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Auberin Jaxson

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Auberin Jaxson is an Imperial Officer currently serving in the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. He holds the rank of Secretary -- serving as both the Director of the Resource Allocation Division - Empire and the Commandant of the Imperial Academy. He also serves in a part time capacity as a Recruitment Officer in the Imperial Centre of Recruitment.

Auberin Jaxson
Biographical Information
Birth Year -8 Day 270 09:46 CGT
Age 27
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Father Anthony Jaxson
Mother Eliza Jaxson
Siblings Kyler Jaxson
Children None
Signature kb8sl6v.png
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Director of RAD-E
Academy Commandant
Recruitment Officer
Prior Service RegGov-Med.png
Regional Government
Sector Adjutant of the Corellian Oversector
Training Officer
Awards 9010_jaxson.png


Early Childhood

Auberin Jaxson, first child to Anthony and Eliza Jaxson, was born to an environment of provision and luxury on his homeward of Corellia. His father, a prominent professor, gave him every opportunity to succeed growing up. From an early age, Auberin showed an interest in Mathematics and Science.

Auberin as a young boy

He would rather play with holobuilding logs than any other toys. He constantly sought to design and construct things. His father, recognizing his talent rather early on, enrolled Auberin in a school with a specialized program for math and science. Auberin would continue in that school throughout his years of early education all the way through his later years -- this formed a foundation for him to love design and architecture. During this time, Auberin did not form many friendships with those in school. He mainly stayed to himself, choosing to either play by himself or spend time with his younger brother, Kyler. The two had an inseparable bond -- one that would continue into their later years. Kyler, unlike Auberin, found affinity in physical activities like athletics and wrestling. Auberin could not necessarily relate to his brother's interests, but supported him when possible. Auberin's relationship with his parents was deep. He loved his Mother dearly, and idolized his Father. Anthony Jaxson was a strong and intelligent figure. He taught his sons that any situation could be resolved with intellect and common sense. Auberin held to that philosophy as he grew. He firmly believed that he could conquer any problem if he gave it enough thought. His parents were of mixed race -- his Father had dark skin and his mother light skin. Fortunately for Auberin, this did not cause much of an issue for him growing up, as the area in which he resided did not distinguish between those of color and those with lighter skin. It only led to Auberin looking differently than most of his peers; something that Auberin secretly enjoyed.

Life Path

As Auberin approached the end of his time in school, he began to consider options for his future. His grades bordered perfection, and there was no question that he could attend any University he desired across the galaxy. He was sure that he would study some sort of derivative of math or science, but was unsure how that would pan out or where it would lead him. His Father encouraged him to seek the council of others -- people who were already engaged in the career field that he wanted to enter -- to see what they had done; the problem was that Auberin was not particularly sure what career field he wanted to enter. There were many paths that one could take with the skillset that he had -- all he knew is that he did not want to work with people. He preferred to be behind a desk figuring out complex structural problems, not having to interact with other sentients on a daily basis.

University of Corellia

A proud Father stands with his son at an afterparty for his final graduation

After much thought and consideration, Auberin decided to attend the University of Corellia. He would dual-major in Engineering and Spacial Architecture with a minor in Physics.

Auberin on his first day at the University of Corellia

He wanted to prepare himself for a career in some sort of structural design -- whether it be on land or in space. The classes were difficult, but he enjoyed every minute of it. He was not the sort of student that particularly partied or live the typical lifestyle of a student. He mostly kept to himself, studied, and occasionally frequented the library. He had grown his hair out long and styled it as dreadlocks. He enjoyed the freedom that he had at University. Although not particularly social, he still regarded himself one to have his own ideas and conclusions. As he finished his first two years at the University, his studies began to pick up. Dual majoring was a difficult endeavor, and his course-load was much heavier than most students he encountered. He was cramming in two and a half degrees in the time it took most to accomplish one. He was fine with this, but would get frustrated at others who complained about exams or homework when they were only working towards one degree. Auberin often joked, "I cannot work around stupid or lazy people...I guess that means I must work by myself". Upon completing his undergraduate work, Auberin found himself, again, wondering what to do. He consulted his Father once more. He was encourage to consider a graduate degree in something pertaining to his future career field -- a logical piece of advice. Again, Auberin struggled with what he wanted to do with his life. Understanding that he had to do something he continued on to pursue a graduate degree for the University of Corellia once more; this time in Spacial Engineering. It was a difficult program to get into, and he was honored to be accepted. It was a specialized program that would prepare him for almost any work in Engineering or design. Auberin graduated two years after beginning his graduate work. He finished top of his class of 49 others, and was decorated with numbers prestigious awards. As he walked across the stage to receive his diploma, he saw his Father smiling from ear to ear. He was just glad to make his parents proud, even though he was scared to tell them that he had no clue what he was going to do after finishing at the University.

Galactic Empire

Recruitment and Imperial Academy

Shortly after joining the Empire, Auberin was granted the opportunity to join COMPNOR, as part of two departments: the might Imperial Academy and the Imperial Centre of Recruitment. He was excited to be able to pour into the up and coming recruits.

Regional Government

After joining the Empire, Auberin requested appointment to His Majesty's Regional Government. He felt that it would best suit both his personality and expertise. He enjoyed the thought of designing Imperial cities, as well as governing planets. Upon finishing his studies at the Imperial Academy, Auberin left Prakith and made his way to serve in the mighty Coruscant Oversector. He was, originally, assigned to the command of Adjutant Jon Led, who was shortly reassigned to the Deep Core Oversector, being replaced by Senior Adjutant Draelor Nah`utal. Auberin began work on projects in different systems, working diligently -- making sure he did his best to represent himself in his work. Much of his time was spent governing the planet Faargau. After a year of service in the Coruscant Oversector, Auberin was given the opportunity to advance with the branch, interviewing for and receiving the position of Sector Adjutant of the Corellian Oversector. He was elated to have the chance to lead the personnel in the region, working under the Grand Moff Icarus Carinae.


Grade Insignia Rank Date Awarded (Combine) Date Awarded (Real Life)
[O-1] RGO-1.png Junior Superintendent Year 18 Day 323 October 17, 2017
[O-5] RGO-5.png Senior Prefect Year 18 Day 339 November 1, 2017
[O-6] RGO-6.png Assistant Governor Year 19 Day 83 February 18, 2018
[C-4] RGC-4.png Adjutant Year 19 Day 330 October 23, 2018
[C-4] PGC-4.png Secretary Year 20 Day 53 January 19, 2019


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IABG] Year 18 Day 327 Arya Solus
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 [ISM-2] Year 19 Day 354 Patrick Bisson
CSM.jpg Corporate Service Medal [CSM] Year 19 Day 354 Patrick Bisson
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Year 18 Day 322 Guinar Ndengin
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 19 Day 219 Zhaff Orikan
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Year 19 Day 293 Draelor Nah`utal
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service [DDS] Year 19 Day 293 Draelor Nah`utal
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Year 20 Day 55 Tec Vaan
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Year 20 Day 110 Graeda L`Annan

Regional Government Positions

Preceeded By:
Seresha Williams
Sector Adjutant - Corellian Oversector
Year 19 Day 330 - Y 20 Day 53
Succeeded By:
Serena Moon

COMPNOR Positions

Preceeded By:
Training Officer - Imperial Academy
Year 19 Day 198 - Y 19 Day 356
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Recruitment Officer - Imperial Centre of Recruitment
Year 19 Day 163 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Arturia Paorach
Director - Resource Allocation Division - Empire
Year 20 Day 53 - Present
Succeeded By: