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Slicer was Moff of Coruscant Sector, having replaced his predecessor, Tanez Kalrade, on Year 13 Day 180. He retired for a short time before returning to active duty as a Deputy Chief.

Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year -20
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Prior Service Moff of Coruscant Sector

Moff of Corporate Sector

Kuat Sector Adjutant

Imperial Military Commanding Officer

Imperial Navy Commanding Officer

Imperial Navy Executive Officer

Imperial Navy Chief of Staff

1st Assault Fleet CO

2nd Sector Fleet XO

Order of the Dark Hand

Awards Order of the Emperor

Battle Efficiency Award

Combat Action Ribbon

Letter of Commendation - 5

Imperial Duty Bars - 9 years

Navy Achievement Award

Navy Distinguished Service Medal - 2

Navy Service Cross

Navy Betterment Award

Navy Activity Medal - 2

Fleet Command Proficiency

Imperial Academy Badge of Graduation - Honors

Allied Tion

Bacta Wars

From the Ashes 2

Operation: Adkinien

Early Career (Years 2-4)

The man known as Slicer enlisted with the Imperial Core in Year 2 under the leadership of Admiral Jennifer Dreighton. He continued to serve through the reorganization into the Dark Empire where he first came into contact with Emperor Vodo Bonias. Shortly before the infamous merger with the Galactic Empire, Slicer joined what would become the Order of the Dark Hand underneath Sith Master Vodo. Commanded at the time by Admiral Machkhit, Slicer served at the rank of Captain, leading the Emperor's star fighter squadrons.

The Order was at the center of conflict not long after the merger between the two Empires when Emperor Charon sent ISB Director Matrel Byden to seize control of the Order's ships with the help of Admiral Machkhit. Vice Admiral Dreighton was arrested on board the flagship Darkness and the fleet was flown back to Coruscant. On arrival, Vodo and Darth Knyte reinstated the Order and freed the captive Admiral. To prevent another potential civil war from breaking out, Grand Admiral Veynom arrived to help settle the issue diplomatically. It was then determined that the newly revealed Sith Lord Uebles should lead the Empire, with Vodo Bonias as his Exector while Emperor Charon chose to abandon the Empire and enter exile.

Captain Slicer served diligently through most of the reign of Emperor Uebles, briefly taking command of the Order until he was struck with an illness which prevented him from serving, regretfully, in the Battle of Beta. He recovered shortly into Emperor Vodo's reign. Upon return to active service, he was introduced by the new Emperor to Zerk, a skilled administrator who had risen through the ranks quickly in the aftermath of Beta. As Emperor Vodo took power and organized his administration, he placed Zerk at the head of the Navy. Wanting some change in his career, and some possibilities to branch out, Captain Slicer turned down the Emperor's offer to rejoin the Order, and instead asked the Emperor for a commission in the Imperial Navy. Slicer quickly became friends with Admiral Zerk since the two had many similar ideologies and soon the Captain found himself serving in the 2nd Sector Fleet underneath his former commander, Machkhit, as well as Commodore Incubus Kaine.

After a short time Slicer succeeded Kaine as the fleet's executive officer and was promoted to Commodore. Proving himself to be a capable and skilled leader, Slicer was next given the prestigious command of the 1st Assault Fleet, a command normally only held by the acting Navy Commanding Officer. Leading the 1st Assault Fleet in the Allied Tion campaign, and serving alongside Rear Admiral Crog's 2nd Assault Fleet in the Bacta Wars earned Slicer much esteem in the eyes of Emperor Vodo and Admiral Zerk. Slicer received a promotion to Rear Admiral and a number of ribbons for his service.

Navy High Command (Years 4-6)

Admiral Zerk soon retired from the Navy to become Grand Moff and virtually the master of the Empire during the frequent absences of Emperor Vodo. He appointed Admiral Goth to the position of Navy Commanding Officer and Rear Admiral Crog to the position of Navy Executive Officer. Slicer rose to take the position of Navy Chief of Staff.

Goth did not last long as the Navy CO, after disagreements with Grand Moff Zerk he was driven into retirement. Rear Admiral Crog took the seat vacated by Goth and Rear Admiral Slicer became the new Navy Executor Officer, both Rear Admirals were given a double promotion to Admiral.

As the newly appointed Navy Executive Officer, Slicer spent much of his time communicating with the many officers of the Imperial Navy and trying to orchestrate policy reforms. During this time he became friends with one particular officer, Commodore Michael Pangborn. Slicer and Pangborn worked together for over a year developing much needed policy reforms for the Navy and reorganizing the fleets into a more general and capable design than what existed previously. Primarily this involved the removal of Assault Fleet and Sector Fleet status, and merging the two designs into a single fleet which they simply named Imperial. At the time, the Imperial Navy consisted of two assault fleets, which handled most offensive operations, and at least four sector fleets which mostly idled and patrolled their designated home sectors. The new Imperial Fleets were given zones of operation that covered not just their home sectors, but neighboring allied, neutral, and enemy sectors as well. From now on, each of the fleets would be given a chance to participate in significant operations that had a real impact on the galaxy.

As Navy XO, Slicer spent time as the Fleet CO of the 1st Imperial Fleet which was a merger of the 1st Assault Fleet and one of the sector fleets. Taking the former Order of the Dark Hand flagship Darkness as his own command vessel, Slicer was lauded for the care he gave his subordinates and his leadership skills, as well as the respect he showed to his fellow officers.

The Empire on Fire (Year 6)

Despite these successes, Slicer and Pangborn regularly argued with Admiral Crog and Grand Moff Zerk over their faulty leadership as well as their often neglecting and sometimes abusive behaviors. Near the end of Year 6, Rear Admiral Kaine who was universally admired throughout the Empire was murdered personally by Grand Moff Zerk who also sought out Kaine's niece, Saige Kippenbrock. These actions sparked a veritable powder keg in the Empire. Officers and enlisted alike from all branches came together to protest the actions of Zerk and to demand his removal from power. Secretly and early on, Slicer reached out to Grand Admiral Veynom, hoping to avoid violence and to find a peaceful resolution, his concerns were noted, but dismissed. Within a week, several leading Imperials representing the various branches came together privately to discuss their options. Among them were Slicer and Pangborn who represented the Navy at the meeting. Jointly a document was constructed that declared the injustices committed by Grand Moff Zerk and pleaded with Emperor Vodo to remove Zerk from his positions of power. In response, Emperor Vodo expelled all signers of the document along with suspected associates from the Galactic Empire. What became known as the NIO Rebellion had begun.

The NIO Rebellion (Year 6)

This was a critical moment in the Empire's history and in the career of Slicer, the results of the rebellion would shake the Empire to its core and result in a second split of the faction. Slicer and Pangborn immediately began working together to reach out to those officers and enlisted who were not aware of the situation and many of the injustices that had been hidden from them for the sake of morale and stability. Every Navy fleet answered the call of the Navy Executor and the Navy Chief of Staff and entire fleets began defecting from the Galactic Empire in mass. At the core of this movement were the Fleet CO's and XO's, along with other high ranking Navy officers, after them followed the many junior officers and enlisted men. Garren Karrade who had been appointed as the leader of a special organization in the last year representing enlisted men of the Empire with the intent to provide a friendly social environment also played a key role. Karrade rallied many of the enlisted men who did not automatically follow their superior officers in defecting. The Imperial Army, COMPNOR, and the Regional Government largely avoided the conflict, though several members from those groups also joined the gathering movement. Of those who chose to stay in the Empire, many became informants for the movement passing along communications and news from inside the Empire to the rebels.

The movement quickly grabbed the attention of the galaxy sparking outcries of support from many factions and prominent beings throughout the galaxy. Grand Admiral Veynom soon became involved in the situation hoping to avoid a major split in the faction like the one he had caused so many years ago. At the same time, a council was gathering of the various leaders and supporters of the movement, which now represented an astonishing 150+ member count. To the disappointment of Slicer and Pangborn, the council grew to incorporate various non-Imperial supporters, several of them members of deposed Emperor Charon's administration, and the council membership began pushing for more organization and leadership. Slicer, though asked to lead, opted out knowing acceptance might make reconciliation impossible with him as a symbol that Emperor Vodo could more easily attack. Slicer felt that the leadership should instead maintain itself as a representative body and avoid taking on the characteristics of a separate government knowing that doing so might force a split. After the leadership elected Garren Karrade instead, there was soon a serious push towards establishing an independent faction that the leadership was starting to call the New Imperial Order. Continuing influence on Karrade and others caused many to begin demanding that Vodo needed to be deposed as well as Zerk, and that any treaty short of that should not be accepted by the movement.

Secretly, Slicer and Pangborn decided to continue talks with Emperor Vodo that were moderated by Grand Admiral Veynom. Their hope was not to betray their fellows, but to continue seeking a resolution that would not cause serious harm to the Empire, and because many members of the leadership began refusing to talk with Vodo, they felt forced to do so without the participation of those members. Shortly, Vodo capitulated to many of the demands that the original leadership of the movement had made. All were granted amnesty for a period of several months, any crimes were to be forgiven, any prisoners were to be released, and all privileges were to be restored. Zerk was removed from his position as Grand Moff and lost administrative power over most branches of the Empire. Unfortunately when Slicer and Pangborn brought the proposed treaty back to the group to be discussed, they were immediately branded as traitors with no chance to explain themselves, they were blacklisted and the leadership began serious moves towards creating a new government independent of the Galactic Empire.

A Restored Empire (Year 6)

Coming Soon... Work In Progress - Slicer April 25th 2011

Moff of Coruscant Sector
Preceded By:
Tanez Kalrade
Year 13 Day 180 - Present
Succeeded By:
Wummer Malephar

Moff of Corporate Sector
Preceded By:
Hack Skice
Year 11 - Year 13 Day 199
Succeeded By:
Eric Jackson

Imperial Navy Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Year 6 - Year 9
Succeeded By:
Angelus Goth