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Fourth Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The Fourth Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12) . You may be looking for The Fourth Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12)

4th Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 4IF, "the Fourth"
Motto Terror Noster Socius Est! (Fear Is Our Ally!)
Active Y7 D198 - Present
Branch tinynavy.png Imperial Navy
Garrison/HQ Darpa Sector
Fleet Command
FCO CDRE Arya Downing
FXO CMDR Galdarzz Aalon
CoS Classified
Operation Zulu -
Under the command of LTJG Igneus Esh

Operation Tea and Biscuits - Combat training mission

Operation Smarties - Commanded by Moff Ben Camden

Operation Mad Hatter - Commanded by CFOF Adin Yeriamman

Fleet of the Month - 2x

Tax Planet - Bastion


The 4th Imperial Fleet, commonly referred by its abbreviation 4IF or in naval environments just as "the Fourth", is one of ten fleets in the Imperial Navy. It is the successor of the Corellia Defense Group and the Corellia Defense Fleet, therefore the Fourth Fleet's HQ is located on the Corellia System and its area of patrol includes the entire Corellian Sector where it works closely with CorSec to maintain peace. However, as the other fleets, its mission isn't only defensive, as it acts everywhere in the galaxy in assault, support, transport and escorting missions when needed.

The Command

Fleet Commanding Officer:


Fleet Executive Officer:


Before its creation

Main Articles: Corellia Defense Group and Corellia Defense Fleet

The offical Formation of the Corellia Defense Group was announced on Year 6 Day 326. The first CO of this new unit was Lieutenant Fess Laenda and the XO Lieutenant JG Veneslas Jerankav. The Galactic Empire formed this unit to strengthen its hold on the entire Corellian Sector. The unit was of course headquartered in the capital system of Corellia.

A month after its creation, the unit was sent on an operation to the Commenor system. For its work in Commenor the unit was awarded the Fleet of the Month award. During this time LT Laenda resigned and was replaced by LT Jerankav as CO of the Fleet, with Captain Dale Chambers as XO.

After 6 months in service, the Corellian Defense Group was reorganized into the Corellia Defense Fleet with Captain Endorph Morbelis as CO and LT Jerankav as XO. Shortly after the fleet was dispatched for an operation in the Hapan Sector that lasted for 3 weeks.

Again after an active 3 months of service the Imperial Navy announced some major reforms and the Corellian Defense Fleet was renamed the 4th Imperial Fleet.

Before the last Navy Reform

Command of the 4IF was given to Commodore Ramos Rob with Captain Endorph Morbelis as his XO. These men would rise through the ranks and would with in a year both be welcomed into Navy High Command.

A few weeks after the founding of the 4IF, the Fleet was dispatched for the Sacor/Corri II operation. The excellent leadership and training the pilots received allowed them to finish this operation in just over 2 weeks.

As the Fleet returned to its patrol zone, several new members were assigned: Crewmen Igneus Esh and Kato Forn, former CO and XO, respectively.

Two Months after the formation of the 4IF, their first official Fleet meeting was held.

Before the end of the year, former Fleet COS, Crewman Mo'Rak Stice was assigned to the Fleet and created the Fleets first Contact list. Days later Crewman Execurus Edun was assigned to the Fleet. Both would go on to great things in their service to the Empire. A mission in the Corellia system had began, and the Fleet's Adjutant positions were created for the first time. The Fleet wide scenario Shadows and Mystery, moderated by Igneus Esh, also began at this time.

In the first few weeks of the new year, now Commodore Morbelis was reassigned to the 3IF as its Commanding Officer and Chief Master Sergeant Igneus Esh was appointed as the Fleet's XO. Rear Admiral Ramos Rob began drafting the Fleet's Manual.

Members of the Fleet begin forming the IRC help team and the Fleet City project was soon under way as well.

The Fleet Scenario, Shadows and Mystery is finished a few days later. The Emperor, himself, orders that Mo'Rak Stice is to be know as "Smith" Stice. The scenario: Dead in the Water, begins.

2 months after returning as Fleet CO, RADM Rob steps down as CO and was reassigned as XO of the Imperial Navy. Captain Sarod Jaeger became Fleet CO with LTJG Esh as his XO.

Scenario: Dead in the Water is finished a month after it was started.

The Rebel Alliance assaults the Imperial controlled planet of Tyferra and after exploiting a BUG, gains control of the planet. Members of the 4TH are dispatched to try and stop them.

Construction of the Fleet city began in May, 2007

In June, Members of the Fleet began deploying TIE craft in the cities on the planets of Talus and Tralus in order to block the New Rebelion from building Power Generators in the cities. Due to a rules change that was over looked, the mission fails and the NR got away with building the power generators. The TIE's were collected up and docked aboard VSDs.

After the last Navy Reform

Tword the middle of the combine's 8th year, NHC, Naval High Command, announced a complete reformation of the Imperial Navy. The current fleet structure of 4 Fleets with 2 groups each was abandoned, and in its place 2 more fleets (the 5th Imperial Fleet and the 6th Imperial Fleet) were created. This leads to having smaller and more functional fleets, with fleet command being directly in command of the fleet pilots, without Group COs and XOs as intermediates. LTCMDR Igneus Esh was named officially the CO (although he was acting CO weeks prior to this, because of Captain Sarod Jaeger having gone into reserves) and Ensign Kato Forn was appointed as the Chief of Staff. Several veterans of the fourth were transferred to the newly created 5th Imperial Fleet, while new faces began pouring into the 4th from the 3rd Imperial Fleet. Among these brite new faces was none other than Lieutenant Rann Van, who would go on to assume the position of XO. Although after only months of dedicated service to the fourth, Lieutenant Van would also find himself being transferred to the 5IF.

Months later, VADM Ramos Rob issued orders for the retrieval of all ships assigned to the fleet. Pilots were promptly dispatched across the galaxy to gather fighters and capital ships alike.

Soon after the vice admiral ordered the retrieval of all the fleet's ships, fleet command issued orders for its pilots to begin patrolling all systems in the Corellian Sector. Special attention was given to the systems with a known Rebel presence.

The fleet opens up the new year with the completion of the final building of the first Fleet city. After a long process of planning, gathering materials, and a few construction delays, the 4th Imperial Fleet's first ever Fleet City was finally finished. Investors rejoiced as they started to see the credits rolling in.

Not one day later was the fleet alert level changed to RED, marking the beginning of Operation Zulu.

84 days in to the year, as Operation Zulu came to a close, the remaining elements of the Fleet began reporting an invasion by joint forces from the Falleen Federation, the Rebellion and the Anzatan Commonwealth. Those returning from Operation Zulu quickly change course and head back to Corellia. With additional help from the 1IF, the system was secured, and the invaders were pushed out of the system without a single Imperial life being lost.

Operation: Tea and Biscuits began after the invasion, dividing the fleet into 4 groups. Each group was given a system to patrol within the sector. Training exercises soon began with the purpose to train new personnel how to operate effectively in actual combat conditions.

Back at base, however, the 4th installment of the Fleet Quiz came to an end, and the Grand Prize was awarded.

Major elements of the Fleet were later dispatched to participate in a joint training exercise with a naval unit from the Trade Federation.

Naval units from the Falleen Federation began arriving into the Corellia System. Local defense forces were put on RED alert and began to actively scan and harass the invaders.

Sadly, Days latter, LTCMDR Forn steps down as XO of the 4IF and is reassigned as XO of the 1IF. But his position is quickly filled in by a LTJG Arya Downing who was transferred in to the fourth shortly after LTCMDR Forn's departure.

The Return Of An Old Face

After serving over a year as Commanding Officer of the Fleet, CMDR Esh decides to step down and persue other duties. CMDR Karl-Heinz Tybo is assigned as the Fleets new CO. Tybo immediately takes over where Esh left off in leading the Fleet during its mission to help the Imperial Government in construction of its newest Tax Planet. This is CMDR Tybo's second tour of duty in the 4th Fleet. With in weeks of taking command, he sets up the Fleets Battle Simulator Team.

LTJG Mo'Rak Stice is asked to transfer from the 4th to serve as the new XO of the 8th Fleet, which he accepts. To Fill his shoes, CFOF Galdarzz Aalon assumes the position of Chief of Staff. Aalon had just begun running the Fleets first Scenerio, Federation Blues a few weeks prior to this.

The Ladder of Command

Admiral Ramos Rob, after several years in retirement, was reinstated and assigned as the fleets Admiral. Lieutenant Downing is promoted from Fleet Executive Officer to Commanding Officer, with Ensign Galdarzz Aalon as his Executive Officer, and Ensign Califf D`Troit as the Chief of Staff. These events took place shortly after the sudden retirement of CMDR Tybo. The Tax Planet Mission is well under way at this time.

Merger of the Empire

Over the course of a few months, Emperor Bonias and Executor Cherokee of the New Imperial Order concluded a peace treaty and arranged for the 2 Imperial factions to merge back into a single faction. With this merger a great number of new faces were added to the Imperial Navy. Officers and Enlisted alike were transfered to new positions to make room for our brothers returning from the NIO. As such LTCMDR Downing was promoted to CMDR and remained on as the Fleets CO. LTCMDR Der Wummer was brought in as the Fleets new XO. While LTJG Aalon remained with the Fleet as CoS. With in 2 weeks, all of the new members of the Fleet had been gathered and Work on the current mission was quickly coming to an end.

It wasn't long before the 4th fleet was again called upon to deal with another incident in Imperial Space. New republic forces were attempting to gain control of a planet. The brave personnel of the 4th Fleet joined forces with the 1st Fleet and the Imperial Army in this operation called "Mad Hatter". It wasn't long before control of the planet was secured in the name of the Empire, forces from the Imperial Government were soon hard at work with construction and several cities rose from the ground.

After serving roughly 6 months with the 4th Fleet, LTCMDR Wummer decided to answer the call of MOFF Tanez Kalrade and took the position of PPRE in the Dolomar sector. Several days later, ADM Angelus Goth announced that LT Galdarzz Aalon would once again assume the Fleets XO position while CFOF Adin-Duanath Yeriamman would be assigned as the Fleets new Chief of Staff.

In recognition of his long 10 Month's service as Commanding Officer of the fleet, CMDR Downing was awarded the rank of Captain

Almost five moths after its start, the fifth issue of the fleet's Fleet Quiz, Ran by LT Galdarazz Aalon, came to an end, and the grand prize was awarded.

After 3 long years of loyal service to the Empire, and about a year as the fourth's XO, LT Galdarazz Aalon had been promoted to LTCMDR.

A Sad Day for the Fourth

Since the start of his career almost 2 years ago, LTJG Adin-Duanath Yeriamman had served under the the 4th Imperial Fleet. For a few months now, he had tackled the laborious job as the fleets Chief of Staff until he announced to the fleet a short time after that he had, with NHC approval, accepted and Executive Officer position for the 6IF. This leaves the position of Chief of Staff for the 4th open, and a big pair of shoes to fill for the next CoS.

After much deliberation, VADM Blackrain, as well as NHC and fleet command, decided to have CFOF Robert Reynolds replace LTJG Adin-Duanath Yeriamman as the fleet's new CoS.


Recorded Fleet Scenarios






4IF DIS1 Award

Before it became a Naval award, and then an Imperial award.


Famous Past Members

-Execurus Edun, current Sith Lord and member of the Imperial Navy
-Kato Forn, Former XO, Now serves as the CO of the First Imperial Fleet
-Igneus Esh, Former XO and CO, Now serves in the Imperial Army
-Ramos Rob, Former Navy Executive Officer and is now the Current Admiral of the Fleet
-Endorph Morbelis, Former Navy Chief of Staff, Fleet XO and CO
-Rann Van, Former XO and CoS, Now transfered to the Army.
-Califf D`Troit, Former CoS, Now transfered to the Army and serving as Army Adjutant.

Infamous Past Members

-Jathrin Thoyan, Member of the Brotherhood Incident. Deceased.



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