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Cataldo Blackstar

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Cataldo Blackstar
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Gallinore
Mother Countess Elania Blackstar
Father Antonius Blackstar
Spouse None
Siblings Tobias Blackstar
Children None
Born 5 BCGT
Imperial Service
Branch IM_mini.png
Imperial Military
Positions Military Executive Officer (MXO)
Prior Service Chief of Staff, Imperial Navy; Joint Task Force Ruby Commander; 3rd Fleet; 13th Group CAPCOM; 11th Group CAPCOM; Hapan Planetary Defense Force
Awards 8961_blackstar.png

Cataldo Blackstar is a male Hapan serving in the Galactic Empire as the the Executive Officer of the Imperial Military. Though he had an easy childhood, he longed for adventure among the stars. Realizing that he would remain a second class citizen as long as he lived in the Hapes Cluster, he abandoned a life of ease for the wider galaxy. After a series of misadventures and a poor encounter with the New Republic, Cataldo sought out the Galactic Empire. Seeking to one day command a capital ship of his own, he entered into the Imperial Academy on Prakith. After graduating with honors, he requested admission into the Imperial Navy. Eventually rising through the ranks to the highest position in the Navy, Blackstar served as the last Chief of Staff of the Imperial Navy before the Y24 reforms.

Character History

Early Life

Count Cataldo Blackstar was born on the Hapan world of Gallinore in 5 BCGT to Countess Elania and Count Antonius Blackstar. The oldest child, Cataldo has one brother, Tobias Blackstar. As Hapan culture places a female's position over that of the male's, he is primarily known on his homeworld for being the firstborn son of Countess Elania Blackstar. His father Antonius Blackstar is a well known gem cutter of the planet's famed rainbow gems. As a male, Cataldo has no claim to his mother's title should she bear a daughter. Because of this, and the general disdain he suffered as a result of his sex, from an early age Cataldo sought ways in which he could leave Gallinore for the wider galaxy.


Blackstar was afforded private schooling for most of his early life which included study of mathematics, art, and history. As is standard for the child of a noble hourse in the Hapes Cluster, he also received training in hunting, musical instruments, and politics. Particularly adept at fencing, he was rated as a White Scarf of Gallinore. After posting excellent grades at the close of his secondary education, Cataldo was accepted into the University of Gallinore's Spacecraft Command Theory program. He completed the program after the standard two years of classroom education and one year practical with the Planetary Defense Fleet. His final dissertation studied the effects of Hapan culture on command theory focusing on the disparity between gender roles within the military, calling for numerous meritocratic reforms. Because of the controversial nature of his dissertation, he was not offered a commission within the Planetary Defense Fleet upon graduation.

Hapan Flight Warrant Count Blackstar

Early Adulthood

When Cataldo learned that he would not be offered a position within the Planetary Defense Fleet, he requested a shuttle from his family's estate to travel the galaxy on a sabbatical. With the request granted, and with a reasonable amount of funding, he departed Gallinore and immediately pierced the Transitory Mists, exiting the Hapes Cluster. His first encounter in the wider galaxy found him in Mandalore space, immediately pursued by their sector security for having the incorrect IFF codes. Jumping to hyperspace as quickly as he could, Cataldo escaped the Mandalore and found himself landing on a world controlled by the New Republic.

Imperial Service

Contact with the Galactic Empire

Following some time on a world of the New Republic, and not wishing to return to Gallinore, Cataldo set a course for Imperial space. As his knowledge of galactic geography was not well developed due to the isolated nature of Hapes, he struck out for Corellia[1], a well known location for pilots seeking adventure. Arriving in system, he was awestruck by the sheer size and might of the Imperial Star Destroyers patrolling the sector. After making planetfall, he immediately began seeking information as to how he could learn more about becoming a member of the Galactic Empire.

His initial contact with an Imperial Recruitment Officer went well. After presenting his educational credentials, he was conditionally offered a position at the Imperial Academy on Prakith. This was contingent upon successful screening and graduation of Imperial Initial Entry Training at a local training facility. Selling his shuttle, Cataldo sent his remaining large personal items via courier to Gallinore, and entered into Imperial service.

Imperial Academy on Prakith

Three months after entering into Imperial service, Cataldo completed Imperial Initial Entry Training and began transit to the Imperial Academy on Prakith. Arriving on the planet, he was assigned Kal Eysar as his Training Officer. Over the course of his study, his Training Officer imparted on him the knowledge needed to serve with distinction as an Imperial officer. After long nights studying and difficult practical exams, Cataldo graduated the Imperial Academy's Imperial Basic Training course with honors.[2]

Imperial Navy Service

Following his graduation of Imperial Basic Training, Cataldo requested a position within the Imperial Navy. His request was granted and his career in the Imperial Navy began. After spending time with the fleet he recognized the strengths of both the INSC and CAPCOM. Though it was a tough decision, he decided to pursue a career in CAPCOM should he be granted permission.

Blackstar was later placed in command of his first vessel and chose Ensign Jay'Shua Shean as his Executive Officer. Continuing operations throughout the Galactic Center, Cataldo took part in several named assignments and missions. After a break in service, in which he took a position with the Black Sun Syndicate to manufacture data cards, Cataldo returned to the Galactic Empire where he took command of his first Star Destroyer. As a CAPCOM Officer in his first Star Destroyer command, Blackstar conducted numerous security and presence patrols as a part of the 3rd Imperial Fleet, eventually earning his Elite Capital Command Badge in recognition of his expertise.

The Crash

Blackstar's Bionic Arm

As an officer in the Imperial Navy, Cataldo decided to broaden his horizons and requested to pilot a TIE/sa (the bomber variant) during an operation against a rebel uprising. During the operation, members of the Imperial Army were tasked with first eliminating the rebel forces controlling the anti-aircraft guns, after which Blackstar and others would begin their bombing runs. Unfortunately, due to radio interference caused by the rebels, Blackstar and his squadron began their bombing run following an misheard all-clear signal.

Though Blackstar and his squadron were successful in eliminating their targets, enemy anti-aircraft batteries shot down most of the unshielded TIE bombers in his squadron, sending Blackstar crashing into the ground. Upon waking up several days later in a military hospital, Blackstar learned that he had been partially impaled by his bomber's control yoke and sustained extensive burns to the left side of his body. As a result of his wounds, Imperial surgeons had elected to amputate his left arm at the elbow and refit it with a black and gold durasteel replacement.

Promotion to Flag Rank

Following some changes and reorganization, a position opened for a new Imperial Joint Task Force Commander. To Blackstar's surprise, he was selected for the position and found himself swiftly promoted to the rank of Admiral and placed in operational control over an Imperial Fleet and Legion. Over the course of his initial tour of the region, Blackstar met and was impressed by a worker in a Corellian shipyard during a routine refit of his flagship. As a result, the Admiral sent a message to the worker's supervisor inviting him to the Imperial Academy on Prakith. Several months later, the dock worker Surizal Jakohr would be present at the Admiral's change of command ceremony as the Task Force's newest Ensign and bearer of the Imperial Colors.

Leading the Task Force proved to be a challenge, but has resulted in several important operations including a Task Force-wide assault into enemy territory, investigations into a terrorist bombing in Corellia, and the support of Regional Government.

Personal Life

While on leave, Cataldo Blackstar prefers to dress in plaid. He cultivates a fine mustache and enjoys woodworking. He may or may not have a permanent address and/or credits. End of speech.

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 18 Day 91 - Year 18 D101 Imperial Academy
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Y18 D102 - Y18 D203 Imperial Navy
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Y18 D204 - Y18 D303 Imperial Navy
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Y18 D303 - Y19 D41 Imperial Navy
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Y19 D42 - Y23 D189 Imperial Navy
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Y23 D190 - Y23 D217 Imperial Navy
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Y23 D218 - Y24 D218 Imperial Navy
[C-5] MC-5.png Fleet Admiral Y24 D219 - Present Imperial Navy
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-3] PGO-3.png Senior Aide Y23 D332 - Present Ministry of Culture

Awards and Accolades

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate [IABG-H] Y18 D102 Commandant Angelus Devaron For graduating from the Imperial Academy with outstanding scores.
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Y18 D154 Lord Admiral Graeda L'Annan Ensign Blackstar put together a series of attack runs during Operation Crossworld to be deemed noteworthy by Commodore Hatori Hoorl.
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y18 D259 Admiral Kef Drenall Recommended by Commodore Hatori Hoorl. For scoring the second-highest amount of kills as well as contributing significant activity throughout Operation: Killer Instinct.
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Y18 D338 Chief Elaine von Veritrax For time honorably served in the Galactic Empire.
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Y21 D246 Lord Seele For service with Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War against the New Republic.
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS] Y23 D53 Lord General Arya Solus For exceptional performance in the Amber Taskforce as a part of Operation Cupitor.
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1] Y23 D63 Chief Patrick Bisson For time honorably served in the Galactic Empire.
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation - 2nd Award [LOCx2] Y23 D99 Rear Admiral Thokul Tovcor For showing meticulous ability in hunting down hostile creatures and bandits, something uncalled for a member of the Navy, culminating with the confiscation prohibited items and the extermination of a sarlacc.
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDx2] Y23 D162 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik For recognition by MCOMD for actions taken during Fleet operations which contributed to the continued security of Imperial territory.
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Y23 D318 Empress Inwe Ventidius For financial support concerning the ongoing and developmental costs of the Galactic Empire.
GCM.jpg Group Command Medal [GCM] Y24 D47 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik Awarded upon reaching six months of service as an Imperial Navy Commanding Officer and positive performance assessment.
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years [ISM-2] Y24 D73 Chief Patrick Bisson For time honorably served in the Galactic Empire.
TEC.jpg Tactical Essay Contest [TEC] Y24 D81 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan Imperial Military Tactical Essay Winner - Military Winter Celebrations Year 23-24.
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation - 3rd Award [LOCx3] Y24 D98 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik For facilitating the Y23-24 Military Winter Celebration "LTCMDR Du`bas Tyra Marksmanship Competition" event.
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month [IOM] Y24 D106 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan Nominated by his Regional Governor, Admiral Cataldo Blackstar, wins the award for his levels of dedication and duty, that he brought to his position of Task Force Commander, inspiring and uplifting all of those under his command with his demonstrations of leadership and professionalism.
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Y24 D189 Lord Admiral Hatori Hoorl Admiral Cataldo Blackstar has served within his position as TFCO-Ruby for 11 months. During that time, he has served with honor and distinction, being a steadfast and dependable commander. From his attention to detail, to the care he shows his unit by way of various forms of recognition, it is clear to MCOMD that the Admiral is a valued member of the Empire, and an officer by which the standard is set.
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award [ILA] Y24 D189 Minister Leeanna Mailhot For consistent high-standard contributions towards the Imperial News Bureau.


Qualification Name Date Awarded Awarded by
CAPCOM-M-B.png Basic Capital Command Badge Y18 D354 Admiral James Hudson
CAPCOM-M-G.png Elite Capital Command Badge Y23 D44 Lord Admiral Cihl Rezik
INSC-M-B.png Basic Starfighter Wings Y23 D270 Admiral Hatori Hoorl

Non-Imperial Honors and Decorations

Decoration Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
koPfYts.png County Y23 D293 Hapan Royal Court Upon the passing of Countess Elania Blackstar, and with no female heirs apparent, you are made a Count of Gallinore and entitled to the following arms until such time as you marry a woman of noble birth: "Per pale embattled brettessy estencely sanguine and celestial-azure and or in second quarter an antique crown sable in fourth quarter a mullet of seven points sable".
unknown.png Corellian Bloodstripe, 2nd Class Y23 D344 Corellian Government WHEREAS certain terrorist elements conducted an unprovoked attack on the civilian population of Corellia;

WHEREAS members of the Galactic Empire’s Joint Task Force Ruby immediately thrust themselves into danger on behalf of Corellia and Her people, with no regard for their own personal safety; BE IT RESOLVED, that the GOVERNMENT OF CORELLIA does hereby award the JOINT TASK FORCE RUBY the award of the CORELLIAN BLOODSTRIPE, 2ND CLASS for their BRAVERY IN COMBAT.