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Magnaguard Manufacturing

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Magnaguard Manufacturing
Leader Mingolo Mingolonio
Foundation Date Year 6 Day 305
Type Corporation
Professions Droid manufacturing
Members Classified
Emblem mm3black1.png
Motto TBA
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Affiliation Galactic Empire

Magnaguard Manufacturing, typically known as either Magnaguard or Magna, a droid-manufacturing corporation that was once a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and later a subsidiary of the Corporate Sector Authority, now serves as a nationalized faction of the Galactic Empire.

As one of the oldest automata producers in the galaxy, Magnaguard has established itself in a wide range of markets, such as astromechs with the R3 and R5 models, industry with the D8 Smelter and GNK Power Droid, intelligence gathering with the 2X-3KPR and Probe Droids, and heavy warfare with the highly capable Destroyer Droid. Through relationships with other corporations, Magnaguard has also extended its reach to the lucrative medical droid market.


Magnaguard Manufacturing, typically referred to as Magnaguard or just Magna was formed circa the Day 305 of Year 6, and was once a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and later a subsidiary of the Corporate Sector Authority, lead by Mlead by Mystiel Raleigh, Kam Farlight, Zorran Black and Orion Silverhelm. Although the CSA government was overseen by a number of different leaders over the years, as time went by it became clear that managing a government was quite unlike managing their regular corporate entities. CSA, along with its nationalized factions, continued to function, they were consistently held back by poor decision making and exploitation from thieves and pirates. It was eventually discovered that the Corporate Sector Authority had been dealing with other Governments and Corporations hostile to the Empire, and a unanimous decision was made to re-nationalize the Corporate Sector Authority. A hostile takeover of the Authority and its subsidiaries was completed under the auspices of Moff Orphaea Imperium circa. 72nd Day of Year 10.

Similar to another Corporate Sector entity, Myorzo Weapon Systems, Magnaguard Manufacturing was able to retain its identity during the integration into the Galactic Empire. However in the aftermath of the nationalization process over 200 million credits and assets were looted by disgruntled staff members. A handful of Imperials led by Moff Imperium's younger brother Melkhior, took temporary control of Magnaguard, and oversaw the reclamation of all stolen assets in an expeditious manner.

With the integration successfully completed by Melkhior Imperium, Haran Ran, a former Magnaguard Employee was chosen from the Galactic Empire's ranks to take charge. However this was a short lived tenure as intelligence was developed that showed Ran intended to sell Magnaguard assets to the New Republic in exchange for a vast sum of money. Swift action was taken and Imperial High Command, which saw Melkhior Imperium again take temporary control until a permanent Chief Executive could be found.

Just over 70 days after the beginning of the nationalization process on Day 140 of Year 10, Imperial High Command appointed Inwe Ventidius as Deputy Director and Chief Executive of Magnaguard Manufacturing, this coincided with the re-integration of the New Imperial Order to the Galactic Empire and the formation of the Ministry of Industry. Here began a process of rejuvenation from a company that had spent the better part of the year under temporary control, and near liquidation by shady dealings. Ventidius, possibly feeling some responsibility for the state the company had been left in by her sibling Haran Ran, began a process of re-establishing the company in the Core Systems, basing the company closer to the Imperial Throne World of Coruscant. Ventidius can be credited with laying the foundations of this corporation as it is known today.

As all things must end, Ventidius stewardship of Magnaguard Manufacturing came to an end, and on Day 8 of Year 11 Artemis Imperium was appointed as the new Chief Executive. Whilst staff were sad to see Ventidius leave, Imperium had spent time as her Deputy so there was every confidence that Imperium would continue the improvement of the company. Imperium's tenure was unfortunately short lived, and he was replaced by Gael Black-Granger, who started with very ambitious intentions, however it became apparent quite quickly that the manufacturing of droids was not the sole focus of the new Deputy Director. Production and process started by Ventidius lapsed and stagnated.

Later in Year 11, in attempt to reinvigorate a stagnating company, the Ministry of Industry transferred Crueya Vandron from Imperial Resource Extractions to Magnaguard as part of the Command Staff as Operations Manager. Vandron, who had been a successful part of the command team at Imperial Resource Extractions, began to bring about the processes associated with his previous success, and restored productivity to the Company. With this success came Vandron's promotion to Chief Executive of Magnaguard and a Deputy Directorship.

Over the next 6 months Director Vandron oversaw the production of the highest number of droids in Magnaguards history, exceeding the expectations of the Minsitry of Industry. But again success is its own victim, and Magnaguard again had board room changes, seeing Deputy Director Tyris Elensar take over the reigns, with the blessing of the outgoing CEO.

Magnaguard Manufacturing then were fortunate to undergo a period of great stability under the stewardship of Director Elensar, with the expansion and productivity of the company steadily increasing. This ended on the 205th Day of Year 14, when Deputy Director Elensar was appointed acting Director of Production inside the Ministry of Industry, and also as CEO of Corellian Engineering Corporation. Malius Thaxton was brought in as his replacement and spent over 100 days in charge bringing in fresh impetus to the Production Process and added new models to Magnaguards Production Catalogue. At the turn of Year 15 Thaxton decided to take a hiatus from this stewardship of Magnaguard to further his academic ambitions at the prestigious Veritae Imperial University of Carida.

On Day 22 of Year 15, the Ministry of Industry appointed Krakonico Petermind as Magnaguard's new Chief Executive Officer. As Petermind moved on to serve in the Imperial Navy, Walter Watts was appointed as a new Executive Officer for the Magnaguard Manufacturing on Year 18, Day 120.