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Ryn Tavel

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Ryn Tavel
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -3 Day 230
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Fleet Member
Prior Service 1st Group Executive Officer
2nd Group Executive Officer
11th Group Executive Officer
2nd Group Commanding Officer
6th Group Commanding Officer
2nd Fleet Training Officer
2nd Fleet Signals Officer

Academy Training Officer

Personal History

Early Life

Ryn Tavel was born in Year -3 Day 230 on Hapes as the eldest son and heir of a small Hapan noble family with a tradition of naval service. His early years were spent preparing for Millitary Academy and learning proper behaviour in high society.

Professional History


Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[E-1] E-1Recruit.gif Recruit Year 14 Day 106 – Year 14 Day 177
[E-2] E-2Private.gif Crewman Year 14 Day 177 – Year 14 Day 214
[E-3] E-4Corporal.gif Flight Corporal Year 14 Day 214 – Year 14 Day 256
[E-4] E-5Sergeant.gif Flight Sergeant Year 14 Day 256 – Year 14 Day 333
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 14 Day 333 – Year 15 Day 44
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Year 15 Day 44 – Year 15 Day 222
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Year 15 Day 222 – Year 16 Day 3
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Year 16 Day 3 – Year 16 Day 198
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Year 16 Day 198 – Year 17 Day 219
[O-7] MO-7.png Senior Captain Year 17 Day 219 - present


Qualification Type Date Awarded (CGT) Awarded by
INSC-S-B.png Basic Starfighter Wings Year 16 Day 57 Zachary Savk
CAPCOM-S-B.png Basic Capital Command Badge Year 16 Day 57 Zachary Savk
CAPCOM-S-G.png Basic Capital Command Badge Year 19 Day 242 Graeda L'Annan


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] Y14 D177 Nikolaus Ephranor Graduation
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatch [MID] Y14 D264 Nikolaus Ephranor N/A
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Y15 D70 Zhaff Orikan Awarded for time served.
MIDx2.jpg Mention in Dispatches x2 [MIDx2] Y15 D100 Luke Winslow N/A
MIDx3.jpg Mention in Dispatches x3 [MIDx3] Y15 D191 Luke Winslow N/A
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y15 D221 Luke Winslow N/A
MIDx4.jpg Mention in Dispatches x4 [MIDx4] Y15 D321 Skyre Anasazi N/A
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 [LOCx2] Y16 D132 Zachary Savk N/A
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISMx2] Y16 D179 Skyron Cyneran Awarded for time served.
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISMx3] Y16 D179 Skyron Cyneran Awarded for time served.
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM] Y17 D4 Skyron Cyneran IMM attendance.
IMM-12.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM-12] Y17 D142 Kathleen Tate IMM attendance.
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISMx4] Y17 D212 Kathleen Tate Awarded for time served.
MIDx5.jpg Mention in Dispatches x5 [MIDx5] Y18 D54 Tyler Struan For work during Operation Sevastopol
MIDx6.jpg Mention in Dispatches x6 [MIDx6] Y18 D321 Graeda L'Annan SCAPT Tavel volunteered to be transferred to another Group attached to the Fleet in order to balance out the CAPCOM/INSC ratio.
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISMx5] Y19 D20 Navarro De Molay Awarded for time served.
MIDx7.jpg Mention in Dispatches x7 [MIDx7] Y19 D53 Graeda L'Annan Awarded for his daily participation without fail in Operation Night Howl.
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 [LOCx3] Y19 D164 Zachary Savk Exemplary activity during Operation Verpine Vibe.
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x4 [LOCx4] Y19 D203 Ki Virtu For exemplary service during the first days of Operation Swiftsure. From the first day of the operation, the Senior Captain has performed admirably laying city slabs and
MIDx8.jpg Mention in Dispatches x8 [MIDx8] Y19 D322 Graeda L'Annan Awarded for quietly and quickly discharging his duties with superior performance.
MIDx9.jpg Mention in Dispatches x9 [MIDx9] Y19 D348 Kef Drenall For exceptional effort in pursuit of lock installation over the course of several weeks, maintaining a gruelling pace to quickly discharge his duties with superior performance.
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISMx6] Y19 D353 Patrick Bisson Awarded for time served.
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 [LOCx5] Y20 D18 Elaine von Veritrax For exemplary service as a member of the Imperial Academy staff. Training Officer Tavels efforts significantly impacted Academy operations in a positive manner
MIDx10.jpg Mention in Dispatches x10 [MIDx10] Y20 D46 Kef Drenall Mentioned in Fleet Dispatch to Navy Command. Showing consistent dedication and performance in duty, proving key to the swift completion of a recent mission.
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Y20 D110 Graeda L'Annan Operation Swiftsure
BEM.jpg Battle Efficiency Medal [BEM] Y20 D187 Vidar Sicarius JTF Operation Dragon Lotus – For efficiency and superb execution of combat tactics whilst assisting allied forces, risking own welfare, to achieve a full retreat
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x6 [LOCx6] Y20 D187 Vidar Sicarius For his diligent performance during combat to ensure operation success.
IVM.jpg Imperial Victory Medal [IVM] Y21 D246 Seele For service with the Galactic Empire during the period of the Galactic Civil War with the New Republic.
MIDx11.jpg Mention in Dispatches x11 [MIDx11] Y22 D361 Arya Solus For exceptional activity in Fleet activities and constant presence in enhancing team immersion.
LOCx7.jpg Letter of Commendation x7 [LOCx7] Y23 D8 Shonblam Dacar For his exemplary and prompt handling of assets moved in the hauling mission.
MIDx12.jpg Mention in Dispatches x12 [MIDx12] Y23 D162 Cihl Rezik For recognition by MCOMD for activities contributing to Fleet Officer of the Month nomination.
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y23 D191 Shonblam Dacar For his unbeatable activity in the OP achieving the objectives of the mission
IMC.jpg Imperial Medal of Commendation [IMC] Y23 D216 Shonblam Dacar SCAPT Tavel has shown his command capabilities in the Warsim, winning every Covertte week, in the best CAPCOM tradition.

Previous Positions

2nd Group Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Skyre Anasazi
Ryn Tavel
Year 15 Day 350 - Year 16 Day 132
Succeeded By:
Tine Delirium

6th Group Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Adrian Althalus
Ryn Tavel
Year 16 Day 351 - Year 17 Day 95
Succeeded By:
Gunther Rall