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Region Ruby
Sector Jaso
System Polith
Galactic coordinates (-15, -136)
System coordinates (11, 9)
Suns Polith
Moons 0
Primary Terrain
Planet Type temperate/breathable
Planet Size 20 x 20
Points of Interest
Native Species Vratix, Thyferrans
Official Language Galactic Basic
Approximate Population 1,725,732,803 inhabitants (Y20D41)
Major Cities
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Thyferra is a planet known for being the original source of bacta. During the Galactic Civil War it has been a major flashpoint between the Galactic Empire and the rebellion, with two major campaigns being fought over control of the territory. The system has since been firmly secured by the New Order and become an example of the advantages of Imperial rule. It has produced cadres of loyal Imperial officers and commanders, being one of the more influential planets in its region. It is a part of the Tapani Oversector overseen by Senior Adjutant Nikolaus Ephranor, which belongs to the Ruby Region governed by Grand Moff Icarus Carinae.


As a result of its historical importance to galactic health services and economy Thyferra has developed two distinct cultures. The insectoid Vratix demonstrate a remarkable level of efficiency in undertaking basic production tasks; however as class-C citizens they lack the inherent capacity to manage large scale enterprises. As a result humans settled on the planet to undertake the higher functions of the industry and over millennia become the Thyferrans. The Xucphra and Zaltin Corporations would eventually form the "Bacta Cartel", dominating both the galactic medical market and the planet.

Bacta Wars

During Year 5 unrest would break out among the Vratix, threatening the supply of Bacta. In response the Galactic Empire moved to nationalise Xucphra and launched a military operation to secure Thyferra on Year 5 Day . Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company and oversaw the ensuring campaign that would come to be referred to as the Bacta Wars.

In order to restore order and productivity the Empire enforced mandatory labour quotas on the Vratix population. Primary responsibility for securing the planet was held by the Army's specially formed Thyferra Brigade under Lieutenant Deana Branson; with Lieutenant Colonel Raider Aspect's 2nd Armoured Division held in reserve. The Imperial Navy originally deployed the 2nd Assault Fleet, commanded by Commodore Crog, to control the wider Polith system. The fleet would later be replaced by Commodore Slicer and the 1st Assault Fleet.

The rebellion did not directly resist the Imperial occupation of Thyferra and while the Zaltin Corporation protested it was unable to resist the Imperial military. Opposition instead came from criminal elements. An Imperial Army AT-AT was lured into an ambush and the Sergeant commanding murdered. More seriously on Year 5 Day 331 Moff Ismay was assassinated whilst in orbit of the planet.

Despite these setbacks the Galactic Empire's control of Thyferra remained ostensibly firm.

Thyferran Campaign

During Year 8 the rebellion would launch an invasion of Thyferra after a major offensive against isolated Imperial holdings outside the Core Worlds. After infiltrating the system the rebels established themselves in the former holdings of the long defunct Zaltin Corporation. In response the Fourth Imperial Fleet, led by its Executive Officer Lieutenant Igneus Esh, and the Second Brigade under Captain Mintaka Kyuzo were deployed to stem the assault, along with elements from the Imperial Secret Police and the Sith Lord Maxamillion Power.

Unlike the relatively bloodless Bacta Wars, the Thyferran Campaign would see heavy fighting; thousands of casualties were inflicted on invading forces, with the Fourth Fleet alone claiming more than 300. Both sides were reinforced heavily as fighting continued and the rebellion would claim that both Darth Knyte and Emperor Vodo Bonias traveled to Polith in order to observe the conflict.

Despite heroic efforts from the Fourth Fleet and 2nd Brigade the defenders paid the price for neglect of Thyferra's defences over the previous years. On Year 8 Day 104 the rebel commanders would announce Maxamillion Power had been captured, dealing a heavy blow to Imperial hopes for victory. Nine days later Arturus Goth tacitly admitted defeat by publicly announcing the relocation of Imperial citizens to the Core regions from Thyferra. The Galactic Civil War's front line shifted to a number of other systems, including Trandosha.

Order Restored

Despite seizing control of Thyferra, the inherently chaotic nature of the rebellion ensured its misrule would not last long. Factionalism within their ranks would break into open conflict on Year 8 Day 338 and result in the refounded Black Sun seizing control of Thyferra. Having subsequently developed into a legitimate government the Black Sun would join the second Imperial Union on Year 13 Day 325. Thyferra would eventually be restored to its legitimate government thanks to this diplomatic success.

Following the return of Imperial Governance a number of social betterment programmes were inaugurated by Moff Destra Kami and good relations were developed with the once-again privately owned Xucphra. The success of these measures and the efforts of the population were recognised at a ceremony held on Year 17 Day 93. Emperor Guinar Ndengin announced the end of compulsory labour for the Vratix population and granted limited local autonomy for their communities under the stewardship of the Imperial Governor.

Despite the improvements in living standards and loyalty of the overwhelming majority of the population, a small number of fanatics continue to resist Imperial rule with terrorist attacks. Most infamously a market was bombed on Year 19 Day 203, killing a number of Imperial Peacekeepers and twenty-three civilians.


Previously belonging to the Imperial Tapani Sector, the planet of Thyferra was reformed, along with the rest of the Jaso Sector, into the Tapani Oversector. Despite not being the capital of its Oversector, Thyferra enjoys unparalleled prosperity, importance, and civilisation. This is largely due to its impossible to overstate importance in trade, and war efforts, as a source of bacta. As a result, Thyferrans are highly educated, with a natural proclivity for business, and, to a lesser extent, medicine. The Thyferrans have historically been the entrepreneurial cogs necessary to turn the Vratix' traditions of bacta cultivation into profitable and successful ventures, explaining why the planet only grew in importance after its discovery and colonisation by the humans we know today as Thyferrans.