory service obligations. Serving in the Imperial Navy Engineering Corps, he supervised construction and deployment of several planetary guns and stations in Coruscant, Corellia and Kuat that remain today. Elwood received his honourary discharge during the reign of Emperor Suntzu at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

On his return to Amara, he attempted to re-enter the private sector but found after many years of service to the Empire, the idea of working for a corporation again no longer appealed to him. He therefore accepted a position in the Amaran planetary government, supervising construction projects, restoring the damage done by insurrection and neglect during the Clone Wars.

Sector Government and COMPNOR

Elwood progressed through to the upper ranks of the Amaran government, where he began to get noticed by the Imperial civilian apparatus. His skill at managing the matters in Amara over which he had authority, and his familiarity with the Empire and prior service saw Emperor Connel appoint him Imperial Governor of Amara system in Year 1, and eventually Moff of Airon Sector by Emperor Mccarthur in Year 2. During Elwood's governance, Imperial influence extended to all planets in the sector.

Moff Elwood of Airon Sector.

Elwood remained in his position after the return of the Imperial Core, serving under Emperors Charon, Uebles and Vodo. At the same time, he began working with Frank Bach, eventually becoming a trusted advisor and ideological theorist during the latter's tenure as Chairman of COMPNOR.

However, Elwood was not a young man, and eventually submitted his resignation from Airon and from COMPNOR.

Later Service and Second Retirement

Elwood would return some years later on request to temporarily fill the position of Minister of Operations, which was later merged with and retitled to Chairman of COMPNOR. Having always expressed his desire to retire as soon as an adequate successor was found, Orphaea Imperium was appointed Chairman of COMPNOR in the first quarter of Year 10, allowing Elwood to return to his private pursuits.



  • ISS.jpg Imperial Silver Star
  • CSCB.jpg COMPNOR Service Cross - Bronze
  • MOM.jpg Medal of Merit
  • IDSM.jpg Imperial Distinguished Service Medal
  • DB9.jpg Imperial Duty Bars - 9 Years
Preceeded By:
Chairman of COMPNOR
Year 10 Day 53 - Year 10 Day 80
Succeeded By:
Orphaea Imperium
Preceeded By:
Arturus Goth
Minister of Operations
Year 9 - Year 10 Day 53
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished

(Merged with COMPNOR)

Preceeded By:
Moff of Airon Sector
Year 2 Day 12 - Year 7 Day 142
Succeeded By: