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David Terrio

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David Terrio
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Empress Teta
Mother Riela Terrio
Father Tirnus Terrio
Spouse Single
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -45, Day 3
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Soldier
Prior Service See Dates of rank
Awards See Galactic Empire awards

David Terrio, also known as Dark Trooper or DT, is a former executive officer of the Imperial Army. He is known for his command of the Imperial Army during the final year of Charon's reign, for his command of the Imperial Eighth Fleet at the time of Veynom's departure, and for his year and a half-long tenure as commanding officer of the 2nd Imperial Legion.

Early life and career

David Terrio was born on Year -45, Day 3, at Cinnagar Core District Hospital 15 on Empress Teta. No biographical information about his father or mother is available. In his youth, Terrio enjoyed friendships with various Galactic Republic fighter pilots and non-commissioned officers stationed in the Core District. Upon graduation from Cinnagar PS 143, Terrio parlayed one such friendship into employment at a local merchant's trading firm. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to skipper of the YT-700 Sunspot, in which capacity he continued service until the firm's liquidation in Year -23.

Facing a mild recession and depressed demand for labor on his homeworld, Terrio enlisted with the Galactic Republic Navy in Year -22.

Military service

Galactic Empire

Crewman Terrio was initially assigned to sentry duty aboard the Acclamator I-class assault ship Tenacious. Service records from this era list Crewman Terrio on the ship manifest and duty roster but do not provide details about his assignment or performance.

Following sentry duty, Terrio attended the Republic Starfighter School in Year -17. There, Terrio's classmates nicknamed him "Dark Trooper" because of his prowess in boxing but relative incapacity in starfighter combat. According to his instructors, Terrio resented his own inferiority and became so dedicated to ameliorating his handicap that he spent more nighttime hours on Corulag piloting T-16s than any other cadet in his class. After graduation, Terrio spent over a decade aboard the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Victory—a vessel that he would later command—as a TIE-fighter pilot and flight instructor. No further data about Terrio's service as an enlisted pilot or non-commissioned officer in the Navy is available.

In Year -2, Terrio attended the Imperial Academy, then under the command of Commandant and Vice Admiral Virgil. Upon earning his commission, Admiral Piett assigned Ensign "Dark Trooper" to the First Naval Recon, which was then under the command of Captain Darkjedi. Terrio piloted an Escort Shuttle in the fleet's Gold Squadron as a junior wingman and later senior wingman after his promotion to lieutenant in Year -1.

Captain Darkjedi was later relieved of command for desertion by Admiral Piett and replaced with Captain Targeter and Commander Ghost X9. Captain Targeter and Commander Ghost immediately promoted Lieutenant IWAssassin, an academy classmate and friend of Terrio's, to lieutenant commander and commanding officer of Gold Squadron. After several months, IWAssassin was transferred to another fleet and First Naval Recon Command promoted Terrio to lieutenant commander and commanding officer of Gold Squadron in Year 0. During this time, Terrio met and befriended several notorious Imperials of the era, including then-Colonel Black Lodge, General Trey Connel, Lieutenant Colonel Zekk Terrik, Brigadier General Cherokee, Captain Mccarthur, and even Emperor Spytek. He was also acquainted with several prominent officers of the Rebel Alliance, including Fleet Admiral Hobbes, President Zee Wolf the Elder, and (allegedly) Zee Wolf the Younger's mother.

Grand Admiral Veynom, circa Year 0.

Rebel Alliance

For a short time, during a period of great turmoil in the Galactic Empire caused by infighting between the Army and Navy, Terrio served in the Rebel Alliance Army.[1] He followed several senior officers of the Empire in defecting and was immediately commissioned as a colonel. Within weeks, the dilapidated Rebel Alliance promoted Terrio to High General of the Army, where he was tasked with organizing a dysfunctional marine corps. At the time, Terrio worked under the pseudonym "David Karrde," borrowing his surname from a prominent family in the Alliance. After several more weeks of negotiating with an incestuous and ineffective High Command, Terrio tendered his resignation and returned to the Galactic Empire.

Return to the Empire

The Empire has never accepted traitors with open arms, and Terrio was no exception. He was immediately arrested and confined aboard Captain Kirov Quel-Droma's Imperial Star Destroyer pending a court-martial. While imprisoned, Terrio negotiated a plea with then-Admiral Piett for his reinstatement as an officer of the Imperial Navy. In return, Terrio spent half a year under disciplinary probation supervised by Captain Quel-Droma before returning to independent service. Terrio remarked at the time that such lenience was secured only by the benevolence of his former superiors, Captain Targeter and Commander Ghost, who allegedly defended his loyalty.

Upon his return to independent and active service, Lieutenant Commander Terrio led the 201st Heavy Support Company in the Second Imperial Fleet (pre-Y3). There, his commanding officer was Captain Gunther von Esling, already a legend for his service in the Third Naval Recon under Commodore Veynom.

After a restructuring of the Imperial Navy following Piett's ascension to the Throne and Veynom's promotion to Commanding Officer of the Navy in Year 0, Terrio was promoted to commander and was assigned to the Imperial Eighth Fleet as its commanding officer.[2] His peers at the time were such noteworthy officers as Commander Huzz Lord, Commander Uebles, Captain Quaxo, and Captain Peich.[3] Terrio was captain of the Victory and in the Eighth Fleet trained Alex Tylger[4] and Ying Lee (aka "Evaders").[2] Veynom, universally known as a stern and demanding grand admiral, took personal interest in Terrio's career, for which attention Terrio felt personally indebted to the admiral over the next several years. Military historians speculate that the chief consequence of this (and similar extra-professional loyalties) was Terrio's eventual resignation, along with the majority of the senior Naval staff, upon Veynom's departure and the ensuing palace revolution.

Bastion: Headquarters of the Dark Empire.

Imperial Core and Dark Empire

Terrio relinquished his command in the Imperial Navy upon the ascension of Emperor Connell, but did not immediately join his colleagues in the Imperial Core. Instead, the former Captain entered the employ of the Black Sun as a naval consultant under Lady Dyvel Price. There, he found his experience in the Empire to be a wasting asset as his personal distaste for the methods and unscrupulousness of his employers grew. After several months, Terrio finally acquiesced to the requests of his former colleagues within the Imperial Core (which, shortly thereafter, re-branded itself as the Dark Empire) and relocated to Bastion. The dishonor of serving in the Rebel Alliance still fresh in his memory, Terrio refused to swear an oath against Connell, however questionable he believed the man's claim to the throne to be. Recognizing his reluctance and offering a compromise, the Core allowed Terrio to serve in the Army as an unknown Private by the name of Grey Fox.

As the Core and the Galactic Empire began to negotiate a potential merger, in a display of good faith, the former formally renounced its mission to destroy the latter, and allowed Terrio to serve in his own name and with a rank commensurate with his previous service. Commissioned as a colonel—the equivalent of the highest rank he held in the Imperial Navy—Terrio reshaped the Dark Empire Army and prepared it to be merged into the titan of ground superiority that was the Imperial Army. However, as the merger discussions between the Galactic Empire and Dark Empire became increasingly more intimate, Terrio began to perceive the canyon between the intelligently adaptable former and the entrenched, aristocratic latter as impassable. Later, he would describe the Sith as the second son of the great Emperor Piett: always envying the throne occupied by his rational brother, the Sith could not tolerate being a right hand alone.

I rode with the Colonel, a man I had met in a different Empire, in the turbolift bound for the bridge of the Majestic. Greyson, Jennifer, and Ma'karr had called a meeting of the chiefs of staff to discuss what demands to make of Charon and his cadre of officers. With a huff of self-assuredness, I asked, "What's on your wish list?" He folded his arms over his chest and dropped his eyes to the deck of the turbolift. A long moment of silence followed. Finally, David frowned: "I don't even know why we're having these discussions. They should be asking for our unconditional surrender." Obviously concerned, he stared at the deck until we met Vero on the bridge.
Lieutenant Hulme, Dark Empire Army

The Merger

All positions in the Imperial military that were assumed by former members of the Dark Empire were the results of negotiations and compromises. Terrio's compromise was relatively favorable: upon his integration into the Imperial Army, he assumed the command of the Army Command Platform and, with it, the massive Imperator I-class Star Destroyer Epitaph. At the time, this decorated post was the envy of several other long-serving soldiers of the Army, and his insertion above them in the pecking order proved unwelcome and earned Terrio no favors among the senior officers who were to be his colleagues.

Nevertheless, as time passed, Terrio became a trusted ally of Major General SyberJedi and General Sean Patton. After SyberJedi's reassignment, he found himself on the short-list for the position of Army Executive Officer, an offer which, months after the Merger, he would accept without hesitation. Following Command General Sean Patton's resignation from the post of Army Chief of Staff, a saddened Terrio grudgingly accepted the title of Lord General and an array of new responsibilities. At the time, his command staff consisted of Captain Jakob Sensar, Colonel Chiss Veers, Major Joshua Chamberlain, Lieutenant Ragnar Drakken, Lieutenant Durand, and a handful of other brigade commanders and their executives.

The Split

At the Battle of Berchest, the Imperial military faced one of its darkest recorded moments. As political tension strained the operational capabilities of the Navy, the bureaucratic inefficiency within RADE threatened the Imperial Army's ability to effectively defend the entirety of the Empire. This weakness became dangerously clear as the Rebel Alliance descended on Berchest and threatened one of the Empire's own tactics: a complete Base Delta Zero using salvos from dozens of Mon Calamari cruisers. As the military scrambled the First Assault Fleet, then under the command of Grand Admiral Black Lodge, to protect the capital world of the Tapani Sector, Vodo's Order of the Dark Hand launched its own campaign to dethrone Emperor Charon.

Colonel Terrio on deployment, Year 13.

These attempts ultimately succeeded. Terrio's allegiance to and unfaltering faith in Emperor Charon, even in spite of his Dark Empire heritage, forced his decision to resign as Army Chief of Staff upon Charon's unwilling abdication. Nearly all of the Imperial High Command voluntarily tendered their resignations, or were simply excluded from Emperor Uebles' plans for the future of the Empire, following the Split. Although Terrio initially attempted to maintain friendships with his contemporaries on Imperial High Command—Director Seele and ISB-General Matrel Byden among them—these connections dissolved as he receded into the darkness of the Unknown Regions.

On his eventual return to the Galactic Empire in Year 11, Terrio listed his previous occupation as "farmer." There are no records of his whereabouts during this period, nor did the Imperial Security Bureau inquire further into his erstwhile activities.

Swan Song

"If my soldiers are the Army's sword, the arm of its strength... then you have been our shield, defending us from all who would stand against this army, both without and within."
— Lord General Graeda L'Annan[5]

For the final time in his life, David Terrio returned to the Imperial Army, almost a sexagenarian and having spent more than half of that in service of the Empire. Upon reactivation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and assigned to the 2nd Imperial Legion, 5th Brigade under Lieutenant Colonel Josef DeLaurel, where he quietly served as a legionnaire until being asked by Captain Nathaniel Durane to assume the role of brigade executive officer. Accepting, Terrio once again enjoyed a swift progression through the junior and senior officer ranks and the positions of brigade and legion commanding officer. As during his previous stints of military service, Terrio slipped in and out of various cliques of officers during this period, but was known to most frequently associate with his brigade commanders and their executive officers (including Deryk Ysenm, Agramon Kane, Amne Zailyn, Draelor Nah`utal, Altair Ahad, and Calvin Fathing).

Personal life

Terrio has never been married and has no children. He is known to take solitary vacations on Korriban and Manaan.

Awards and decorations

Galactic Empire awards

  • Four Letters of Commendation
    • Awarded Y15 D206 by Lord General Graeda L'Annan.
    • Awarded Y13 D353 by Lord General Graeda L'Annan.
    • Awarded Y12 D231 by First Lieutenant Nathaniel Durane.
    • Awarded Y1 by Grand Admiral Veynom, not displayed.
  • Star Wars Simulation
    • Conferred by virtue of status, not displayed.
  • Fleet Commanding Officer
    • Conferred by virtue of status, not displayed.
  • Imperial High Command Bar
    • Conferred by virtue of status, not displayed.

Dates of rank

MO-1.png Ensign, Imperial Navy: Graduation from the Imperial Academy, Year -2
MO-3.png Lieutenant, Imperial Navy: Promotion to senior wingman, Year -1
MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander, Imperial Navy: Promotion to commanding officer of Gold Squadron, Year -1
MO-5.png Commander, Imperial Navy: Promotion and reassignment to Eighth Fleet, circa Year 0 Day 200
IIO-4.png Staff Agent, Imperial Intelligence and Security: Temporary reassignment, Year 1
MO-6.png Captain, Imperial Navy: Promotion by Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, Year 1 Day 187
MO-6.png Colonel, Imperial Army: Dark Empire merger, assignment to Army Command Platform, Year 3
MC-1.png Brigadier General, Imperial Army: Promotion by General Sean Patton, appointed Army Executive Officer, Year 3
MC-2.png Major General, Imperial Army: Promotion by Emperor Charon, Year 4
MO-1.png Second Lieutenant, Imperial Army: Reactivation, Year 11 Day 355
MO-2.png First Lieutenant, Imperial Army: Promotion by First Lieutenant Nathaniel Durane, Year 12 Day 231
MO-3.png Captain, Imperial Army: Promotion by General Graeda L'Annan, Year 12 Day 278
MO-4.png Major, Imperial Army: Promotion to 2IL CO by Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 12 Day 350
MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel, Imperial Army: Promotion by Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 13 Day 18
MO-6.png Colonel, Imperial Army: Promotion by Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 13 Day 108
MC-1.png Brigadier General, Imperial Army: Promotion by Brigadier General Gunther Rall, Year 13 Day 290
MC-2.png Major General, Imperial Army: Promotion by Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 14 Day 170
MC-3.png Lieutenant General, Imperial Army: Promotion by Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 15 Day 149
MO-7.png High Colonel, Imperial Army: Assumed deactivated rank, Year 16 Day 24


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