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Victory Star Destroyer I

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Victory Star Destroyer mark I
Production information
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation, Kuat Drive Yards
Class Capital Ship
Product line Star Destroyer
Estimated Raw Material Price 9,887,178 Credits
Cargo Stats
Weight 1,150,000 T
Volume 23,000,000 m³
Weight Capacity 17,000 T
Volume Capacity 250,000 m³
Hull Stats
Length 900 m
Width 564 m
Height 289 m
Hull 5,600
Deflector Shields 4,400
Ionic Capacity 2,800
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 3
Sublight Speed 10 MGLT
Manoeuvrability 2.00
Sensors 8
Technical specifications
  • Tractor Beam: 10
  • Turbolaser: 120
  • Proton Torpedo Launcher: 20
Max Passengers 1,600
Escape Pods 11
Affiliation darknesscockpitlogo.png

Galactic Empire


The Victory Star Destroyer mark I, Victory-class Star Destroyer I, or VSD for short, is the smallest of the Star Destroyer Series. The Galactic Republic used this ship heavily in the mid-Clone Wars, during which the VSD was at its highest rate of production. It was used to fill the void that the Republic had for large capital sized ships that could fill more then just patrol and planetary bombardment missions.

The Victory-class Star Destroyer is the predecessor of the vastly famous and successful Imperial Star Destroyer and Super Star Destroyers, like some of the past republic attack cruisers it has the now iconic dagger shape that allows for concentrated fire as well as a larger firing arc.


Though smaller then the Imperial Star Destroyer, measuring only 900 meters, its armament makes it much more formidable due to its turbolaser batteries in place of the ion batteries found on the larger Imperial Star Destroyer. Meaning its used only in situations where surrendering isn't an option.

It is normally seen accompanying an Imperial Star Destroyer or even a Super Star Destroyer, since its armament makes it a perfect tool for anti-fighter and anti-corvette roles. It is not unknown to see one patrolling systems, or orbiting a planet. The Imperial Army also uses the Victory Star Destroyers for Headquarters. This allows the Army Command to be mere kilometers from action. This helps with communications, managing of the most up-to-date intelligence and strategic planetary bombardments that would otherwise be impossible or too late to be effective.


Click here for VSD schematics

Roles in the Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire uses Victory-class Star Destroyer mark I's heavily. This is due to cheaper manufacturing cost, armament, speed and adaptability to almost all situations. Because of this, they have played vital roles in almost every Operation the Galactic Empire has undertaken in its 12 years of existence. Many now high ranking members of the Galactic Empire have commanded a Victory Star Destroyer in the past. Two such commanders are, Fleet Admiral Zachary Savk and Vice Admiral Hack Skice.

Imperial Army

The VSD is the ideal choice of the Army for their mobile headquarters, this is because of their faster hyperspeed when compared to the Imperial Star Destroyers. Allowing the Army to reach their destination faster, which is vital in missions where time is of an importance. Even though it is only 900meters long it still has room for much of the equipment the Army requires to function. Its armament of Turbolasers inplace of Ion Batteries is useful for the Army's needs, since space battles rarely happen, instead the Victory Star Destroyer is put into orbit around the target planet and deploys its valuable cargo. Since it lacks Ion cannons it can also be used for planetary bombardment which is also a great asset to the Army.

Army service history Below are some of the Imperial Legions' Victory Star Destroyers.

  • Immortal”, flagship and headquarters of the 1st Imperial Legion, the Operations it has served in are currently classified, but it is safe to assume that without the Immortal countless missions would have been lost or impossible.

Imperial Navy

Even though the Imperial Navy has larger capital ships under their command they still use the Victory Star Destroyer. This is because though it may be small its compliment of turbolasers and faster hyperdrive engines.

Navy service history Since the nature of the Navy is mainly aimed at space warfare the number of Victory-class Star Destroyers is drastically larger than that employed by the Imperial Army. Because of this only notable or famous Victory Star Destroyers will be listed.

  • Illustrious” is one of the oldest Victory Star Destroyers in service of the Galactic Empire, it is likely one of the oldest in service in the entire Galaxy.

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