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Notes for myself:


Sean Patton - Grand Vizier under Mccarthur/Charon - succeeded by Naal Soven. Correll Aintab Grand Vizier under Charon post-Merger, when Uebles Chair of Military HC, Vodo Advisor to throne.

Fakir Sector under Military Command under Discord, then Moffy under Magnus Locke.

Long ago, Coruscant Sector was called Seswenna Sector - KQD actually Moff Coruscant, not Moff Seswenna, by today's terms. By same measure, Kuat used to occupy the area currently Hallu as well.

List of Army Commanders and Title

List of Navy Commanders

  • Navy Chief of Staff, Lord Admiral IWAssassin
    • Executive Officer, Commodore Huzz Lord
      • Navy Command Coordinations, Commodore Kast Derrnon (later CO ISB, currently in Alderaan MC?)
  • NCoS Lord Admiral Tee Jay / TJ
  • NCoS Rear Admiral Overmind
    • ExO RADM Savk
  • NCoS Grand Admiral Black Lodge