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Ministry of Operations

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Ministry of Operations
Leader Arturus Goth
Foundation Date Year 8
Type Ministry
Professions Government
Members classified
Emblem n/a
Motto Administering an Empire
Application Process none
Forum Ministry of Operations (Holonet)
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Ministry of Operations (MinOps) was the primary civilian branch of the Galactic Empire. Requiring honors graduation from Universitas Imperius or distinguished military service from its members, Operations was the powerhouse of Imperial expansion throughout the Galaxy. Due to the "catch all" nature of the Ministry, MinOps includes four sub-ministries to lessen administrative burdens on the Minster of Operations. These are the Sub-Ministry of: Production, Economic Development, Culture and the Universitas Imperius. Each Sub-Ministry oversees more specific details of Imperial civilian service.


The Ministry of Operations was conceived by Arturus Goth to be the civilian branch of the Galactic Empire. Goth envisioned all civilian branches funneling through one singular place so as to bring order to the non-military side of the Empire. Thus, Operations was charged with the oversight of nearly all aspects of Imperial life. Goth worked with a few deputies through his time as Minister to complete larger projects such as ship production, planetary construction and administrative tasks.

Goth led the Ministry of Operations by himself until asking Kiger Wulf to serve as Deputy Minister. Wulf assisted in the planetary construction as well as some administrative tasks (Holonet, IRC, etc). When Goth was promoted by Emperor Vodo Bonias to Pro-Consul, he left Wulf as Minister of Operations, although Goth retained oversight over nearly all aspects of the Ministry.

Wulf, with the help of Orphaea Imperium, transitioned the Ministry of Operations into COMPNOR, resurrecting what had been a dead-aspect of the Empire. COMPNOR retained nearly all of the foci of Operations but operated under a different banner.


Subministry of Production

The Subministry of Production handled all matters relating to Imperial production, including managing Imperial shipyards, creating production contracts with companies in the Imperial business network, ensuring mining companies send the materials to appropriate places, etc.

Subministry of Economic Development

The Subministry of Economic Development handled all matters related to tax planet Construction, including prospecting, mining, transport, and construction. This subministry was the largest group in Operations.

Subministry of Culture

The Subministry of Culture handles general cultural activities that were previously handled directly by Operations. This subministry included the Imperial Centre of Recruitment, Imperial Gaming Commission, Imperial Geographic, Imperial Scenario Modding Committee, and the Art Team. Also responsible for maintaining the holosite.

Universitas Imperius

Universitas Imperius served as the primary source of important knowledge and skills for the entire. The Universitas consisted of the Imperial Academy, which all incoming recruits were processed through, as well as the Officers' Candidate School, known as SOCS.


  • The Ministry of Operations encompassed nearly all of what is now known as COMPNOR, RADE, MInd, and the Regional Government.
  • While it was active, The Ministry of Operations effectively made the Council of Moffs obsolete.