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Elaine von Veritrax

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Elaine von Veritrax
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes, later Naboo
Mother Ilyna von Veritrax
Father Marshall von Veritrax
Spouse None
Siblings Classified
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch domi.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Current:
  • Director
  • Politician
  • Sith Councilor
Prior Service

Bureau Chief
Minister of Culture
IIS Director
Imperial Security Bureau
Regional Government
Training Officer
IIS Writer

Awards 8896_von_veritrax.png

"Ambition without direction can be self-destructive.
—Elaine von Veritrax

Elaine von Veritrax, also known as Darth Nantius, is well regarded within Imperial Society and is often a guest of the Imperial aristocracy. She serves concurrently as Director of Imperial Intelligence and acts a senior member of the Central Governments Ministry of Culture. She is a devoted member of the Empire's Political Party, holding a seat in the Ministry of Culture's Cabinet and is charged with leading the Information Services. An highly skilled Bureaucrat she has displayed innate tact in maneuvering the monolithic political spectrum of the Empire. In the past she served in the Regional Government, Bureau, and Select Committee as Minister of Culture, and is suspected to have held various covert positions for Imperial Intelligence.

In Brief

Elaine von Veritrax started her career in the Akheton Corporation prior to taking up her cause for the Imperial Union with the Tresarian government. Following the acquisition of Akheton by the Trade Federation - a former member of the Imperial Union – and their consolidation of the Naboo system Elaine shifted focus and met with a Tresarian recruiter. Upon her acceptance and graduation from the Tresarian Academy, she was subsequently transferred to the Tresarian Fleet where her experiences as a member of Akheton's sprawling and logistically demanding production and construction endeavors were tapped into and developed even further. Deciding military service was not as rewarding as she hoped she resigned from Tresario. Soon after, she decided to move to the Empire, seeking to dedicate herself to a greater purpose. The ideals of the New Order spoke deeply to her and she quickly affixed herself on becoming a permanent fixture in the machine of Imperial efficiency. Securing a position in Regional Government, Elaine attracted the attention of many an officer, for both her efficiency in work and her ability to execute tasks whilst anticipating future needs. Proving herself to be a successful Bureaucrat she has moved in and out of service with the civil agencies of the Empire in the Regional Government, Imperial Intelligence, Imperial Security Bureau and COMPNOR.

Beginning Chapters

Early Years

Hapes - Elaine's birthplace.

Elaine was born to a moderately powerful Hapan family, which relocated while Elaine was still young to another world within the Hapes Cluster far from the court politics of the Hapan nobility. On this far-flung world, the house gradually expanded its wealth and knowledge under the guidance of her paternal grandmother, members of the family mastered various arts and made themselves indispensable. The success enjoyed by the family greatly developed after her father discovered and developed a new propulsion system for the monarchy of Naboo. As a result, her grandmother again uprooted Elaine as a child when their family left the Cluster for Naboo. There, her grandmother raised her; teaching her the arts of business, political intrigue, and grand strategy of warfare in the hope that Elaine would kindle the fire that flowed in her veins.

Family Matters

Elaine's mother Ilyna was the younger of two sisters borne to Judith von Veritrax - Elaine's Grandmother. Following typical Hapan Culture Elaine's aunt Adalia would have assumed the role as head of the family matriarchy, a problem that was recognized by her grandmother. To her grandmothers dismay Adalia bore only male children, men in typical Hapan society were seen as a lower class citizen, as a result Adalia's eldest sons wife would bear the responsibility of assuming the role if the line of succession wasn't crushed. So at the ripe young age of 13 Elaine returned home with her grandmother and attended a large family gathering in the Cluster. Unbeknownst to her at the time her cousins, aunt and uncle were the targets of Hapan family politics. The family ate and laughed and all was merry. The party drove on late into the evening and it came time to depart, as the family members took off towards the docking area Judith, Elaine's grandmother led Elaine away from where the ships were held. Several minutes later Elaine watched in horror as the docking area erupted into flame and debris. The matter of family succession was resolved.

Elaine's Father, Marshall von Veritrax

Age of Discovery


Most of the days Elaine spent on Naboo were long and tiring - her grandmother ensured each day was full of learning, rehearsing etiquette and manners, and pushing Hapan societal influences. All in an effort to secure her a position of power in the Corporate government that controlled Naboo later in life. When Elaine came of age, her diligence and devotion to excellence in her youth was rewarded, as the company was all too eager to take her as an employee. With the company, she developed factories and oversaw production operations; Elaine's expertise was critical to streamlining production pipelines to make the Corporation more effective. However, this success in Akheton was short lived as a majority of shareholders sold to the Trade Federation. The resulting acquisition and subsequent merger of Akheton into the Trade Federation conglomerate. With the overwhelming culture shock Elaine resigned and left Naboo in exploration of new ventures.

Arrival to Tresario

Reeling from the sudden loss of belonging within Naboos society Elaine took to space, flooding in childhood memories of the sheer depth of the dark abyss. For Elaine space was cold as ever as she lay curled up in bed on her Starrunner-class Starship, Vendrix. The small vessel and her meager savings was all she had as she spent many days traveling the galaxy. Eventually arriving to the sectors controlled by Tresario, far away from the rolling hills of Naboo. Here she found a small sense of belonging she was eager to begin life anew, the merger of her previous employer forcing her to sell her only home - a meagre flat at the time, and leaving her no choice but to live in her vessel. She was hours from Bak`rofsen; she had booked a landing site for the next two weeks - enough time to find a place to live on the strange planet. From the cockpit as she sat in the captain’s chair, she could see in front of her a massive array of warships and civilian vessels flying back and forth. A shadow came over her ship and a communication request flashed on her dashboard. Her hands flew over the console, expertly securing the line and encrypting it. It was her first encounter with a true ship of the line a Mon Calamari warship. Running a sensor scan wasn’t needed, she could recognize the ships class, an MC-60.

Elaine had immediately responded and plotted a course for the open space lanes and flew to orbit of Bak`rofsen. As her vessel neared the planet she gasped in awe at two massive Home One cruisers orbiting the planet side by side in what appeared to be a patrol pattern. After several minutes of securing access to the planet below, she eventually descended on the landing pad below.

Arrival to Tresario.

Initially, Elaine spent days discovering the Tresarian Recruitment Center, a hospital and several excellent bars and restaurants. She still lived in her ship, and spent some time exploring the planet during the days before formally beginning her recruitment process. Along her travels, she had applied to several local jobs - though none of them were really attractive to her. After six days, she decided that she was finally ready to stop by the center.

Before long Elaine was on her way to the Tresarian University less than a week later. Her time in the University was without difficulty: she was fit and passed each physical test with ease, and her time on the range with her classmates was fun and leisurely for her as she was an excellent markswoman. This was a skill she had developed from an early age under her grandfather’s tutelage. As for her piloting skills, she scored decent marks - being an already experienced pilot. All around she was pleased to score perfect marks on her final exam and entered into formal service with Tresario.

Leaving Tresario

Her service with Tresario was short, while it filled a void in belonging it lacked the strict structure of her youth she so desperately craved. Such structure and organized social hierarchy was found not far away, at least as was politically concerned for her. She decided to resign from Tresario and take up the cause with the Galactic Empire.

In Service of an Empire 40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png

Imperial Academy

Elaine's arrival to Prakith overwhelmed her senses: the sheer size of the planet and its infrastructure was astounding. While Tresarian worlds were ornate and architecturally astounding never before had, she encountered a city-planet of such magnitude and density of population. She was quickly ushered into a massive hall with hundreds of other Cadets, where she was seated and instructed to wait until summoned. Dozens of droids and staff walked through rows of seats, sending and escorting staff to training officers. When, at last, Elaine's turn came, she was directed to the office of Training Officer and, at the time, Lieutenant Commander Mordus Nordstroem. Much to her surprise, his office was empty. The Training Officer was away from the Academy at the time and was instructing operations and training from afar via hologram. He set her to work quickly, directing her to accomplish a list of tasks. Striving to maintain the teachings of her upbringing, Elaine worked as hard as she could to graduate with honours.

As her lessons began to come to a close, a mass of electrical storms triggered a planetary defense network to read the energy signals and require investigation. On the orders of her Training Officer, Elaine was quickly dispatched with a pair of stormtroopers to ensure no civil unrest or hostile action had taken place and to provide a detailed report documenting onlookers and intelligence gathered during her thorough investigations of the area. Returning to her studies, Elaine conducted her finals before graduating with honours and assuming her role in Regional Government.

Arrival to Prakith.

Imperial Gala

One of the first Empire-wide events Elaine attended in her early career was the Imperial Gala celebrating the rule of Emperor Guinar Ndengin the Undying. It was one of her first moments where daring action would help earn her the eye of influential figures and help gain expert development on her career. Elaine had arrived to the palace aboard a JV-7 Delta shuttle in one of her finest dresses. The young officer held her dress as she moved down the ramp of the ship, before making her way to the checkpoint where Elaine presented her ID and invitation with her credentials. The Lieutenant smiled as he handed back her documents and sent her on her way.

Moving through the steps leading into the Palace, Elaine had gazed in wonder at the immense statues of the Emperor and influential ones of the past. The walk was lined with turbolaser batteries, trained on suspect targets and onlookers to ensure they maintained a good distance from the Palace, unless of course one was an invited guest. Ascending the stairs she came into the main hall and took in a sharp breath. The hall was a work of art unto itself and contained more craftsmanship in a single room than she had ever witnessed in her whole life. Working her way through the hall she encountered Heron Vandroy, a fellow member of the Regional Government, and happily led him, in a curious manner, into the gardens. They exchanged words for some time, before then Director Seele arrived accompanied by his close friend and ally Joer Knight. In a brash and almost daring move she dragged the young Prefect Vandroy with her to pay compliments to the venerable duo. The true surprise, however, was in store for Veritrax as the Director stole her away for a tour of the Palace. Veritrax and Lord Seele passed several retinues of guards and entered into reserved sections of the gardens.

Elaine’s tour of the gardens ended near some of the palace roses from which she turned from to look at Seele and she smiled at him as she took his arm, allowing herself to once again be guided by him. As they walked through the gardens and towards an exit, she carefully cast a sideways glance at him. This man whom she held onto, along with Emperors Cherokee and Ndengin, had shared a glorious past which forged the very essence of what the Galactic Empire had become. The schism between the Vodo regime and the New Imperial Order was chaotic, but what the trio built from the chaos and the merger of the governments was awe-inspiring and was the fundamental keystone of the modern Empire. The triumvirate and their trusted advisors were not to be trifled with. Elaine's mind was buzzing while thinking about the risk she had taken and her clumsy maneuvering with her introduction to such a powerful figure. Elaine worried she had placed herself in a precarious situation with her bold actions when frightening thoughts struck her.

The young Imperial had shot a panicked glance at Director Seele; he wasn’t revealing any hint that he was aware of Elaine’s anxiety as he kept his eyes ahead on the door they were approaching.

Lord Seele led her through the door into s vault chamber filled with numerous statues made of various stones of mixed hues. Seele gestured towards the wondrous collection of carvings and Elaine released his arm as her mouth opened in awe and she walked closer to examine these pieces of art in detail. The first statue that drew her attention was an obsidian figurine of a young human mother and child. It was only a foot tall, but the fine detail and life-like pose made it seem like someone had shrunk the two figures after they had been encased in carbonite.

The evening drew on and Elaine, like a child in awe, wandered with the Director - hovering near his side while passing from room to room and hall to hall as the party drew towards to an end.

The Father, The Sun, And a Rising Metropolis

Veritrax unveiling her project.

Elaine arrived to the Regional Government’s offices for her Region with great enthusiasm, throwing herself relentlessly into her work. Projects once left unfinished were rapidly seeing completion under her supervision. Engrossed in her belief of the Empire’s political party of COMPNOR she quickly began integrating design ideas from across the Core into the architectural projects she undertook. Her ability to rapidly accomplish tasks quickly drew the attention of various senior officials and with it, increased expectations, ever and the driver of progress she devoted herself to these new standards with renewed fervor.

Rising through the ranks of Regional Government, she grew to appreciate and tolerate the views of several Class B Citizens and even drew a few of them into her personal staff. She was afforded authority over making plans for the development of the planet ████████, which she unveiled to refugee leaders fleeing the tyranny of the New Republic amidst a COMPNOR rally.


Academy Revisited

Elaine’s tact for management and attention to detail rapidly drew the attention of her superiors at the Academy. With the Dean falling into a state of critical illness, the Commandant, and most senior authority under the Minister of Culture in COMPNOR, made Elaine the acting Dean of the Academy. As time passed she performed her duties with fervor, pushing to modernize content and ensure the quality of Imperial training materials while raising academic Imperial standards. With her continued drive for progress, she was officially made Dean. Her time as Dean was short as her duties with the Bureau demanded increasing amounts of her time. As a result she abdicated the post, nearly a month after assuming it, passing the position over to Assistant Secretary Arya Solus.

Signal Amplifier

Leading the Bureau's Surveillance Department meant Elaine monitored news both locally and across the Empire, to some extent - that is, if she wasn't already writing or editing it for accuracy. As a result of her part-time work for the Ministry of Culture and her firm hand on ancillary news networks, the Ministry had asked to chair the Department. Naturally, she had accepted the offer, and embraced her role with an unprecedented drive to capture events around the Empire.

Imperial Security Bureau

Veritrax during an interview.

In mid-year 18, Veritrax transferred from Regional Government to the Imperial Security Bureau. As was standard procedure, she was sent to ISB Headquarters on Coruscant to begin her probationary period. Her training officer, ████████, wasted no time and began to put her through rigorous training. Her training included studies on law, policy, risk management and physical training to prep her for both overt and covert operations. She quickly rose to prominence with her presentation of both innovative ideas and unorthodox methodologies, graduating from her training and subsequently assuming the post of Regional Liaison for the Empires capital, the Emerald Region.

Within the first month in the capital she had effectively gathered Agents and informants she trusted into her Bureau operations, seeking to consolidate and set a firm stance on all Bureau operations in the Region. Her strict and often harsh actions quickly brought planets and aristocrats in the core back into line with the Empire’s ideals.

Chief of Surveillance

Impressed with her quick consolidation of the Empire’s law enforcement units in the Emerald Region, the Directorate sought to expand her responsibilities and give her dual command, both as Regional Liaison and Chief of Surveillance. She fervently initiated an overhaul of the program seeking to create new doctrines and reporting methods while improving operational capacity and compartmentalization of information.

After reorganizing and re-equipping Surveillance to take on both domestic and inter-galactic threats, Elaine took to Coruscant to work on procedural plans for compartmentalizing data. The Department of Surveillance had aligned itself to rely on a constant stream of intelligence gathered by teams of surveillance professionals. The Surveillance professionals' work subtly affected ongoing counter-terrorism, foreign counterintelligence and criminal investigations efforts. She ensured that the Bureau was furnished with timely and accurate information which was utilized to provide verdicts and make recommendations to support senior decision makers in taking action to mitigate threats and hazards to Imperial facilities, assets and citizens.

Ministry of Culture

On Year 19 Day 355 Elaine and Draelor Nah`utal were named Ministers, joining the Select Committee of the Empire’s Central Government. COMPNOR served not only as the pseudonym for the Central Government but also the Empire’s Political Party, or as Elaine refers to it fondly “The Party”. Assuming the role as Minister of Culture she accepted the daunting task of ensuring that the Empire’s ideology was properly disseminated and that the populations’ loyalty remain steadfast.

Her tenure as Director of the Information Services coupled with her time as Chief of Surveillance gave her a head start on developing a plan of action to rekindle the flames of propaganda across the territories held by the Empire. She immediately set about securing funding for expansion of the Ministry and hired key officials who were already distinguished officers. This group of “true believers” embodied the spirits of the New Order and threw themselves with great energy into influencing others. These key figures such as Arya Solus, Patrick Mueirech, and Lirri Elysar began the rapid modernization of their departments to deeply engage the populace drawing them out of their private lives and encourage public interaction with the State.

While operations quickly expanded in public eye, other more subtle changes began to occur. The development of new media and banners flourished under the guidance of Sven Jazzel. These artistic developments in the name of Culture would draw viewers from across the galaxy. Krakonico Petermind, pushed for greater involvement with the Sub-Adult Group advocating for funding to develop the Empires future leaders all while directing celebrations of important victories across the Empire. The Ministry’s growth and engagement soared and continues to do so seeking to draw more and more people to the Party.

Focused Signals

An immediate focus for Elaine was the reorganization and development of the Empires propaganda arm. To this purpose, she met with her Secretaries and agreed to the appointment of two highly competent officers to chair two section of the Information Service. Phaedra Thester was announced as Chief Editor for the Empires popular magazine the Iron Will, and Owen von Ismay as Chief Archivist.

Return to The Shadows II_SM.png

On Year 22 Day 282 Elaine officially returned to Imperial Intelligence as Chief of Analysis, while simultaneously chairing the Imperial Information Service at the request of the Select Committee. Prior to her appointment however, she had held lengthy talks with the Director of Imperial Intelligence, where they had discussed a need for individuals with extreme talent to join their ranks. The reorganization of Imperial Intelligence following the betrayal of the former Imperial Intelligence Director had left some operations degraded. Elaine had set herself to work recruiting individuals to help in her endeavor, specifically Max Corrino and Thrae Claddlyl to act as her lieutenants.

Less than a month later on a trip to Coruscant to partake in a Cabinet meeting, Veritrax was summonsed to the chambers of the Select Committee. Entering into the familiar halls she was met by the Grand Vizier Jai Meridan and Minister of Culture Lirri Elysar. There, during a brief and private ceremony Elaine was made a permanent member of the Political Party of COMPNOR for her services as Minister of Culture and contributions to every facet of that Ministry.

Silencing Heretics

Darth Nantius

A student of the teachings of the Kintik and the Dark Lord himself, Darth Nantius’ philosophical views on the Sith shifted as she mastered the force, growing increasingly violent and fanatical. Developing a growing influence within the Order, Nantius was able to exercise an increasing understanding of maneuvering the complex society of the Sith Order. As a result Darth Nantius officially joined the Dark Council in Year 22, assuming leadership over one of the most secretive, violent and fanatical of the Sith Enclaves, the Saarai, vowing to silence those who oppose the teachings of the Empire, and by extension the Order. Surrounding herself with trusted advisors she set about to strengthening the position of the Enclave removing stagnation, improving existing training facilities and consolidating control through her trusted advisors.

Campaigns & Operations

War for Hosnian

Year 19, Day 188 the Hosnian system was discovered by members of Tresario Star Kingdom, the following few weeks would become a trial by fire. Following the proclamation of Imperial ownership by Emperor Seele, thousands converged on the system in an attempt to exploit the untouched landscape of the system. Dozens of influential wealthy individuals formed militias and began to play on the insatiable desires by the rebel factions to deliver a blow to the Empire. Fueled by greed and blinded by the brainwashing of rebel education thousands of workers arrived in droves to try to thwart the Empire. Ordered to one of the local planets Veritrax began a high risk game of cat and mouse with Kuga Morgul as she led build crews into the fray. As the conflict tipped into Imperial favor Elaine joined several special units and began rounding up build crews hired by hostile parties. By the end of the campaign (Operation: Swiftsure) Elaine had served on several fronts and was awarded a Letter of Commendation for her service during the conflict.

Second Battle of Krmar

Year 20 D70 launched the Second Battle of Krmar II as a major battle in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War, in which the Faerytail Family and Archduchy of Tolonda battled for control over the contested planet of Krmar II. Elaine and several other Imperials such as Arya Solus, Filipe Barro, Emillio Peares and Sven Jazzel deployed to the battle to assist their allies. It is believed that hostilities began sometime before Year 20 Day 70 as Archduchy of Tolonda forces descended to the planet's surface and began deployment of ground forces. Over the coming days, significant forces from both the Imperial Union and the New Republic would deploy to the system to support their respective allies in the conflict. The battle proved to be costly as four well-known members of the galactic community would be captured, three of which would be executed and nearly 15,000 soldiers and workers of the invading forces would lose their lives. The bloody conflict would finally end on Day 135 as the last Archduchy of Tolonda and New Republic forces withdrew from the planet of Krmar II.

In the aftermath of the conflict in Year 21 the Archduchy of Tolonda reorganized itself as a false Sith Imperium.

Operation Reditus

Around Year 20, D247 the CorSec Crisis began to unfold when former Executives and senior staff from the Correllian Security Force launched an operation to attempt to subdue Imperial control within the Correlia Sector. Officers from all branches launched into a swarm of activity and established various combatant commands to respond to the petty insurgency. Like in Hosnian many were fueled by greed and a desire to amass personal wealth. Receiving orders from the strategic command Veritrax was ordered to take control over regional operations for one of the effected systems. Realizing that the situation was dire she further delegated control of local operations to commanders by creating a phased plan for assault allowing personnel to work toward larger organizational goals in a tactical manner that worked best for them. In doing so the Imperial forces within her command turned the tide of the battle and secured the majority of Imperial territory for her assigned system.

External Records

Corvus Group

Veritrax, in Year 19 established an organization known as the Corvus Group. Consisting of former government, military and intelligence personnel the group contains extensive experience. To assist her in running operations Veritrax reached out to Beric Staghorn, Staghorn, a veteran of the Hosnian campaign and an already highly influential member of Imperial Society had proven himself a profound coordinator. Intrigued by the offer he joined the Corvus Group taking the reigns of day to day management for Veritrax allowing her to focus on Imperial duties.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Imperial Service Records

Positions Held

Director, Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Tec Vaan
Elaine von Veritrax
Y23 D202
Succeeded By:

Deputy Minister for The Imperial Information service
Preceded By:
Position Created
Elaine von Veritrax
Y22 D282
Succeeded By:

Sith Councilor
Preceded By:
Draelor Nah`utal
Darth Nantius
Year 22 Day 327 - Present
Succeeded By:

Holonet Quality Control Officer
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D15 - Present
Succeeded By:

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Bureau Chief, Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y22 D282 - Y23 D201
Succeeded By:

Minister of Culture
Preceded By:
Daniel Ascarion
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D355 - PY22 D281
Succeeded By:
Lirri Elysar

Chief of Surveillance, Imperial Security Bureau
Preceded By:
Leeanna Mailhot
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 D297 - Y19 D355
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay

Director , Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Relena Vercet
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D135 - Y20 D20
Succeeded By:
Patrick Mueirech

Training Officer , Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y17 D53 - Y18 Day 158
Succeeded By:

Writer , Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 Day 92 - Y19 D135
Succeeded By:

Dean , Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 Day 158 - Y18 D289
Succeeded By:
Arya Solus

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
HC-2 IIHC-2.png Director Year 23 Day 202

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Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 201
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[HC-1] PGHC-1.png Minister Year 19 Day 355 - Year 22 Day 282
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief ████████ - Y19D355
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief ████████
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ ████████ ████████
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Agent Y18 Day 146 - ████████

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-3] ████████ ISB Captain Year 18 Day 142 - D146

Grade Insignia Rank Galactic Date
[O-2] RGO-2.png Superintendent Year 17 Day 358 - Year 18 99
[O-1] RGO-1.png Junior Superintendent Year 17 Day 276 - Year 17 Day 357
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 261 – 276


Expand this section Awards issued.

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IABG-H] Year 17 Day 276 Imperial Academy
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 17 Day 325 Norrec Morrussian
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x2 Year 17 Day 331 Regional Government
ILC.jpg Imperial Literacy Contest Award (Emperor's Tribute) Year 17 Day 358 Central Government
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x3 Year 18 Day 59 ████████
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Year 18 Day 99 ████████
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 99 ████████
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 18 Day 102 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x 2 Year 18 Day 195 Angelus Devaron
CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent Year 18 Day 258 Imperial Security Bureau
IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award ████████ Imperial Intelligence
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 18 Day 280 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x 3 Year 18 Day 306 Imperial Security Bureau
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 18 Day 348 Imperial Security Bureau
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month Year 19 Day 135 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 19 Day 171 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award Year 19 Day 203 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 19 Day 327 Imperial Throne
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Year 19 Day 355 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award Year 19 Day 355 COMPNOR
IIMP.jpg Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress Year 19 Day 355 Director Jett Blackheart
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 20 Day 277 Imperial Security Bureau
OIS.jpg Order of the Imperial Seal Year 21 Day 11 Emperor Seele
CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress Year 21 Day 46 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x 4 Year 21 Day 49 ████████
OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member Year 21 Day 201 ████████
SSA-3.jpg Sith Service Award x 3 Year 21 Day 201 ████████
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x 5 Year 21 Day 365 Executor Graeda L'Annan
CC.jpg COMPNOR Cross Year 22 Day 38 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal x 5 Year 22 Day 281 Imperial Security Bureau
ISS.jpg Imperial Silver Star Year 22 Emperor Seele
SSA-4.jpg Sith Service Award Year 23 Day 82 Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Draxes
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x 5 Year 23 Day 83 Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Draxes


Personality and Beliefs

Elaine is an attentive and ruthlessly disciplined - both as a result of her upbringing and her Imperial Training. She frequently enjoys the luxuries of fine wines and foods afforded to her by holding one of the Baronies awarded to the Sith Enclaves. Her loyalty to the New Order is unquestionable as she seeks to extend the influence of the Empire beyond its borders. Her daily activities entirely consist of her work, hosting dignitaries, managing affairs for the Sith, attending exhibits or working with the central government on laws and policy.

During free time she is known to attend youth rallies and give lectures preaching the philosophy of the New Order. As a staunch believer in High Human Culture she barely tolerates non-humans employed by the New Order within her presence, and her expectations of them are even higher.

Education & Language

Elaine has, through the course of her education and professional career, found herself learning to be able to speak a few languages beyond Galactic Basic. The languages include Minnisiat, Galactic Sign Language, Hapan, an acute understanding of Huttese, and some Mandalorian. Her ability to interact with various sects of sentient in the Empire has often resulted in the peaceful integration of travelers into Imperial Society.

University of Theed - Main Campus
Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration - Focus on Operations Management
Minor: Business Studies - Focus on Human resource management

Known Associates