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Amne Zailyn

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Amne Zailyn
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Lydia Zailyn
Spouse Édouard Ruellan (m. Y4–Y10; his death)
Euna Miriel (m. Y15–present)
Children 2
Born Year -12 Day 76 (Galactic date)

Year 4014 Day 76 (Hapan date)

Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Prior Service Army Signals Officer
2nd Legion Signals Officer
5th Brigade Commanding Officer
Awards 8082_zailyn.png

Amne Zailyn was a Hapan of noble descent who was dedicated to a life of service to the Empire. After being widowed as a young mother, Amne gained entrance to the Imperial Academy and began her career as a reconnaissance soldier. She distinguished herself as the commanding officer of the 5th Brigade and was highly decorated after her meritorious service on Derra IV. Amne served as an officer of Army Command from Year 14 to 15, during which time she apprenticed herself to Darth Sigyn to learn the ways of the Force. Perhaps unusually, she was trained to Sith Knight of the Order of the Sith without stepping foot in a Sith academy.


Early life and family

Amne was born in Year -12 on Alderaan to Lydia Zailyn, an acclaimed flutist. Her grandmother, Isaline Zailyn, was a high-ranking Draconian Army officer who, after the surrender of the Draconian Union in Year -27, was among the nobles who fled the Phoenix Revolution and set up exile courts led by surviving claimants to the Hapan throne. Isaline was welcomed into the homes of her brothers and sisters who, along with their extravagant dowries, had been married into noble families in various sectors after the death of Princess Da'tan Pal'durath in Year -61. Due to her reluctance to marry or take a consort, it was expected that Isaline would adopt one of her nieces or grandnieces as her heiress. However, within a few months, it became clear that she was indeed with child. She would not disclose the identity of the father and, early in Year -26, she gave birth to her daughter Lydia on Alderaan. Isaline dedicated herself to working with the Refugee Relief Movement, using her considerable funds to relocate Hapan refugees to peaceful, refined worlds throughout the Republic. Over the years, Lydia performed as a child prodigy with a gift for playing the Alderaanian flute.

Amne spent her earliest years traveling with Lydia under the care of a nanny, then a governess, as she performed throughout the Republic, though she was given to the care of her grandmother when the time came for her to attend the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies. Out of a desire to reconcile with her extended family after Isaline's death in Year 0, Lydia sent the twelve-year-old Amne to Procopia to stay with relatives. When Amne developed a mutual affection with her distant cousin, Édouard Ruellan, their parents arranged a betrothal. With her marriage agreement in place, Amne accompanied the Ruellans to Coruscant in Year 3 when they were invited to the Imperial Court as per tradition.[1] Amne and Édouard were married upon their return to Procopia in Year 4; their son was born near the end of the following year. Amne was widowed in Year 10 after six years of marriage. Motivated by Cherokee's ascension to the Imperial throne in Year 11, Amne decided to enlist in the Imperial Army. Her son, aged 5, remained in Tapani as his grandparents' heir.

Military career

"Amne Zailyn — the capable and ambitious commander of the 5th Brigade, whose lasting contributions to that unit and to the Legion cannot be tidily summarized."
— Brigadier General David Terrio[2]

Amne was promoted to Master Sergeant upon her completion of basic training at the Imperial Academy and assigned to serve in the 1st Imperial Legion under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Califf D`Troit. Notable among her fellow legionnaires were Elvira Falston, Dragomir Kies, Santiano Salazar, Felix Stones, Dante Erinith, Kol Seraph, Tamarynn Farr, Igneus Esh, and Redme Schwarz. Amne was assigned to the Sabres and sent to scout for any signs of rebel bases or hostile armies. The Sabres found and captured a number of hostiles that had established hidden bases throughout the system and retook some occupied Imperial buildings. The Immortals took it upon themselves to map their assigned sectors, marking potential microjump points and updating the political maps of the planets. They were commended with special recognition upon the conclusion of Operation Blitz, after the inspection of 4 systems with 30 planets in total. With the creation of brigades, Amne served as the commander of the 4th Reconnaissance Battalion of the 1st Brigade until she was reassigned to the Corporate Sector to serve as the executive officer of the 5th Brigade.

Amne was soon awarded an MID, a testament to her seamless integration into the reconnaissance brigade. When her commanding officer, Captain Deryk Ysenm, had to take an extended leave of absence for medical reasons, Amne succeeded him as the commanding officer of the 5th Brigade and resolved to follow his example to the best of her ability. It was during this time that she came to work closely with those in her Sector Command, including David Terrio, Agramon Kane, Eric Jackson and Everard de Montfort. During the 2nd Legion's deployment for Operation Sovereign Canopy, Amne was invested with the authority to command and direct all active Imperial forces on Derra IV in the absence of Lieutenant Colonel Kane. Their joint deployments allowed her to work with commanders such as Edward Canfield, Santiano Salazar, Akai Ai, Tyrren Montari, Lane Rendell, Navarro de Molay, Cora Ersin, Redme Schwarz and Benedict Tharandon. She was awarded a letter of commendation for her efforts, and she was promoted to Major in recognition of her time served and the exemplary nature of that service, both as commander of the 5th Brigade and of the joint forces on Derra IV.[3]

Soon after the 5th Brigade's return to the Corporate Sector, Amne underwent training for the Army Signals Corps. Once her transfer was approved in Year 15, Amne — by this time, High Colonel Zailyn — relinquished command of the 5th Brigade to Major Bailley Zion during a change of command ceremony. High Colonel Kane commended her for being an exemplary Imperial officer and awarded her the Imperial Activity Medal for her "dedication and modest service to the 5th Brigade" during her 21 months as commander.[4]

Sith training

It was around this time that Eric Jackson, Hélène's godfather, used Amne's connection to her daughter to make a stunning revelation: Amne was attuned to the Force. Jackson, who served as the Lord Steward of the Order of the Sith, offered to train her to use the Force. Amne, wary of Force users, accepted his offer after being convinced that learning to use the Force was the best way to protect herself and her family from those who would manipulate or otherwise harm them. With the approval of the Sith Council, Amne became the apprentice of Darth Sigyn.

Amne learned in her first lesson with Sigyn that the Sith and Jedi Orders were splinters of the Je'daii Order, the ancient organization of the Tythans who studied the light and dark sides of the Force, named Ashla and Bogan for the two moons of Tython, and believed that using both sides in equal measure was essential to maintaining balance in the Force. Her master maintained that the Sith Order reflected this ancient belief and thus had a greater understanding of the Force, unlike the Jedi Order which forbade the study and use of the dark side. Sigyn granted her the use of his personal library, where she was able to read the literature, history and philosophy of various Force traditions.

As she furthered her studies, she came to an understanding of the Force that was informed by her deeply held religious beliefs. Amne believed that the Tythans had limited themselves by centering their understanding of the Force on the study of their planet Tython and its moons, Ashla and Bogan, and that their approach was no more universal than the Nightsisters' magic-based understanding of the Force. Though Sigyn did not see the import of studying the nature of the Force, he respected Amne's interest and suggested that she serve the Trayus Institute as a Sith Knight.

Personality and traits


Amne first met Euna Miriel early in Year 12 when they were assigned to protect computer specialist Thalia Brando as they all posed as escorts for Daelis Stanov, an II agent undercover as a wealthy businessman offering to sell Imperial supplies to a warlord of Garos. While working together, the two developed feelings for one another. Though their relationship was often interrupted by their duties, Amne and Euna found ways to communicate with each other. In Year 13, Amne changed her permanent residence to the Scheherezade, the C-3 registered to her and Miriel. At the end of the year, Amne and Euna received notice that their brigades would be among those deployed to the war-torn surface of Derra IV. Though they were grateful to be reunited when Amne arrived as part of the second rotation, Euna was much changed by the suffering she'd undergone and witnessed during the first rotation of Operation Sovereign Canopy, known to have contained the fiercest and most stubbornly contested battles against the Galactic Alliance on Derra IV. By the end of her deployment, Amne and Euna were engaged and expecting their first daughter together. The expectant mothers applied for transfers to non-combative roles in the Army, Amne to Signals and Euna to Logistics. They married in a private ceremony near the turn of the year, four months before the birth of their daughter Hélène in Corellia.

Powers and abilities

Amne's natural talents lie with Control,​ accessing her inner Force to better utilize the powers of her own body.​ She also shows talent in Sense, sensing the Force that binds and connects all things. As an apprentice, she sometimes received vague impressions of the Force, feeling uneasy due to an unseen situation or sense the presence of powerful emanations of the dark side. ​With those to whom she is close, she can sense when they are injured or in distress. With training, she learned to extend her senses through the Force to gain an awareness of her surroundings. She is by far the weakest in Alter, or changing the distribution and nature of the Force in her environment.

Service Record



Event Date
Assigned to the Imperial Army Year 11 Day 309
Promoted to Master Sergeant Year 11 Day 309
Promoted to Command Sergeant Year 12 Day 330
Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Year 13 Day 314
Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Year 14 Day 25
Promoted to Captain Year 14 Day 87
Promoted to Major Year 14 Day 170
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel Year 14 Day 275
Promoted to Colonel Year 14 Day 337
Promoted to High Colonel Year 15 Day 99
Army Signals Officer
Preceded By:
Draco Creed
Amne Zailyn
Y14D307 - Y15D260
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay
2nd Legion Signals Officer
Preceded By:
Mikal Blak
Amne Zailyn
Y15D143 - Y15D260
Succeeded By:
Nikai Tonnak
5th Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Deryk Ysenm
Amne Zailyn
Y13D336 - Y15D143
Succeeded By:
Bailley Zion
5th Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Tec Vaan
Amne Zailyn
Y13D259 - Y13D336
Succeeded By:
Wyatt Gabriel


  1. Biannually the extended family of the rulers of the Tapani houses were invited to Coruscant to join the Imperial Court for a year, while the High Lord or Lady stayed in the sector. The rolling rotation ensured each cluster of the allied houses had at least one major family living in the Imperial City at any given time. Though the families were essentially held hostage, the constant presence allowed the Tapani nobles to greatly increase their standing in the Core community.
  2. 2nd Legion Address, February 2013
  3. Imperial Monthly Meeting, May 2013
  4. Change of Command Ceremony, April 2014