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Conflict on Basho

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Conflict on Basho
Galactic Civil War
Date Y10 D289-D303
Location Basho
Result Imperial victory
Galactic Empire
Populace of Basho
Rebel Alliance
Keer Mining
Commanders and leaders
CMDR Arya Downing
CPT Inara Imperium
MGEN Bacara Kex
CAPT Kato Forn
Basho populace
4th Imperial Fleet
1st Imperial Fleet
1st Imperial Legion
Casualties and losses

"When the Galactic Empire responded a cheer rose up amongst us. With the Empire on our side we could hold onto our planet, and we could make sure that Keer would touch it never again."
— Sho'tane[1]

The Conflict on Basho, also known as the Liberation of Basho, took place in the time around of the Conflict on Agrilat and the Conflict on Iqobal during the Galactic Civil War.


"We were just civilians with no real combat training. But we had the rage and determination to pull through. It may have been luck, or the laxness of the Keer security forces, but when we finally broke through."
— Sho'tane[1]

The conflict involved the population of Basho who, with the extensive support of the Imperial Military,[2] rebelled against the Rebel Alliance and its subsidary Keer Mining, who had forced the citizens of Basho into working under harsh conditions (with evidence of infringement of basic sentient rights) in the mining camps.[1]

The battle

Early engagement

The Basho resistance leader Sho'tane organized a militia and defeated the Rebel garrison defending the communications center. He sent the cry for help received by Arya Downing, the commander of the 4th Imperial Fleet. Downing quickly arranged to support Basho with an operation code-named "Mad Hatter".[1]

Imperial back-up

"It was like they came out of nowhere! One moment we declared independence and were preparing for the assault of what was left of Keer's regrouped security forces. We were spent, low on ammo and about to be out-manoeuvred - but next we saw landers and haulers descending from the atmosphere!"
— Jirus Shane[1]

The 4th Imperial Fleet and 1st Imperial Legion (commanded by Inara Imperium) were the first responders[1] with support from Darpa's Regional Government. The 1st Imperial Fleet, under the command of Kato Forn, arrived soon afterward.[2] Keer Mining's forces were quickly overwhelmed and, following negotiations between Basho's governor and Darpa Sector's Moff Ralic Feali, Basho became an official Imperial planet with its citizens gaining all the rights and protection of the Galactic Empire.


A ceremony was held by the Basho planetary government in honour of the Imperials who supported them in their uprising, including all the military commanders and regional government leaders as well as Vizier of Improvements Jacen Varos and Minister of Industry Guinar Ndengin.[1] The rebuilding of Basho began soon after the end of the battle and continued for many months. Cities began to rise under isolated eco-domes, jobs began to be created, and the overall living conditions of the Basho people were greatly improved. Mines and high-rises on Basho began to be built and the Empire provided financial support to jump-start Basho's economy.[1][3]


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